Bush Must Come Clean About His History of Drug Use!

As a truly senile fellow once observed, "There you go again!" It's once again time for Republicans to begin expressing their newly discovered fondness for the privacy of Presidential candidates, but only in the case of those Rabid Right candidates that they approve of. Suddenly, these whiny little characters have completely and conveniently forgotten the absolutely obscene love affair that they had digging into every possible, minute and unimportant aspect of the Clinton's entire life. Their disgusting habit of proclaiming the Clintons guilty of this offense or that crime without even a shred of proof, knowing that the conservative media would happily print it without even the semblance of investigating the charge was repeated nearly weekly for the last seven years.

With the Rabid Right's newest God, George W. Bush, refusing to state, once and for all, exactly what his history of drug usage entails, the Right's many apologists are circling the wagons (which is actually a topical metaphor for Republicans) in hopes of protecting their last hope to regain the White House in this century. In article after article, folks like Norman Miller, a retire editor of the LA Times, try mightily to pretend that Bush shouldn't be forced to undergo the same scrutiny that the Rabid Right has put Clinton through since he declared his candidacy in 1991.

Well, I'm afraid that isn't acceptable to the American people. Bush has a duty to the American voters to, first and foremost, tell us exactly which drugs he took, the time frame in which he took them and, most assuredly, if he enjoyed the experience. Since Bush and his kind have spent the last twenty years trying to trick people into believing that the Rabid Right not only has the right to proclaim themselves the sacred guardians of what they and only they define as "family values" but that they, themselves, can be held to same high standards that they have tried to hold Clinton to. If they cannot prove themselves as holy and eligible for sainthood as their rhetoric has proclaimed then they should have no other choice but to remove themselves from the moral debate which they started and remove themselves once and forever from public office.

This holds most assuredly for Bush. His glee at murdering as many Americans as possible through the contorted processes of the Texas capital punishment laws, the fact that he has helped imprison hundreds of thousands of Americans for using the exact same drugs that Bush refuses to admit having taken and enjoyed, as well as basically keeping Texas as deeply in the Middle Ages as possible makes him completely answerable to the American people.

This man also hails from a family that has one brother who stole and wasted hundreds of millions of dollars in the process of destroying a Texas Savings & Loan, another that is just as depraved in the use of the electric chair and whose wife was found to have illegally brought in tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise from Europe without paying the necessary import fees and, of course, a father who was neck deep in the illegal sale of high tech weapons to Iran and the subsequent financial support of the terrorists in Nicaragua even after Congress expressly prohibited such support and lied about it for a decade before pardoning all of those criminals who were also involved.

Does any of this sound like a person that you would trust to take the lead in this nearly great nation? Can you imagine the appalling damage that such an immoral, lying, murderous little fellow would wreak upon the rest if us if he was given the opportunity? This silly person cannot define his insipid "compassionate conservative" offal, words which are the ultimate in oxymorons and which are meant only to hide his mean spirited core and complete lack of caring for anything but the vile policies of the Rabid Right.

All future Republican political candidates must be willing to undergo the same painful investigation into his past and must either acknowledge what they have done and ask the nation's forgiveness for behaving in the same way as those whose lives they have ruined or else remove themselves forevermore from any political involvement. No other course of action must be allowed by the American voters. As is said, what goes around, comes around and it's now Georgie's turn to answer the hard questions either honestly or just offer their resignation from the race. Nothing else is sufficient. ( 1, 2 )

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Copyright 9/2/99