Two More Mean Spirited Republican Attacks On Children

I've been warning you about these bills for the last few months. To put it as mildly as possible, these horrors are completely at odds with any sense of decency and cannot, in any way, be considered an intelligent or caring approach to the problems associated with juvenile crime.

First, in response to the shootings at Columbine High, the Senate has tried to appear as if it is actually acting responsibly. Instead, it has been attempting to pass what is known as "The Violent and Repeat Juvenile Offender Act" (S. 254). This repugnant filth, which is being touted by those who haven't the slightest idea of its content, also known as the conservative media, as a bill which will address the terrible act of children killing children, will, instead, only add to the grief of those children caught up in America's injustice system. The main consequence of this bill would be to destroy the proven ability of rehabilitation for juveniles and replace it with even more of the conservative's ungodly punitive and mean spirited agenda.

The House of Representatives' version of the juvenile justice bill, H.R. 2037, would allow federal prosecutors to charge children as young as 13 as adults and to then sentence them to time in an adult prison. There is nothing that would protect these children from the sexual predators in prison since these 13 year olds can be placed in the same cell as any other prisoner no matter what the original offense.

H.R. 2037 would also have the negative effect of giving federal prosecutors the power to hand down mandatory sentences and to charge children as adults without review or control by judges. The damaging effects that giving any prosecutor such all encompassing powers is well illustrated by the recent travesty of justice in Florida, a state that has already eliminated judicial review of prosecurial excesses. A mentally disabled 15 year old boy from Palm Beach stole $2 from a classmate for food. The state prosecutor charged this child as an adult, an act that resulted in his being indicted for strong-arm robbery, which is punishable by life in prison, and extortion, which is punishable by 30 years in prison. Judicial review is essential in controlling the overabundance of nastiness that is so abundant in any state led by a low-life like that uncaring conservative Jeb Bush. In fact., as long as the Republican Party continues to pollute the world such oversight will be an absolute necessity if the justice system is to retain any trace of justice.

Finally, H.R. 2037 contains a provision that would open all juvenile court records to all "interested parties", such as schools and employers, making it nearly impossible for a child caught up in the injustice system to ever correct and move past their "youthful indiscretions" (to quote Hyde, himself, when he admitted to having an affair that destroyed the woman's marriage when he was over forty years old).

H.R. 2036, another travesty introduced by that epitome of the words "sick conservative", Rep. Henry Hyde (R - IL), would criminalize the exhibition, sale or loan of "sexual or violent materials" to minors. Now consider how terrible ill-advised this silliness is.

First, the front page of magazines and newspapers often display the actions or results of truly sick and violent people. While these pictures are often the best way to demonstrate the text reports below and, in so many cases, are the only part of a newspaper Americans notice.

Museums such as the Holocaust Museum would be closed completely or else minors would have to be prohibited. Excluding minors would frustrate the effort to educate the very segment of our society, the young, who are so often exposed, both on Hate Radio and at home, to the racism and malevolence that such an education might mitigate. Even the exhibitions relating to historical societies will be effectively banned since many earlier societies were far less moralistic concerning the beauty of the human body.

Any and all television programs detailing America's rather violent history will be banned, removing the only , admittedly sad and often incorrect, source many Americans have the ability to gain knowledge from.

Finally, even paintings from the world's masters will be hidden away since they present nakedness and war.

Even Hyde's fellow travelers in the Republican Party find this disaster unacceptable. Rep. Mark Foley, never known as an intelligent nor caring individual to start with, complains that "On first blush, no one's for violence. No one's for obscenity. Yet some of the very people who advocate the Second Amendment have a bigger eraser for the First." (You know that the world is going down quickly when I have to completely agree with someone like Mark.)

Gentle readers, the fact of the matter is that the Republican Party and the loathsome conservatives that currently own it should never be allowed to enact any law that in any manner affects even one American. These buffoons can only be trusted to force upon America the nastiest and foulest of legislation that can only drag our nation into the sewers that they call home. Our children must never be traumatized by this party and I mean NEVER! Our children are far too precious to ever be used as payment by conservatives to their owners and masters in any of their myriad repulsive forms. It has been a fact for far too long that children can nearly always benefit from a system of rehabilitation rather than just mean spirited punishment.

To voice your opinion regarding this or the many, many other dirty little efforts by conservatives to drag America further down, visit the ACLU's site and use their fax and e-mail abilities to contact all of your representatives. I urge you also sign up for their alerts and newsletters so that we can all be kept aware of the many attacks on our rights and our nation.

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Copyright 6/15/99