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A great letter to the editor in the LA Times was clear and concise yet summed up the entire pro-gun regulation/anti-gun regulation "debate". It simply read "You have to pity those Republican senators, caught between what the gun lobby paid them to do and what the voters expect them to do". I've written hundreds of words on that topic and this writer summed it all up in just twenty-five words. I yield to a master. (1)

A great interview this evening with New York Yankee Darryl Strawberry. He was being asked about his fifth arrest for possession of cocaine and soliciting a prostitute and whether the Yankee owner should forgive him once again. His answer, while basically rambling, was that he should be forgiven because he had been diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and, although the cancer has been cured, he had a hard life.

Just how disgusting can you get? Who cares at all about this simple athlete's woes when they are nothing in comparison to the millions of Americans who not only cannot get any medical treatment for their diseases because of their lack of insurance but, more importantly, for the millions of Americans whose lives have been ruined by the abusive and unnecessary War On Americans Who Use The Wrong Drugs. Strawberry can afford to pay whatever it costs to stay out of jail and can use his undeserved celebrity to keep from paying the same price that any average American would suffer in the exact same circumstances. All I have to say, Darryl, is that your life has been hard because you have been an idiot over and over. I can celebrate any punishment that you must endure for your drug habit simply because you use your fame to keep out of jail while actual hard working Americans pay the ultimate price because they cannot afford the legal talent that you can. Darryl, become a spokesman for those without voice and work for towards a stop to the punitive laws that only the poor must follow. Work towards a national program offering rehabilitation rather than just Right Wing hatred in the form of mandatory sentences. If you can't bring yourself to actually do something good for the American people then just shut up, take your punishment and go away. Let others play who aren't as self-serving and ignorant as you have shown yourself to be. That's about it, Darryl. I'm finished with you, for now.(2)

Now here's a wee bit of a surprise for all of us who fought, were wounded and for those who even died in Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Granada, Lebanon, Somalia, Kuwait, and now Kosovo. According to our esteemed Secretary of State Madeline Albright, the President has no intention of asking Congress to actually declare war in Kosovo because, "We don't consider ourselves at war with Yugoslavia ... Since 1941, there has not been a declaration of war." Well, that settles that, doesn't it? All of us were never involved in an actual war, per se, we just killed tens of hundreds of thousands and even millions of other human beings without any official endorsement. Whew! Is that ever a load off my mind! (3)

File this under about the stupidest remark Clinton has made (and he has made some truly memorably stupid things). Speaking out after the Littleton tragedy, he was actually able to keep a straight face, while bombing the nation of Yugoslavia back to the Stone Ages and, at the same time, to say, "We do know that we must do more to reach out to our children and teach them to express their anger and to resolve their conflicts with words, not weapons" (My italics and bold in case the irony didn't stand out large enough.) Children, can you spell hypocrite? I knew you could! (4)

Just to show you that I don't have to make up the absolute insanity that I report on. According to Republican State Representative Doug Dean from Colorado Springs and sponsor of a bill to make carrying concealed weapons as easy to get a permit for as is a driver's license, the Littleton tragedy wouldn't have occurred if a teacher or administrator been armed. So the point here is just the same as always for gun nuts ... the problem isn't that kids are killing kids with guns, it's that teachers aren't armed. How very, very sick. (5)

I was thinking lately of something that might just explain the religion that has been created around guns and gun ownership and gun owner's rights and on and on. When I was just a boot in the Marines and training down in San Diego's MCRD, one would occasionally see a young Marine double timing it around the parade ground, rifle at Port Arms. As this fellow ran, he would be chanting, at the top of his voice, "This is my rifle" and, pointing at his crotch with the butt of the rifle, "This is my gun!" Again, holding the rifle out, "This one's for fighting", then pointing to his crotch, "This one's for fun". Maybe this could explain a few things? Gun envy, as it were?

Again, I can't make this garbage up. Case in point - The Boston Globe reported in a story, datelined Providence, Rhode Island, that "The state's corporate leaders are seeking a tax cut for wealthy people, arguing that it would encourage highly paid executives from out of state to expand their businesses into Rhode Island. Officials said they would study the issue." Yeah, right! That would be just after their next trip to the bank to deposit their last bribes, er, campaign contributions, from these same greedy little gnomes. (6)

Finally, one of the all time most idiotic letters to the editor was found in the San Francisco Chronicle. I'll quote the letter pretty much in full so that you can see the beauty in this fellow's argument.

"I loved Shakespear in Love, but like most Americans, I felt Saving Private Ryan was more deserving of a best picture Oscar. I think what happened was that all the liberals in the Academy could not stomach the fact that America is the greatest country on Earth. The fact is that one of the things that makes America great is that we have won wars. In the process of winning wars, America has effectively and aggressively killed lots of other humans. That most of those humans were evil and out to kill as many Americans and other democracy loving people as possible is immaterial to liberals. Saving Private Ryan blatantly demonstrated a bunch of heroic Americans killing Nazis by the bushel. All those Academy lefties could not handle it, so they chose denial in the safe environs of the Bard." (7)

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in such a black and white, good versus evil world like this simpleton? Personally, the number of human beings that this nation has murdered in the last four decades is a sense of shame, not pride. A truly great nation has the ability to solve its problems with methods far short of the glorious spilling of blood in huge quantities. A world that even faintly resembles one that a bozo like this would find wonderful is one that any intelligent person would only find disgusting.

I suppose I'd best let you go get a quick hit of your personal reality before I can expect you to get any further involved in the realities that the world wants to inflict on us.

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