Another Perspective Endorses Rick Lott For The California Senate

Just from the title, you know that this won't be just another article from Another Perspective, don't you? As my regular (and gentle) readers know, I find very little that’s positive in politics and that is worth discussing. The vast majority of politicians are simply greedy, power hungry clowns who, even on their best days, do far more harm to us than good. Don’t even get me started about the one-sided and divisive policies they force on the rest of us.

That said, I’m rather pleased that I can break that rather sad propensity and offer a few words about someone who might well be a valuable improvement to our democratic form of government, should he be elected.

I specifically speak to those in my regular audience who live within California’s 17th Senate district. If you aren’t certain if you reside there, here is a map of the area involved. For the rest of America, just relax and enjoy the fact that there is, indeed, at least one political candidate worth knowing about.

This fellow’s name is Rick Lott and he is running as a Democrat against the Republican incumbent, Sen. Pete Knight.

Knight is the author of Prop. 22 on this year’s California ballot initiative titled “Limits On Marriage Act” but referred to by the Rabid Right as the “Defense of Marriage Act” (see Prop. 22. Protecting Marriage Or Just The Fumes From A Hate Filled Foundation? ). This legislation is, at its base, an openly anti-gay proposition. This Act, in and of itself, would be enough of a reason to support any carbon-based, bi-pedal life form that volunteered to run against Knight.

Want more reasons? Okay, how about the fact that Knight fought against and then voted against a law that would have simply forced the firearm industry to meet certain safety and reliability standards? Was it just another anti-gun bill that every Republican could be expected to fight? Nope! It only stipulated that handguns have a safety that prevents the firing pin from resting on a cartridge, to not accidentally fire when dropped and to fire a certain number of rounds before malfunctioning. Pretty liberal stuff, wouldn’t you say? Nevertheless, Knight was against it.

But, back to the subject at hand; Mr. Rick Lott.

Why in the world, you ask yourself, would Another Perspective allow itself to become affiliated in any way with a politician? Isn’t the whole purpose of Another Perspective to hunt out and report on the corruption and lies and back room deals that constantly damages what little is left of our democracy? Well, yes, that is our primary purpose. I just have to admit, though, that it feels rather interesting to speak of a candidate’s good comportment and traits for a change.

Rick Lott launched his campaign on Feb. 22, 1999. He is a strong supporter of meaningful campaign finance reform both at the federal level and, more importantly for Californians, at the state and local levels. To show that his campaign isn’t just a show about campaign finance reform which ends up as just another colorful circus with very little substance (see John McCain’s presidential platform regarding finance reforms), Mr. Lott has pledged not to take any contributions from PACs or from business. Explaining that this position is not an anti-business agenda, he states that it is, instead, “ spotlight the need for campaign finance reform” and to “ as a candidate people can trust as not being under the influence of PACs.” ( 1 & 2)

His list of supporters is an interesting example of that attitude. Lott has received endorsements from groups as diverse as the United Farm Workers of America and Laborers' International Union Local 300 as well as the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project and Americans For Democratic Action. Democrats and Democratic party officials all over the state have offered their support as well as many, many voters in the 17th district.

Rick Lott‘s vision for the future coincides with many of the stated goals of Another Perspective. While he is pro-jobs and the economy, he also wants to see business offer such basic necessities for working families as childcare programs and affordable health plans. He would expect companies to provide educational assistance to their employees in order to maintain a trained work force which would also be a true benefit for these same workers during times of job eliminations. He agrees that an educated, highly motivated work force is the foundation for any hopes America may hold of staying competitive in the future.

He is a firm supporter of increasing funding not only to our schools and universities but he also champions such successful and proven programs as Head Start and out-reach programs for at-risk children. He wants California to offer health care and health education to all of our children, including offering a strong prenatal program and immunization for all infants and toddlers. His desire for a well-rounded educational experience for our children would include age appropriate sex education consisting of lessons in abstinence, sexual health and birth control, areas long ignored in our schools but which are the explanation for California’s high rates of STDs and teenage pregnancies.

His stands on the environment, health and safety, labor and economic justice as well as his support for equal opportunities for all are, in the main, truly in line with the demands made in this space over and over these past five years.

Okay, gentle readers. I’ve hopefully made my point without appearing to fawn and adore too badly or too overtly. I have no experience in writing about something positive in government and even less, if that were possible, in writing about a candidate who I believe could possibly be a positive influence on that government.

What I wish to have you take away from reading this article is this; Rick Lott is, in my opinion, one of the very few participants in the political arena who may be the exception to the rule. If Lott practices just half of what he preaches, California and America will be the better for it. If Lott forces change in just some small part of the world he wants to enter, then he will succeed in doing what very few Americans in any walk of life have even attempted in these last two or three decades and that would be to leave this world just slightly better for having been here. For those reasons alone, I will state before all of you that I support Rick Lott’s candidacy for office and ask that you do so, as well. I’m not asking that you send money, since I cannot bend my principles that far for anyone, but only that you speak to your friends and co-workers and tell them that California has an opportunity that is rare, indeed, and that is the occasion to vote for someone who just might make a positive difference in our lives.

I wish Rick the best of luck and the rest of us I wish a decent and happy future. If you would like to visit Rick Lott’s web site (Link no longer active) to further investigate his policies, please do so. If you have a question, comment or just want to speak out on a subject pertinent to California’s politics or campaign finance reform or what have you, you’ll find easy links to write to him on his site. Support him or not, Democrat or not, obtaining information about your representatives and their stands and histories is the duty of every American. Let me know what you come away with from your visit.

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