Three Truly Stupid Acts by the House of "Representatives"

Well, those pinheads in Congress have done it again. Since between all five hundred plus of them they can't amass a total IQ of six, they have decided to act as if they are busy and have passed some truly disgusting and unnecessary and, without a doubt, unconstitutional garbage.

Within a week, these bozos found themselves capable of passing three of the most asinine pieces of offal imaginable

First, they weakened, beyond any justification save total subservience to their financial and spiritual masters in the NRA, legislation which was meant to control the free wheeling sales of weapons at gun shows which will only result in the deaths of thousands of additional innocent Americans (Republican Whip Tom Delay, that perfect example of the absolute need to force government researchers to learn the genetic code for Republican leanings and to force those mothers to abort such monsters, called the vote "a personal victory". (1) Maybe he can show the kids shot with those same weapons how his other vote - see next topic - could have protected them from the stray gun fire of the morons who can now so easily acquire Delay's personal form of non-inflatable sex toys). While the legislation will finally require the most basic of background checks for gun purchasers, it only requires a 24 hour waiting period instead of the three business days that are now mandated in many states. I suppose that the NRA's rational in ordering their servants in Congress to pass this filth is that the only way to maintain their gun markets is to sell the maximum number of guns to the maximum number of psychopaths so that the maximum number of Americans are scared to death and will buy the maximum number of guns in hopes of protecting themselves from the NRA's core market. The saddest part of this particular fiasco was that, apart from the NRA's and the GOP's sloppy, wet kisses for one another, is that the House's senior Democrat, John Dingell, was one of the most vocal champions of this nasty attempt to keep the level of innocent deaths as high as possible. When even the Democrats stoop so low as to kneel before these monsters in the NRA you know America is too far gone to harbor much more hope for any intelligence in government. (2)

Speaking of the complete lack of intelligence in Congress, the Republican clowns have again voted to force the Ten Commandments to be posted in all government buildings and offices (hoping that the third time is a charm since their last two attempts, using the exact same wording, were declared 100% unconstitutional in every court the law was sent to including the U.S. Supreme Court). Given that this entire nonsense is a complete repudiation of their oath of office in which they swore to uphold the Constitution (the real one, including the First Amendment that clearly states " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion", and not the version that resides in the feces encrusted and empty skulls of the idiots who voted for this bull puckey), perhaps a mass resignation is in order or, better yet, a mass impeachment for all of them with no retirement, no perks, no nothing after they are convicted not even a ride to the airport on their disgraceful journey home.

What wasn't mentioned in this silly act was exactly which version on the Ten Commandments will be adopted. Since most Republicans have broken at least half of the ten (1. adultery in screwing the entire population, and both sexes at that which is prohibited somewhere else in their Bible, of this nation all at once, 2. stealing in taking their salaries but doing nothing constructive in return, 3. giving false witness in pretending to represent someone other then their wealthy masters in the NRA and Corporate America, 4. refusing to honor one's parents by stealing their retirement income and handing it over to their Corporate masters which will force the elderly into the streets alongside the children that the Republicans so gleefully tossed out onto the streets in the name of "Destroying Welfare", 5. worshipping the God of profit and bribery and material wealth above any and all other Gods, and those were just the easiest ones to list) they are no position to have any say in any religious discussion let alone to force their diseased version of morality on the rest of us.

Will it be the Christian version of the Ten Commandments? But wait! Which Christian version? Will it be the Catholic version or the Lutheran or Anglican? Maybe the followers of Islam will demand a voice in this decision in as much as they, too, believe that God sent down to man Ten Commandments. Even within these separate sects there are deep divisions as to exactly how many commands make up the list with those who follow Abrahamic thought expressing the belief that there are 19 separate decrees beginning with "I am the Lord thy God" while fundamentalists shrug that off and want the first to be "Thou shall have no other Gods before me".

