Gary Bauer; Another Boil on the Butt on America's Politics

Gentle readers, here are some quotes from the latest championship sized boil on the butt of American politics, Presidential candidate Gary Bauer (who, for that championship honor, just barely edged out George W., Trent Lott, the entire Republican Party, KKK gigolo David Duke but who still trails by miles cancers like Ronald and Nancy Reagan, daddy Bush, Gingrich and every single mother or black or Latino or low-income or working or unionized American who ever chose their own economic and spiritual suicide by voting for these morons).

As with every Republican demagogue over the last thirty years, Bauer can only remember and focus on the Second and Tenth Amendments while actively supporting the destruction and elimination of all the others, particularly the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth that his and all his counterfeit Christian allies find as obstacles in their headlong rush into Nazi America (being unnaturally quiet on the subject of quartering soldiers in our home, think about that for a moment). His complete refusal to actually study and understand these documents and the history and religious beliefs of those who wrote them ill befits anyone who would soil American history by running for the nation's highest office.

Let me quote just two of his disgraceful statements regarding the firm and unassailable separation of church and state.

"The whole country was built on the idea that liberty comes from God. We've had 35 years of courts stripping away from our kids any knowledge of that."

Gentle readers, the founders of this nation stated purposefully and repeatedly that they were designing a nation free of the religious persecution that was rampant even then and that has not diminished one iota since. Washington never used the word "God" during any public utterance, instead preferring the term "Providence" to illustrate his belief. Those who had any belief in a God, per se, spoke as Deists, believing in some type of greater power but not accepting the notion that mere men could ever describe nor understand its presence or power. This nation was founded on the absolute freedom from religion in any form whatsoever and from the always dogged, dogma spouting and unceasingly hateful adherents to those disturbing sects.

As to his statement regarding "...35 years of courts stripping away from our kids any knowledge of that", it has only been in the last thirty five years that groups such as the ACLU and the People for the American Way and the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Americans United for Separation of Church and State have existed or had the power and intelligent judicial appointees who would fight off those who would drag America down into the same Hell that exists in Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and Algeria and all of the other nations afflicted with a government consisting only of fundamentalist believers of ignoble doctrines (i.e., their nation's version of the Republican Party).

Next, Bauer again shows his complete disrespect for the very laws he once lied about swearing to uphold. I'll allow him to once again dig his own grave with his rather large aural orifice.

"If these two boys [at Littleton, CO] came to school giving the Nazi salute, producing videos showing them killing other students, these Web sites dripping with hate, they're never sent home. Their parents are never brought in. And, yet, if a teacher in that school would have hung up the Ten Commandments in her room, she would have been in the principal's office that day. That's at the heart of this issue; basically, not Hollywood and not guns." (The preceding murder of the English language and its syntax is Bauer's, not mine.)

Now, considering that Gary ranks only just behind Charleton Heston as an apologist for the murderous NRA, his conclusion that guns aren't to blame is surprising but not unexpected in that his next utterance is that, somehow, everyone will be wonderfully protected if only words printed on paper and enclosed in a cheap plastic frame were hanging on the wall.

The absolute stupidity of such nonsense is exposed when one remembers that this same tenet hung in many southern courts that sentenced thousands of black men to death for being unable to find an attorney that would even attempt to prove that they hadn't raped a white woman. It also hung in the Supreme Court when they ruled that blacks and Indians were not human beings. It also hung in the homes of the Ku Klux Klan and the Milosevic's Bosnian Serbs and in Hitler's bunker and in so many, many places where pure and utter evil reigned and the lives of innocents ignored or despicably taken.

Gary, old boy, it isn't the mythical words of some unproven God that will change the mean spirited and lethal attitudes of this world. The only actions that have any possibility of success is if the governments of the world cease treating the murder of children and women and the elderly as just a cost of waging illegal and totally non-Christian wars meant only to protect the filthy masters of Corporate America or some vile vision of unattainable "ethnic purity". It will change when politicians like you just shut the hell up and get out of the way of those who would make this world the caring and progressive place that any decent and worthy God would demand that his creations forge. It will only change when greed and the sick pursuit of mere material wealth takes its rightful place as just one of the many hateful and but, like the Holocaust, never to be forgotten legacies from the sad years of the Reagan and Bush regimes. It will change only when the sick and ungodly love of bigger and more deadly guns disappears from the world and, in particular, from the shriveled and unmerciful hearts of loathsome politicians and death loving B movie actors. It will only change when the value of the human spirit achieves greater importance than the outright political bribes that masquerade as campaign contributions. It will only change when Christians actually follow the demands of their God and treat wealth as the root of all evil and to cease treating the aged and the weak and the children, the very defenseless part of society whom their God firmly told them to take care of and never to judge, as obstacles to more and more personal Republican treasure. All this and more will be necessary before the evil in the world can be beaten back into the dank and malignant halls of the Heritage Foundation and the incestuous homes of the Freeman and into every other dark and repulsive crevice where it sends forth the fog of hatred and wickedness that you, Gary, suddenly find so troublesome.

As strange as it may sound, I am actually thankful that old Georgie W. Bush is sucking up all of the Right Wing Nazi campaign funds available, leaving Gary with no new national outlet for his venom.

Excuse me, but having written that last sentence I have the most overwhelming desire to go wash my hands over and over and over and over. ( 1 )

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