Another Racist "Church", A Murderer and the Republican Right

Benjamin Smith, a follower of bigot Matt Hale's World Church of the Creator, vented his hatred of everything he didn't understand and, so, detested, by performing drive-by shootings of Jews, blacks and Asians, murdering two and wounding nine. When surrounded by police, Smith took the usual coward's way out, one so common to racists; he killed himself (but very poorly - one shot to the chin, then a few minutes later a shot in his own leg and, finally, a shot in the chest).(1)

As a perfect example of the filth that Hale's "church" spews and that Smith swallowed whole was Hale's assessment of the murderous rampage, ""As far as we're concerned, the loss is one white man." This repugnant "religion" doesn't acknowledge the eleven victims of Hale's filthy teachings, considering them subhuman and "mud people". In fact, this rabble's rallying cry is "RAHOWA! (RACIAL HOLY WAR). (2)

This nasty little group, who claims that Smith acted on his own and not due to their message of hate, has been linked to many other hate crimes across the nation, from the racial murder of a black man in Florida in 1991 to a Tacoma, Washington fire bombing of a black church in 1993 to another fire bombing in Los Angeles the same year. The flimsy and implausible excuses aside, all hate groups everywhere are responsible for every racially inspired death anywhere in America.

Now, are you all ready for a huge surprise? Are you sitting down? Can you, in a million years, guess who founded this vicious "church"?!? Ben Klassen, a former Republican state legislator from Jeb Bush's state, Florida! Yes, gentle readers, just another offshoot of the Republican Party, that haven for every mean spirited, vile, hate filled, racist, misogynist, anti-American, perverted Christian, doctor killing, butcher hiding, anti-child, anti-progressive, anti-education, pro-Ku Klux Klan, pro-Nazis, pro-white supremacists, pro-abortion clinic bombing morons and all of the other feces that infects this nation is responsible for this temple of pure evil. But, of course, you folks could have guessed all of that, couldn't you? You're all still cursed with independent minds. (2)

Anyway, this obscene "church" isn't the only hate group out there, they're just the latest cause of bigots killing innocent people.

Sadly, just like this contemptible church (3) there are literally hundreds of these disgusting sites just a keystroke or mouse button away from you and me and, tragically, our children and our neighbor's children. Within ten minutes, I was able to find over two hundred sites espousing the same racist garbage but was also made aware that there are actually over 254 available in January of 1999. (3) The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles terms over 2,000 sites "problematic", sites that offer bomb-making instructions, sell rock music that embraces hatred and advocates race war and even youth groups celebrate such trash as the Klu Klux Klan. Try it yourself, just use your favorite search engine and type in "Nazi". The list that the engine will return will show you just how easily these groups, who once had to actually make the effort to twist the souls of our children into their degraded beliefs, all they have to do now is to put up their web page and wait for lonely, abused and forgotten children to come find them.

A very ironic twist in this story is that the very part of the Constitution that Republicans have tried so hard to destroy or, failing that, to ignore is the First Amendment, exactly the protection that these gangs hide behind and what the U.S. Justice Department cites as the reason that these squalid little bands of malevolence cannot be investigated unless evidence is in hand that they are planning or have committed criminal activities.(3) The Republican's drive towards removing all of those obstacles to their Hell on Earth, otherwise known as the Right's Nirvana, obstacles such as the first, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth and ninth while falling all over their blood stained hooves demanding almost religious adherence to the second and tenth.

Here are just a few questions that I am going to ask that sad little spectacle Georgie Bush through his campaign's web page. (Don't you just love that preposterous oxymoron "compassionate conservatism" that shows plainly that the conservative movement's history is one of nastiness and pettiness or else Bush wouldn't have needed to invent such a silly adjective concept.)

First, just exactly how will the idiocy of unconstitutionally forcing the rest of America to have to see just one of many versions of your Ten Commandments put a stop to these hate filled murders by self-described Christians and based only on some twisted and evil reading of your Bible? Do you even care about these murders and the victims since they weren't wealthy, white Republicans?

Next, will you firmly and publicly state that you are absolutely opposed to the messages and methods of these Republican groups?

Will you refuse any financial or political support from any group which espouses hatred and racism?

Finally, will your "compassion" extend to the victims of not only outright racists but also to the children and elderly and single mothers who have been the victims of your predecessors who didn't show any compassion whatsoever to the weakest and most defenseless members of our country but all the while claimed that some small, infinitesimal part of their heart still remembered the definition of morals and the true, but difficult to follow, Christian message?

Now, understand that I'm nowhere naive enough to believe that any Republican will ever stoop to truthfully answering direct questions let alone even take the time to think up a decent lie to hide behind. Nevertheless, since I am a progressive in a Republican world, I must hold onto that faint and dying light of hope that there remains enough Americans who haven't sold their souls to Wall Street and the World Church of the Creator to turn the nations direction away from hate and greed and selfishness and towards a progressive, caring and authentically compassionate nation.

Should the unthinkable occur and Bush (or his minions) answer these questions you can rest assured that you will read every word as soon as I can format it to html.

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