Gentle readers, these examples of the divisive arguments that would lie ahead should this garbage ever pass the scrutiny of the Supreme Court (and the number of unthinking conservatives that Reagan and Bush loaded the court with promises very few wise decisions) is exactly why the Founding Fathers were wise enough to foresee the reign of stupidity that errors such as a Republican rule would mean and wrote the First Amendment to the Constitution to block any such "establishment of religion".

I can't explain how I feel about this anti-religion and unconstitutional any better that by quoting the words of Barry Lynn, director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, ""Congress probably should spend more time obeying the Ten Commandments and less time trying to exploit them for crass political purposes."()

Finally, this nonsense raises valid concerns for those of us who either have far different and equally believable dogmas that do not follow the Christian course or for those of us who do not accept the myth, miracles and magic shows and consider the Bible nothing more than a compilation of ancient stories and anecdotes meant to keep the illiterate rabble in line and their tithes pouring into church coffers. (4)

The most offensive of this Republican Congress' three recent failures was the passage of the offensive and unconstitutional anti-flag burning amendment to the constitution. Quite a few of you folks wrote to your representatives (what a completely immaterial word when referring to politicians) and some even called but, as always, stupidity overrules common sense and constitutional authority and all that's left is Senate approval for it to be sent to the states for ratification. How very, very scary.

Would you like to know how your "representative" voted? Would you do the nation a favor and either write to the ones who fell below contempt and voted to defile the constitution and ridicule that vote or to congratulate those few who maintained their small amount of integrity and voted sensibly? (5)


The 305-124 roll call Thursday by which the House approved a measure to amend the Constitution to allow Congress to ban the desecration of the flag. A ``yes'' vote is a vote to approve the amendment. Voting yes were 95 Democrats and 210 Republicans. Voting no were 113 Democrats, 10 Republicans and one independent. X denotes those not voting. There are no vacancies in the 435-member House.

Republicans: Aderholt, Y; Bachus, Y; Callahan, Y; Everett, Y; Riley, Y.
Democrats: Cramer, Y; Hilliard, Y.

Republicans: Young, Y.

Republicans: Hayworth, Y; Kolbe, N; Salmon, Y; Shadegg, N; Stump, Y.
Democrats: Pastor, N.

Republicans: Dickey, Y; Hutchinson, Y.
Democrats: Berry, Y; Snyder, N.

Republicans: Bilbray, Y; Bono, Y; Calvert, Y; Campbell, Y; Cox, Y; Cunningham, Y; Doolittle, Y; Dreier, Y; Gallegly, Y; Herger, Y; Horn, Y; Hunter, Y; Kuykendall, Y; Lewis, Y; McKeon, Y; Miller, Gary, Y; Ose, Y; Packard, Y; Pombo, Y; Radanovich, Y; Rogan, Y; Rohrabacher, Y; Royce, Y; Thomas, Y.
Democrats: Becerra, N; Berman, N; Brown, X; Capps, Y; Condit, Y; Dixon, N; Dooley, Y; Eshoo, N; Farr, N; Filner, N; Lantos, Y; Lee, N; Lofgren, N; Martinez, Y; Matsui, N; Millender-McDonald, X; Miller, George, N; Napolitano, Y; Pelosi, N; Roybal-Allard, N; Sanchez, Y; Sherman, Y; Stark, N; Tauscher, N; Thompson, N; Waters, N; Waxman, N; Woolsey, N.

Republicans: Hefley, Y; McInnis, Y; Schaffer, Y; Tancredo, Y.
Democrats: DeGette, N; Udall, N.

Republicans: Johnson, Y; Shays,N.
Democrats: DeLauro, N; Gejdenson, N; Larson, Y; Maloney, Y.

Republicans Castle, Y.

