Conservative Judge Rapes A Young Woman One More Time

If a seventeen year old girl, attending a major U.S. university, reported that two football players had raped her, you would expect that the school's administration would immediately act and, if the players were found to be guilty, to expel them and to report the crime to the local police. Well, you would be wrong.

If that same seventeen year old girl found her only recourse, then, was to rely on the recently enacted "Violence Against Women Act" and turned to federal courts for satisfaction, you would expect a complete investigation and criminal charges filed against the players and mandatory sentences given if convicted. Once again, you would be wrong.

The reality for this poor girl is that the school's disciplinary authorities first reprimanded only one of the criminals with a "deferred suspension", meaning he would not be kicked out of the school until his college football career was over. The other was never charged for "lack of evidence". When the convicted "athlete's" attorney pointed out that the university's campus policy on rape and sexual assault were not included in the student handbook the year before so, somehow, the idiot wasn't aware that rape was against school policy, the suspension was lifted and the school allowed him to return to classes alongside the woman he raped. (Oh, by the way, the only two offenses that this university, Virginia Tech, has a firm policy of never reporting to the police were sexual assault and rape ... Virginia, go figure!) When this young lady went to the federal courts, the player was convicted but his sentence was overturned on appeal when the court of appeals judge found the law, itself, was an "unconstitutional intrusion into state's rights."

That's right, gentle readers, this lady was first raped by two "athletes", then by her university, then by the sitting judge on the appeals court. While she will have to live with these disgusting memories for life (soon after the rape, she cut all of her hair off, hid in her room and became suicidal and later stated that she was afraid of reporting the rape to the males in charge of the disciplinary committee), the other low-life performers in this obscene drama will continue their gleeful routine of ruining the lives of others in their attack on all average Americans.

How could such a cruel and inhuman punishment been inflicted on such a young life? Well, if you've been at all aware of the horrors that the Republican Party have dealt upon the decent people of America since 1980, you would notice that the so-called "liberal courts" have been loaded with far too many truly immoral conservative judges who have no respect for the law nor for simple human decency. You would also have noticed that the Republican hold on Congress has resulted in despicable little characters like Newt Gingrich and Jesse Helms and Trent Lott and the rest refusing to even hold hearings on Clinton's appointees to the many empty federal appeals court seats across the nation in hopes that their wretched party might someday again hold the nation hostage by gaining the office of the President (even though his sacrificial offerings have consistently been conservative moderates ... an oxymoron of the worst kind).

I'm certain that you all remember the whining and wailing and sobbing that emanated from the conservative crowd about those horrible liberal activist judges who refused to toe the conservative party line and, instead, actually enforced the law according to the federal codes and a realistic reading of the U.S. Constitution. Notice how quiet those same trolls are now that their judges are ignoring federal law and the Constitution in their drive towards their Utopian Fourth Reich in America?

What sins had the "liberal" judges been accused of? Why, they had forced segregated schools to integrate in order to conform to the many Civil Rights acts that had been enacted by Congress, threw out state sponsored (and totally unconstitutional) Christian-only prayers in public school systems and removed the claws of an immoral government from a woman's uterus by striking down all laws making abortion a crime and returning the decision to the woman and her spiritual beliefs.

What have the conservative's minions accomplished? They've thrown out many of the federal laws intended to regulate handgun purchases as well as laws regulating the possession of guns in schools and, insanely, churches, struck down regulations controlling underage smoking and even destroyed clean air regulations by the dozens which has allowed Corporate America to pollute this planet without fear of exposure or censure. They've recently greatly limited the protection that patents and copyrights once offered since, obviously, it is far cheaper for Corporate America to steal ideas than to actually pay for the rights to those ideas and inventions.

Since the 1980's, both Reagan and Bush, neither known for their compassion, intelligence or loyalty to the Constitution, have appointed the vast majority of the 841 filled judicial seats as well as five of the nine Supreme Court justices. This downward spiral away from a rational and humane system of justice has also resulted in the destruction of driver's privacy, religious freedom (and freedom from religion), age discrimination and women's rights.

The most reprehensible of these judges has proven to be Richmond, VA appeals court Judge J. Michael Luttig. His hateful beliefs have allowed him to not only ignore rape victims while kneeling before a conservative's misinterpretation of what state's rights constitutes, but he has also stuck down Clinton's campaign against youth smoking because, and I can't make this stuff up, federal regulators had no authority over tobacco. This little nitwit even struck down the federal 1994 Driver's Privacy Protection Act, legislation that barred state vehicle licensing departments from giving or sharing or selling the information required to obtain a driver's license. This legislation was originally prompted by the murder of Rebecca Schaeffer, the actress who was killed after her stalker obtained her address from the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles simply by calling and asking for it.

The Violence Against Women Act was passed nearly unanimously by both houses of Congress after Congressional hearings exposed the countless horrid tales of women beaten and battered by their husbands and boyfriends, women who had been raped by their dates and the millions of working women who feared for their lives and safety whenever they were forced to leave work after dark.

Luttig's overturning of the verdict of rape by unilaterally deciding that the act was unconstitutional is being appealed to the Supreme Court and will probably be heard when the justices return in October this year and will hinge on the argument that Congress and the federal system has the power to enact hate-crime laws. Naturally, since hate is at the core of the Conservative movement, they will fight against any such power being ceded to the federal government, knowing that their power in state governments allows them to protect those who hate but vote Republican and to ignore those who are harmed or killed but are too poor to purchase Republican politicians or who don't support the conservative philosophy.

To conclude this report, I want all of you to think back to the statements that the group of Right Wing fanatics in Montana who called themselves "The Freemen" made when they were being tried for counterfeiting federal money orders and refusing to pay taxes or license their cars or guns and were committing incest with their children and compare it to the drivel that Judge Luttig began his decision with; "We the people, distrustful of power, and believing that government limited and dispersed protects freedom best...".

Gentle readers, every vote for any Republican feeds this hate filled insanity and allows the disease of conservatism to continue to mutilate everything that this nation and its founders once stood for. We must all speak out in any way that is available to us. Write to your newspaper, call your friends and family, offer your support to any candidate that promises to overturn the terrifying policies of the Right and constantly inform them that your votes and support depend entirely on their honesty in following that promise, just do whatever you can to force this nation away from the death spiral that the Republicans and all conservatives are leading us into. It is quickly becoming too late. (1, 2, 3)

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