Woodstock '99 and George W.'s Drug Use

Want another example of the massive differences between the Sixties and the Nineties? The first Woodstock was quickly christened a "Time of Peace, Love and Happiness". The latest attempt to rip off that era's pleasant memories cost $150 a ticket, charged $4 for a small bottle of water in temperatures hovering near 100 degrees and ended in a brutal riot of arson, looting, property damage, police officers photographing nude women and even multiple charges of rape. These are the children who will take over this world in the next decade, folks. One generation of peace and love and this generation of greed and violence. Doesn't it make you proud to be an American in these times?

In a nation that offers its citizens virtually nothing of any substance when it comes to information about the world and the problems we all face, it appears that it is only going down hill from here. According to a story in the LA Times, the FCC, supposedly your guardian against misuse of the many forms of communications, is considering allowing station groups (also known as the media owned and operated by Corporate America) to own more than one TV station in a market. In other words, now that your airwaves have been given away to the highest contributor and the total number of independent stations have shrunk to nearly zero, your government will now allow the information that you need desperately to make intelligent decisions be only available from fewer and fewer sources and unbiased information to be nearly non-existent.

Think about it, gentle readers. In the not so distant future nearly every bit of information that you once took for granted as a right in a free society will be available only from a very few huge corporations. Want to know the truth about the quality of your water supply? Well, Monsanto will be happy to tell you all is wonderful and you needn't worry. In fact, they'll tell you about how those dead fish and ducks along the shore all committed suicide. Want to know why your hamburgers smell funny? Well, McDonald's TV will gladly assure you that there may be something wrong with your nose but never, no, never wrong with the burgers. How about the quality of the education your children are receiving at Nike High School? Or the safety of your children at the local Consolidated Correctional Industries' Child Care Facility being run by the prisoners from the state penitentiary ? Your local stations will just pooh pooh any concerns as unjustified and, quite frankly, un-American and anti-capitalism and possibly even heretical. In other words, this will be the beginning of the end for our democracy and that isn't an over statement.

The perfect illustration of the difference between Republican apologist columnists and real human beings was recently offered by James P. Pinkerton in the Commentary section of the LA Times. Under the banner headline "The Media Sharks Are Circling Their Prey" Pinkerton asks, "Do you honestly care if George W. did drugs? Or is an overeager press poised to kill?"

In this sickening little justification for another hypocritical Republican's "sins", he whines and wails about the "Great White Sharks of America" going after Bush. In fact, Pinkerton blubbers about Bush's bid for a chapter in the post-heroic yuppie version of "Profiles in Courage". All of this from the very same simpleton who has attacked Clinton for seven years for exactly the same "offenses" that he so childishly defends Bush against.

Gentle readers, Bush has been performing his admission duty in the same way that Republicans have so long whimpered about when Clinton engaged in that shameless pastime. It took nearly seven instances where Bush was questioned about his drug use before he actually told the truth and admitted his use of cocaine.

Now, gentle readers, this sad excuse for a human being is another of the many, many hypocrites who happily ruin the lives of millions of otherwise law abiding Americans by imprisoning them for doing exactly what these idiots themselves did as youths. Their sick brand of "justice" should be the subject of every single program that the conservative media offers in hopes of finding some far more sensible and fair and caring way to deal with the problems associated with drugs and alcohol and cigarettes and every other form of addictive behavior that plagues mankind including the diseased need to kill anyone with whom our nation has a political squabble with.

Bush must be subjected to exactly the same "standards" that the Right demanded of Clinton. In fact, he should be forced to meet even higher standards than Clinton since the Rabid Right has pretended to be without sin for the last eight years while destroying any possibility that the nation might be governed with even a semblance of intelligence. In fact, this moral midget from the Rabid Right is the same person who signed legislation in Texas that authorized judges to both sentence children as young as 14 to serve time in adult prisons and to send people to jail for the possession of less than a gram of cocaine (less than a packet of Sweet 'N Low". Since Bush has repeatedly stated that he refuses to accept youth and irresponsibility as excuses for any behavior, then George W. must cease trying to use those same lame excuses for his illegal behavior, as well.

Pinkerton does, however, expose a truly frightening figure released by the far right Freedom Forum. Ina survey they conducted, 53% of Americans think that the press has "too much freedom". Now, understand that any information that a Rabid Right group discovers will be based, not on actual human beings but on the answers given by conservatives. Even so, the notion that 53% of these sad folks who vote Republican would have such a foul belief regarding our Constitution is depressing. Had that poll asked if there was too much freedom to own guns, of course, the shrieking and wailing that would have ensued would have overshadowed even a question about the media.

Basically, what we are once again witnessing is the opening salvo of the Rabid Right's sorry demands that they and theirs deserve far better treatment at the hands of the press than the immoral Democrats. The Rabid Right has convinced a large enough part of the American people that their moral code is somehow better than the left's even though both the left and the Rabid Right consist of many members without any moral compass whatsoever. America would be far better off if its politicians simply shut up about morals altogether and merely offered their vision of where America would head under their leadership. But, of course, there isn't much chance of that since very few of our politicians have the IQ nor the ability to think any further ahead than their next bribery meal, er, rather, their next campaign dinner.

Getting back to the issues of morality and truthfulness, the Rabid Right, if America is to take their shrieking about their higher ethical standards seriously, will have no choice but to vote for either of the two Democratic candidates running for the office of President; Al Gore or Bill Bradley. Both have openly admitted using marijuana on more than one occasion, an act that Bush finds himself unable to come clean about. Of course, he has the example of (1) his father's lies about the sales of weapons to a terrorist state while Vice-President under that senile little gnome Reagan, (2) his brother's destruction of an S&L that cost taxpayers tens of millions after its collapse and, (3) his other brother's admittance that his wife illegally brought purchases into the country while willfully refusing to pay the tens of thousands of dollars in import taxes required. Bush must overcome all of this before he can be taken seriously as anything but another in the long line of neo-Nazi Republicans who will lie and steal and accuse in order to get what they want. (1, 2)

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