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According to the World Bank's June 2 report, the Asian financial crisis has resulted in nearly 1.5 billion people working for less than $1 a day. That's right, gentle readers, our wonderful and vaunted Global Economy has resulted in 1.5 billion people who have only that miserable pay to live on and, in most instances, to try to raise a family on. For what we pay for a bottle of water, they have that to survive on. Gosh, that seems so truly fair, doesn't it? But, that's what capitalism has degenerated to, anyway, isn't it? (1)

Only the Wall Street Journal could so completely fail to see the obvious. Recently, the paper ran an editorial by a business school ethics professor (a four word oxymoron) in which she railed against the rise of "guilty liberals, Marxists and self-hating capitalists" enrolled in MBA programs. Apparently, she had learned of a poll which had shown that 73% of MBA students would hire a competitor's employee for trade secrets compared to just 60% of convicted criminals. This, she somehow decided, could only be explained by the reasoning that these types (the liberals, et. al.), figuring that they might as well since "they have already sold their souls by entering an MBA program", would act so deceptively.

Now, let's see if we understand this lady correctly. The fact that students enrolled in MBA programs exhibit far less of an interest in ethics than a common criminal is because 73% of them are either liberals, Marxists or self-hating capitalists. It couldn't be the far simpler fact that these students have so little moral fiber because their heroes in Corporate America display their complete lack of ethics on a daily basis, now could it? The fact that an individual with such little awareness of her surroundings, and of the world that she is helping to make, is teaching these capitalists her brand of "business ethics" is actually a greater source of sorrow than the fact that so many of her students are such moral midgets. (2)

Showing that even Democrats can mistake action for intelligence, Frank Shurden authored a bill in Oklahoma, in answer to the Columbine violence, that categorically reminds parents of their right to "spank, paddle or switch" their children without fear of retribution from any state, county or local child protective agency.

A Nevada bill went far beyond the meager reminder in Oklahoma. Theirs prohibits the police, hospitals, child protective services and all other official agencies from even keeping records of alleged abuse unless it meets the state's inflexible definition of "physical injury". Both of these laws were passed without any concern for the multitude of studies that show quite firmly that children whose parents inflict violent punishment on them exhibit a vastly higher level of violent behavior throughout their lives. God, what absolute stupidity! (3)

I'll allow that rather absurd and dull-witted little gnome, House Majority Whip Tom Delay of Texas, expose his lack of sense by just quoting him. After the sad episode at Columbine High School, he took to the floor of the House and read from a letter supposedly written by a fellow Texan to a local newspaper. This backwoods bozo rails against those who would charge that the ease with which these two boys acquired the massive amount of fire power that was employed in the massacre might carry some portion of the blame. No, instead of such an obvious answer, according to the letter, we must blame the increased use of day care by working parents and the rise in the use of contraception and the teaching of evolution instead of creationism. Delay read, "[Littleton couldn't have happened] because our school systems teach the children that they are nothing but glorified apes who have evolutionized out of some primordial soup of mud ... Nah, it must have been the guns." Frankly, I wouldn't insult apes by claiming that either of these mental giants evolved from that species since it is rather obvious that neither truly belongs on any current evolutionary tree limb save the one that holds the intellectual failures.

Not content with just making a complete ass out of himself once, Delay then went on This Week and, in response to a George Will question as to whether he actually believed that there was a relationship between the teaching of evolution and the rise in violence, this sad little clown dug even deeper into the sewer he calls a mind and replied, "George, there's a casual fact of not giving children choices. The government has decided that schools cannot give children the choice of learning about creationism and evolution and then choosing which they believe."

Just to make certain that he left no stone unturned in his rush into public insanity, he continued, "You know, evolutionary theory is nothing but a theory. (Well, duh!!!) In my opinion, creation is not a theory, because I believe in God and he created the earth. But the point is that children ought to be presented a choice and let them decide what is true and not true."

Gentle readers, other than the fact that a man of such immense idiocy is even allowed on the streets let alone elected to any office whatsoever, I'll accept the idea that we should teach our children the theory of evolution along with the thousands of myth, magic and miracle based fantasies about the creation of the universe. Of course the story of creation can be taught alongside the theory of evolution but all other religious fables must be included, as well. Naturally, all of this instruction should be preceded by a firm foundation in the scientific method of investigation so that all children can understand that, without firm and reproducible evidence, no religious fable nor even the theory of evolution should be accepted without question. But, of course, once one exercises their mind by actually using it then the myths, magic and miracle based beliefs quickly are filed under "Sweet, but not provable". (4)

Ah, what joy there is in watching the hypocritical fall by the wayside. That silly little hobgoblin known as Mississippi's Governor, Kirk Fordice, the same little fellow who loudly proclaimed, in regards to the feeding frenzy surrounding the Lewinski - Clinton nonsense, "I think when folks enter public office, they're due all the scrutiny they get".

Well, this wee fellow sang a completely different tune when, just weeks after declaring June "Responsible Fatherhood Month",, he was forced to resign as Danny Quayle's "pro-family" national co-chairman when a reporter questioned him about a trip he had taken with one Ann Carson, a woman definitely not known as Mrs. Fordice. Fordice's exact words? "You invade my privacy this way, six months from now I'll whip your ass. You have no damn business playing these games".

Coming at the same time as George Ws refusal to answer direct questions about his history of drug use, watching the Rabid Right's legions of moral midgets self-destruct gives anyone longing for some small ray of intelligence to suddenly appear in politics great and deep pleasure. In just three words, I can explain the depth of that pleasure ... Hee Hee Hee!!!!!!! (5)

Just a couple of pieces of information to leave you with.

Guns killed over 34,000 people in America in 1996, second only as a non-natural cause of death to the automobiles.

The total cost of gun violence in America is estimated, conservatively, at $126 Billion every single year.

81% of all gunshot victims had no health insurance, making the American taxpayer liable for the cost of hospitalization.

The NRA successfully lobbied for a law that specifically prohibited the Consumer Product Safety Commission from testing or ruling on the safety of guns.

Congress, at the NRA's behest (a.k.a. through bribery) bars the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms from assembling any data on guns. The only possible way for the federal government to trace the ownership of a weapon from source to crime is to call the manufacturer and request information on which retailer it was sold to, then to call the retailer and request information on the identity of the buyer, then to call the buyer for information as to who he or she may have sold it to and on and on.

In far too many states, there is no requirement to regulate sales of guns between private parties, making it virtually impossible to trace a weapon once it enters into the gun show circuits. (6)

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