The Government's Lies And Unnecessary Wars

Remember those horrifying reports that, in 1990, Iraqi forces had murdered over 300 children when they left them to die on the hospital floors after stealing the incubators they were in? How about the recent claims by Clinton and Madeline Albright that our attacks on Kosovo were a reaction to horrible human rights violations? Want to know the truth that ties them together? They're both outright and easily disprovable lies.

The story about the babies dying was a lie which was planted in Amnesty International's briefings by the U.S. military leaders (with a very probable assist by the oil companies who feared losing money but didn't fear American kids losing their lives protecting that money). Even after Amnesty International discovered the lie, it has yet to admit that their information was faulty and may have been a direct cause of the inevitable invasion of Kuwait by American forces (pretending again to be NATO directed troops).

The human right violations in Kosovo were greatly exaggerated and the history of the conflict greatly misreported by the world's Corporately owned media and even by the Human Rights Watch, a group which has been producing the Kosovo Human Rights Flash that purports to expose the horrors of ethnic cleansing. What is completely missing from these reports is the fact that the human rights angle was chosen as the driving force for the attacks not because either Clinton or Albright believed the reports but because, of all things, the administration decided to pay back these rights groups with the attacks in return for their silence on America's complicity in assuring that Chilean ex-dictator and murderer Pinochet remain free. Missing also was the fact that the original war was a civil war fought between Serbia and the breakaway republic of Kosovo, a civil war being fought by the Kosovo Liberation Army, a guerrilla army closely allied with the Russian Mafia and linked to many murders for hire for those same criminals. The "ethnic cleansing" barely registered on America's political screens until it became obvious that we could get rid of or at least punish Milosevic for his aggressiveness in the ethnic cleansing of Croatia and the other areas during the Balkan War through the simple expedient of bombing his entire nation into the Dark Ages. Finally, what is missing from the entire debate are the facts that Croatia acted as Nazi Germany's henchmen by running a concentration camp where Serbs as well as Jews and Gypsies were liquidated, that Germany actively urged and supported Croatia's move to secede, that the United States abetted Croatian efforts at ethnic cleansing by helping Croatian gunners target Serb positions and civilian areas deep inside Serbian territory. The silliness that Milosevic is another Hitler is tossed about as if there were some truth to the statement. Frankly, there are many Hitlers involved in this and Clinton must be considered one of the foremost candidates for that title.(1)

Has anyone heard a true count of the civilians that our bombs have murdered since the bombing began? We hear about "unconfirmed reports" of bombs going astray nearly every day but the military always claims that the number of deaths are "distorted" yet never accounts for what the actual numbers may be. The Pentagon has yet to take responsibility for the fifteen Kosovo refugees killed when their make shift camp was accidentally bombed with one of our so-called "smart bombs".

As is always the case, I do not argue with nor defend the brutal and violent acts which have been and are occurring in Iraq and Kosovo. I am only arguing that America, with all of its ideals of freedom and truth and all of that blather, must learn to tell its citizens and the world the truth not only as to the reasons why we are there but, since we are there and killing everyone in sight, the truth about the number of "soft targets" and "collateral damage" and "unplanned cessation of bodily viability" our attacks have caused. We know that in at least one case, our targeting was off due to "old maps" (according to our vaunted CIA) which caused the deaths of two Chinese embassy officials when we blew up their embassy from three directions, again using our "smart bombs" which seem to be extremely effective in hitting the wrong target.(2)

Maybe the following will clear up all of these questions, once and for all. Sometimes a sentence or two can dissipate the deepest fog.

1. When people decry civilian deaths caused by the U.S. government, they're aiding propaganda efforts. When civilians are killed by bombers who hate America, the killers are evil and the deaths called "tragic".

2. When they put bombs in cars and kill people, they are uncivilized murderers and terrorists. When we put bombs on missiles and kill people, we're fighting in defense of freedom and civilized values.

3. Americans must be kept fully aware of who to hate and when. For instance, Osama bin Laden was a "Freedom Fighter" in the 1980's when he fought the Soviet Union but, suddenly, became bad when we found that he didn't love us as much anymore due to our unthinking support of every action by the Israelis.

4. Government spokesmen may have lied to the American people repeatedly over the years but, hey, they're credible as all get out when they told us about how they bombed the pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum because it was producing nerve gas, even though that "proof" has since been found dubious, at best and just convenient, at worst.

5. When the media in any other country parrots the party line and thoughtlessly defends the government's actions without question, then that nation's media is only disseminating vicious and false propaganda. When America's media continues its new tradition of constantly doing the exact same thing, then it's just basic, responsible and traditional journalism.

6. Whenever we kill innocent civilians in war it's just a unavoidable cost of the never ending fight to provide freedom to all suffering peoples in the world. When they accidentally kill civilians they're brutal and the world is deceived if it believes otherwise.

7. Finally, when they attack they are sowing terrorism. When we attack in retaliation, we're just defending our values and freedom. When they respond to our attacks by once again attacking us then they are comparable to Satan and their acts the acts of evil and murderous animals. When we attack once again, it's still the same old values and freedom stuff.

Whenever you are presented with new revelations about our "war" in Kosovo or anywhere else that our military is ordered to attack out of an obvious need to distract the American people for a while, use these handy little explanations to see the depths to which we allow ourselves to be dragged in hot pursuit of another "good" and "winnable" war against nations whom we seem to pick out of a hat (with the only requirement seeming to be that the citizens are Caucasians). You may be sadly surprised at how often all of your doubts and questions will be answered by these small explanations. (3)

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