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A clear case of sudden sanity recently appeared in Washington, D.C. Rep. Michael P. Forbes (R-N.Y.) has finally had enough of the ideological garbage that was passing for Republican leadership and has declared himself a Democrat. The straw that broke his particular camel's back was the unbelievably insane and mean spirited declaration from House Majority Whip Tom Delay (R-Texas) that the increasing use of day care was to blame for the Columbine massacre. Forbes spoke to the fact that the vast majority of his constituents on Long Island found day care an absolute necessity as did he and his wife and that the very idea that such an innocent and common act could cause children to kill children was "irresponsible garbage".

In fact, Forbes' final statement on the subject should be inscribed on the foreheads of every non-wealthy American who has ever voted Republican. Burning his final bridge, he stated, "With no Communist menace to rail against and with the economy the strongest to be sustained in our lifetime, the national Republican Party in the last 4 1/2 years has allowed itself to become defined by extremists. It's become angry, narrow-minded, intolerant, uncaring - incapable of governing at all, much less from the center. And it's been tone-deaf - truly tone-deaf - to the concerns of a vast majority of Americans." My goodness. He took the words completely out of my mouth and off my hundreds of articles decrying the very same conclusions. To paraphrase a truly stupid commercial, why can't Republicans be more like Mike?

While Democrats can glory in the initial salvo in the eventual suicide of the Republican Party, they are also saddened by the defection of Sen. Bob Smith, the other defector from the Republican Party in that same week. Smith declared himself an independent, not because the Republican Party has shown itself to be led by clowns and imbeciles but rather because it isn't "conservative" enough for him. Gosh, the party that gave us Dan Quayle, Timothy McVeigh, Charleton Heston, David Duke, cowards who lay in wait and assassinate doctors and nurses and all of the other Rabid Right low lives that have dirtied our society these last twenty years and the Republican Party isn't conservative enough for this boob? I guess he would have felt right at home in Germany in the 30's. (1)

Next, we'll look at another instance of Corporate America's completely overt theft of your tax dollars. Without even pretending that they are anything but thieves and charlatans, the owners of the NFL will not allow Los Angeles, the second largest television market for pro football, to have an expansion team unless the state of California "invests" in the costs of creating this team and building or upgrading a stadium for them to play in.

Folks, the wealthiest men in the state are, apparently, the only people who even want a team in LA, as shown by the fact that only 38% of even the Los Angeles market states that it has any importance. Should the entire state be polled, I doubt seriously if the results would even reach the double digits in favor since folks in Redding undoubtedly have little interest in seeing their taxes raised in order to pay for a team 600 miles away in a city that most folks outside of LA hate, anyway.

Now, since the NFL is well aware that any increase in taxes will never fly, their mouthpieces in and out of government has began using the stealthy "no net increases in taxes". What this is supposed to mean is that any of your tax dollars that is spent to help these poor billionaires to get their football team are paid back through higher gross tax revenues from that area. What they won't address, however, and what economist Raymond Keating of the Cato Institute has exposed, is the fact that leisure dollars are ultimately limited and those that are converted to paying for football tickets and parking and the like are simply not being spent elsewhere in the same economy, equaling a gross net increase in tax revenues of about zero.

Another factor that must be considered is the fact that the loss of both the Raiders and Rams hasn't hurt the Los Angeles economy one bit. Those dollars go, instead, to the many other forms of entertainment available in the area and, besides, having a local team restricts the number of games that can be shown every time the team plays at home. Hence, just like the absolutely appalling teams that the owners offered, any new team would force black-outs on TV every time these losers played at home. That isn't a situation sports fans in LA want or need to deal with.

Folks, the two reasons that the NFL is demanding tax payer's money to subsidize this fiasco are because;

1) With taxpayer money flowing in to pay for large portions of the eventual costs of fielding this team, the NFL can demand that the billionaires pay far larger franchise fees. These fees go directly to the other NFL team owners so, in net effect, your tax dollars will subsidize the other NFL billionaires everywhere but in Los Angeles.

2) The NFL has no intention of allowing a city like LA get away with acquiring a team without a huge infusion of public funds simply because it will set a bad precedent for future blackmailing in other cities. In other words, if the billionaires in Los Angeles field a team completely using private funds then the NFL's habit of demanding tax payers to build new facilities and parking and sky boxes will come to a screeching halt everywhere and these greedy little gnomes can't allow such a sensible tend to begin. Take the new Los Angles sports arena, the Los Angeles Staples Center, for instance. Hundreds of millions of your tax dollars went into the building of this edifice to greed but will you be allowed to enjoy the posh restaurants or well furnished restroom facilities or private lounges? Of course not! You'll stand in line like the thousands of others, waiting to buy $6 hot dogs and $10 beers which you'll then have to schlep back to you seats where you'll eat your little feast off of your bended knees. Did your tax dollars even lower the price of the tickets and parking that goes directly into the pockets of the billionaires who will basically own your building? Can you laugh without snorting that beer out of your nose?

Gentle readers, it is far past the point where we, the actual Americans who will be expected to make these wealthy trolls even richer, stand up and demand that sports owners, like ourselves, must never be allowed to touch even one penny of our hard earned money to support their little excursions into the professional ball markets. If they cannot afford their toys then they should never expect the real human beings in America to subsidize them.

Gentle readers, I can only ask that you take a moment to express that opinion to your state and local representatives since, even though you don't own any politicians, a letter or e-mail does occasionally get their attention. If they don't know that you object to this legal form of Corporate American blackmail, then they'll just happily do what those who do own them tell them to. (2)

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