Guns Do, Indeed, Kill People

Gentle readers, it is far past the time, now, for the NRA (National Rifle Association) to admit that they must cease their ungodly demand that there be no limits whatsoever on the ownership of guns and handguns, in particular. They must admit the guns do, indeed, kill people and that it is now time to begin the process, not of disarming America, but of educating America about the dangers that the millions upon millions handguns in America pose.

America must face up to the challenge of removing the aura of power and control that guns have been draped in by the media. Hollywood and television must accept their portion of the blame for this embracing of violence as normal. Politicians must accept their portion of the blame for refusing to behave sensibly both in the debates that will shape our nation's future but simply in the manner in which they, themselves, treat those whose lives are filled with far less good fortune than theirs. Most importantly, though, the NRA must openly speak out against those who take the lives of innocents, employing the very objects worshipped by the members of this sad little group.

The reality is that handguns are meant for only one purpose and that is to take the life of another human being. In very, very instances would the massive carnage occur had they perpetrator not been armed with a gun. In fact, every year sees thousands of lives that would not have been lost save for the fact that another idiot used his right to own a gun and killed someone or many someones.

Let's take a few moments to remember those who have lost their lives due directly to the guns that are so easy to obtain and so easy to use. In just 1999, we have seen handguns used in the following shootings with multiple victims.

Jan. 14 - 24 year old Di-Kieu Duy opens fire in a Salt Lake City office, killing one and wounding another.

March 18 - Walter Shell, 71, shoots and murders his lawyer and a client sitting in the attorney's office in Johnson, Tennessee due to a dispute over Shell's wife's will.

April 15 - Sergei Babarin, 71, fired on strangers in the Mormon Family History Library, killing two and wounding four before police kill him. Police have never found a motive for the shooting.

April 20 - Dylan Klebold, 17, and Eric Harris, 18, shoot and kill 13 other children before killing themselves at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

May 20 - Six students are wounded at Heritage High School in Conyers, GA by T.J. Solomon, 15.

June 3 - Zane Floyd, 23, shoots to death four employees of a Las Vegas grocery store. Again, police could find no motive.

June 11 - 27 year old Joseph Brooks shoots to death his former psychiatrist and a woman whose only crime was being in the office. Brooks then wounds four other people before killing himself.

July 12 - Cyrano Marks, age unknown, who lives with his girlfriend and her children, shoots and kills the four children, their mother and another family member before killing himself.

July 29 - Frustrated investor Mark O. Barton, 44, shoots nine people and wounds 13 at two brokerage offices before killing himself.

August 5 - 34 year old Alan Eugene Miller shoots and kills two co-workers in Pelham, Ala., then shoots and kills another where he used to work.

August 10 - Buford O. Furrow, Jr., a self-described white supremacist, wounds five women and children at the Los Angeles based North Valley Jewish Community Center and then shoots and murders a Filipino-American postal worker.

Sept. 15 - 47 year old Larry Gene Ashbrook walked into the Wedgwood Baptist Church in Texas and shot to death seven people, wounded seven more and then killed himself.

Speaking of this, the latest tragedy, two Republicans showed just how completely out of touch they truly are when the evils that handguns bring is discussed.

First, that "compassionate conservative", a combination of words that cannot logically be connected, George W. Bush, Jr., chimed in with, "There seems to be a wave of evil passing through America, and we as a society can pass laws and hold people accountable for the decisions they make, but our hopes and prayers have got to be that there is more love in our society". I emphasized his unbelievable use of the word "love" because this is exactly the same monster who has signed off on the execution of nearly one hundred human beings during his tenure as Texas Governor (many whose guilt is in doubt to this day due to the completely inept defense lawyers that the state of Texas offers its poorest citizens whenever their lives are on the line) and who sees no obscene irony in his "youthful indiscretion" of his own drug use while presiding over the incarceration of tens of thousands of other Americans who, like George W., used one or more of the drugs that George and his disgraceful kind have decided to punish otherwise law abiding citizens for using.

Okay, so a low life like Bush might not be the best Republican to quote on any subject except his speech announcing his withdrawal from public life. How about the Congressman from the same district in which the latest shooting deaths took place, that infected scab, Rep. Joe Barton?

Barton co-sponsored the ridiculous legislation that would, instead of doing anything whatsoever to protect America from idiots with guns, pretends that forcing his version of the Ten Commandments on the walls of public schools will do anything but irritate the millions of American who can't quite swallow the myth, magic and miracles answer. Now that children are dying by gun fire in his district, will this hemorrhoid on the American political butt still wants the massive donations that the NRA is so famous for. What other answers to this senseless slaughter does this imbecile offer the nation? His web page suggests "...Faith, family and personal accountability...".

Now correct me if I'm wrong, here, but exactly how could any of that garbage make any difference in the actions of the armed nitwits out there? Ever since that premier clown Ronald Reagan closed every single federally funded mental health facility in 1981, leaving America to deal with the worst phenomenon of homeless people in our history, the mentally ill in America have found few avenues of help but to get their hands on a gun in order to silence the demons that haunt their every thought.

Also, Barton claimed that, while back in his district after the shootings, he hadn't heard anything from his constituents that would change his opposition to gun control. Gee, maybe that's because, even if his ears weren't stuffed with the dollars from the NRA's lobbyists, he probably is incapable of hearing an intelligent thought since any intelligent thought would be in direct opposition to his fragmented mental ramblings.

I guess the only voice worth listening to is California Senator Barbara Boxer who asked, "We have to do something. What are we waiting for?" (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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