Easy Answers To Conservative Lies

Want to have some ammunition the next time a conservative begins talking about this sick drive toward what they like to term "smaller government" when they actually mean a government that kneels in supplication before Corporate America while passing tax "cuts" that just transfer the cost of government from the wealthy onto the backs of the middle-class and poor? Well, here are just a few questions, with supporting examples, to pose and then watch them squirm (the squirm part is the one I like best)

First, for those who state that the Canadian national health system is a bad idea and that the "market" will keep the costs of medical coverage low and that the American medical community doesn't want it even discussed, call their bluff with this little quote from the premier medical journal of the AMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association (1)

Stating early in the article that the "experiment with market medicine" is "a failure", it then goes on to proclaim that "The drive for profit is compromising the quality of care, the number of uninsured persons is increasing, those with insurance are increasingly dissatisfied, bureaucracy is proliferating, and costs are again rapidly escalating. We believe national health insurance deserves a second look."

Remember, the Right could never uncover an intelligent reason to completely destroy Clinton's plan for a national health care system nor could they devise a system to offer in its place themselves (but all the Republicans have ever been good at is overturn whatever social net exists for the poor). Instead, they played on the average American's inability to differentiate between reality and actors mouthing scripts and scared the public with those reprehensible "Harry and Louise" ads where the two rather poor actors warned about having "Big Government in our medicine cabinets".

Your argument is, thus, a simple one. When even the AMA states that we must revisit the question of a medical health system that covers every American, not just those who can afford it, and the best that the Rabid Right can offer in rebuttal is a poor imitation of a commercial, then it is, indeed, time for the Right to get out of the way of a fair and evenhanded healthcare system.

When you hear the arguments about the over regulation of the pharmaceutical companies, remind them of the horror stories that are still being reported about the diabetes drug Rezulin.

Because of the budget cuts forced on the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) by the Rabid Right at the behest of their corporate owners, the agency is forced to curtail the length and extent of its testing, putting the drug on its Congressionally mandated "6 month fast track" and, as in this case, even allow a physician on the payroll of the drug manufacturer to control and direct the testing. This massive and, without a doubt, illegal conflict of interest has resulted in the deaths of, so far, nearly a hundred Americans and has caused massive liver failure in one out of eight of the patients to whom it has been prescribed. Even when the evidence was produced that the drug's safety was simply too questionable to keep it on the market, the FDA folded to industry pressure and it is still being given to patients with diabetes with little or follow-up nor even a warning to physicians that they must constantly monitor these patients for the early signs of the decline in liver functions which inevitably lead to massive liver failure and a very painful and unnecessary death.

Compare this sorry example of the Rabid Right's notion of corporate Nirvana with the episode in Sixties when an FDA physician, Dr. Francis O. Kelsey, first delayed, and ultimately withheld, approval of a proposed sedative meant primarily for pregnant women. Two years later, her logical actions, given her many doubts regarding the drug, were proven correct when thousands of disfigured newborns were born worldwide. Members of Congress as well as President Kennedy honored her insight and resolve in protecting the American public from the drug, thalidomide.

Would she still have the power or available research to act in that fashion these days? Of course not. Would she even have been in a position to conduct the research which alerted her to the possible issues that would need to be investigated before placing the drug for sale to Americans? Of course not. Should we allow the Rabid Right to continue its on going destruction of the FDA? Of course not. It is our only protection from the greed and insanity of the Right and their owners in Corporate America. How much longer it will retain even a hint of its former regulatory powers is the only question that will probably count, though. (2, 3, 4)

Finally, whenever these self-righteous moral midgets use the term the "scandal plagued Clinton Administration", remind them that in the long and truly despicable investigation by that little hemorrhoid, Starr, and all of his lackeys produced only one, JUST ONE, actual indictment and that was of the President lying about an incident that had absolutely nothing to do with his responsibilities to the office and even that mean spirited indictment, although used as the Rabid Right's justification for impeachment proceedings, resulted is a "not guilty" verdict. The only scandal during these last eighth years has been the absolute stupidity and smallness exhibited by the Rabid Right and their followers in the conservative media.

Finally, remind them that during the horrors of the Reagan Administration, nearly four hundred of his appointees were investigated and ultimately indicted, with more than a hundred being found guilty and serving sentences or paying fines. Just be very certain that you are not within reach when you point this little anomaly out to them, though, since the Rabid Right hates being confronted with the truth about their little sock puppet God.

Well, there are just a couple of the many easily refuted lies and misleading nonsense that passes for thought among the Rabid Right. All that is usually needed to negate any arguments that the Rabid Right can invent is, of course, only a mind capable of independent thought, a rare commodity within their ranks.

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