Republicans: Bilirakis, Y; Canady, Y; Diaz-Balart, Y; Foley, Y; Fowler, Y; Goss, Y; McCollum, Y; Mica, Y; Miller, Y; Ros-Lehtinen, Y; Scarborough, Y; Shaw, Y; Stearns, Y; Weldon, Y; Young, Y.
Democrats: Boyd, Y; Brown, Y; Davis, Y; Deutsch, Y; Hastings, N; Meek, N; Thurman, Y; Wexler, N.

Republicans: Barr, Y; Chambliss, Y; Collins, Y; Deal, Y; Isakson, Y; Kingston, Y; Linder, Y; Norwood, Y.
Democrats: Bishop, Y; Lewis, N; McKinney, N.

Democrats: Abercrombie, N; Mink, N.

Republicans: Chenoweth, Y; Simpson, Y.

Republicans: Biggert, Y; Crane, Y; Ewing, Y; Hastert, X (the speaker by tradition often does not vote); Hyde, Y; LaHood, Y; Manzullo, Y; Porter, N; Shimkus, Y; Weller, Y.
Democrats: Blagojevich, Y; Costello, Y; Davis, N; Evans, N; Gutierrez, Y; Jackson, N; Lipinski, Y; Phelps, Y; Rush, N; Schakowsky, N.

Republicans: Burton, Y; Buyer, Y; Hostettler, Y; McIntosh, Y; Pease, Y; Souder, Y.
Democrats: Carson, N; Hill, N; Roemer, Y; Visclosky, N.

Republicans: Ganske, Y; Latham, Y; Leach, N; Nussle, Y.
Democrats: Boswell, Y.

Republicans: Moran, Y; Ryun, Y; Tiahrt, Y.
Democrats: Moore, N.

Republicans: Fletcher, Y; Lewis, Y; Northup, Y; Rogers, Y; Whitfield, Y.
Democrats: Lucas, Y.

Republicans: Baker, Y; Cooksey, Y; McCrery, Y; Tauzin, Y; Vitter, Y.
Democrats Jefferson, Y; John, Y.

Democrats: Allen, N; Baldacci, Y.

Republicans: Bartlett, Y; Ehrlich, Y; Gilchrest, X; Morella, Y.
Democrats: Cardin, N; Cummings, N; Hoyer, N; Wynn, Y.

Democrats: Capuano, N; Delahunt, Y; Frank, N; Markey, N; McGovern, Y; Meehan, N; Moakley, Y; Neal, Y; Olver, N; Tierney, N.

Republicans: Camp, Y; Ehlers, N; Hoekstra, N; Knollenberg, Y; Smith, Y; Upton, Y.
Democrats: Barcia, Y; Bonior, N; Conyers, N; Dingell, N; Kildee, Y; Kilpatrick, N; Levin, N; Rivers, N; Stabenow, Y; Stupak,Y.

Republicans: Gutknecht, Y; Ramstad, Y.
Democrats: Luther, Y; Minge, N; Oberstar, N; Peterson, Y; Sabo, N; Vento, N.

Republicans: Pickering, Y; Wicker, Y.
Democrats: Shows, Y; Taylor, Y; Thompson, Y.

Republicans: Blunt, Y; Emerson, Y; Hulshof, Y; Talent, Y.
Democrats Clay, N; Danner, Y; Gephardt, Y; McCarthy, N; Skelton, Y.

Republicans: Hill, Y.

Republicans: Barrett, Y; Bereuter, Y; Terry, Y.

Republicans: Gibbons, Y.
Democrats: Berkley, Y.

Republicans Bass, Y; Sununu, Y.

Republicans: Franks, Y; Frelinghuysen, Y; LoBiondo, Y; Roukema, Y; Saxton, Y; Smith, Y.
Democrats: Andrews, Y; Holt, N; Menendez, Y; Pallone, Y; Pascrell, Y; Payne, N; Rothman, Y.

Republicans: Skeen, Y; Wilson, Y.
Democrats Udall, N.

Republicans: Boehlert, Y; Forbes, Y; Fossella, Y; Gilman, Y; Houghton, Y; Kelly, Y; King, Y; Lazio, Y; McHugh, Y; Quinn, Y; Reynolds, Y; Sweeney, Y; Walsh, Y.
Democrats: Ackerman, N; Crowley, Y; Engel, N; Hinchey, N; LaFalce, N; Lowey, N; Maloney, N; McCarthy, Y; McNulty, Y; Meeks, N; Nadler, N; Owens, N; Rangel, N; Serrano, N; Slaughter, N; Towns, X; Velazquez, N; Weiner, N.

Republicans: Ballenger, Y; Burr, Y; Coble, Y; Hayes, Y; Jones, Y; Myrick, Y; Taylor, Y.
Democrats: Clayton, N; Etheridge, Y; McIntyre, Y; Price, N; Watt, N.

Democrats: Pomeroy, Y.

Republicans: Boehner, Y; Chabot, Y; Gillmor, Y; Hobson, Y; Kasich, X; LaTourette, Y; Ney, Y; Oxley, Y; Portman, Y; Pryce, Y; Regula, Y.
Democrats: Brown, Y; Hall, N; Jones, N; Kaptur, Y; Kucinich, Y; Sawyer, N; Strickland, Y; Traficant, Y.

Republicans: Coburn, Y; Istook, Y; Largent, Y; Lucas, Y; Watkins, Y; Watts, Y.

Republicans: Walden, Y.
Democrats Blumenauer, N; DeFazio, N; Hooley, N; Wu, N.

Republicans: English, Y; Gekas, Y; Goodling, Y; Greenwood, N; Peterson, Y; Pitts, Y; Sherwood, Y; Shuster, Y; Toomey, Y; Weldon, Y.
Democrats: Borski, N; Brady, N; Coyne, N; Doyle, Y; Fattah, N; Hoeffel, N; Holden, Y; Kanjorski, Y; Klink, N; Mascara, Y; Murtha, Y.

Democrats: Kennedy, N; Weygand, N.

Republicans: DeMint, Y; Graham, Y; Sanford, Y; Spence, Y.
Democrats: Clyburn, Y; Spratt, Y.

Republicans: Thune, Y.

Republicans: Bryant, Y; Duncan, Y; Hilleary, Y; Jenkins, Y; Wamp, Y.
Democrats: Clement, Y; Ford, Y; Gordon, Y; Tanner, N.

Republicans: Archer, Y; Armey, Y; Barton, Y; Bonilla, Y; Brady, Y; Combest, Y; DeLay, Y; Granger, Y; Johnson, Sam, Y; Paul, N; Sessions, Y; Smith, Y; Thornberry, Y.
Democrats Bentsen, Y; Doggett, N; Edwards, Y; Frost, Y; Gonzalez, N; Green, Y; Hall, Y; Hinojosa, Y; Jackson-Lee, N; Johnson, E. B., N; Lampson, Y; Ortiz, Y; Reyes, Y; Rodriguez, Y; Sandlin, Y; Stenholm, Y; Turner, Y.

Republicans: Cannon, Y; Cook, Y; Hansen, Y.

Others: Sanders, N.

Republicans: Bateman, Y; Bliley, Y; Davis, Y; Goodlatte, Y; Wolf, Y.
Democrats: Boucher, N; Goode, Y; Moran, N; Pickett, Y; Scott, N; Sisisky, Y.

Republicans: Dunn, Y; Hastings, Y; Metcalf, Y; Nethercutt, Y.
Democrats: Baird, Y; Dicks, N; Inslee, N; McDermott, N; Smith, Y.

Democrats: Mollohan, Y; Rahall, Y; Wise, Y.

Republicans: Green, Y; Petri, N; Ryan, Y; Sensenbrenner, Y.
Democrats: Baldwin, N; Barrett, N; Kind, N; Kleczka, N; Obey, N.

Republicans: Cubin, Y.

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