Profits vs. Jobs, The Lives Of Children And Defective Aircraft Parts

Gentle readers, I’m going to let the following news item speak for itself. I’ll comment after you’ve had a moment to digest it.

Greenspan: Inflation still a danger

WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Thursday declared the current good times "unprecedented in my half-century of observing the American economy." But he cautioned that inflation dangers still exist and put financial markets on notice to expect further interest rate increases. Presenting the Federal Reserve's twice-a-year report on the economy to Congress, Greenspan said conditions are remarkable with the 9-year-long expansion, a record, turning in exceptionally rapid growth that has driven unemployment to a 30-year low of 4%. Even though inflation has remained low outside of a burst in energy prices, Greenspan said this favorable condition cannot last unless the growth rate slows to less than the 4%-plus gains of the past three years. Greenspan tied his worries to the tight labor markets and fears that workers will begin to demand higher wages that could set off an inflationary spiral. (My emphasis!) ( 1 )

Dear people, when are we going to speak up as a group and demand that our government cease basing its economic policy decisions on what is best for Corporate America by making it impossible for actual Americans to achieve an improved life and future? Why do we allow such stupidity as this; punishing working men and women for the crime of creating huge and increasing profits for their employers? When will we demand, through letters and e-mail and voting and calling and just becoming involved in America’s political business, that the effects that federal policy inflicts on real human beings is far more important than the massive and obscene salaries and bonuses of Corporate America’s executives and vastly more important than the over-valuation of a company’s stock on Wall Street? When will we force the government to remember that the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence were all written to insure that this new nation would always be responsive to its citizens and not to the elite and power mad? Why do we, the citizens of this nation, allow the wealthy to own all of our government through outright bribery, using that power to constantly assure that they, alone, will benefit from our labors? Finally, why are we so insane as to continue to re-elect the same slaves of the wealthy over and over, never quite understanding why things don’t seem to be getting any better for the average American?

The next article follows in the same footprints as the first. Read on.

Vaccine panel changes recommendation

ATLANTA (AP) - In a sign that cost is becoming a factor in making immunization policy, a government advisory committee has changed its initial recommendation and will require fewer children to receive an expensive vaccine. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Policy recommended that the vaccine Prevenar be administered to all children under 2 and those under 5 who are at high risk of contracting illnesses such as meningitis. The committee voted in October to recommend Prevenar, which costs $232 per four-dose series, for all children under 5. Wednesday's 7-4 vote in favor of changing the recommendation came after a lengthy discussion of cost implications that included a presentation from a representative of health insurance companies. ( 2 )

Gentle readers, what this states is that The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Policy found that certain children’s lives, between the ages of two to five, could be saved through the mandated process of requiring the series of four injections of a vaccine. The cost would only be, in total, $232 for the entire series, or $58 per inoculation, a truly small cost in exchange for the lives of the children.

What two facts truly stand out in this sad and mean spirited story? First, that insurance companies consider that trivial reduction in their already obscene profits far more important than the lives of these children. It also shows the amazing damage that allowing a lobbyist from any industry the access and power to sway a goverment group charged with protecting our children away from decency and health care to such a cowardly decision based solely on profits is sickening. I most assuredly wish the sweet little children of these filthy little animals the very best health since their parents obviously could not care any less about any child’s health, only money.

Finally, regular readers of these articles will remember when we spoke out against Boeing Aircraft sending the tail section assembly work of their newest aircraft off to Red China at the same time that their workers were on strike demanding greater job security! Well, since it is buried in a long article, I’ll just quote the relevant words.

As an excellent example, Boeing Aircraft, after finalizing the largest aircraft production contract in history, $12.7 billion, began moving it's assembly line for the tail section of it's 737 passenger jets to China, where it is paying workers only about $.35 (that is thirty five CENTS) an hour. (LA Times, Sunday, Nov. 26, 1995, pg.M5)

Now, lets fast forward to Feb.13, 2000 and see what this fiasco in search of maximum profits has resulted in, shall we? In a news story titled “Alaska Airlines Grounds 8 Planes”, we read about that horrendous tragedy of the Alaska Airlines crash off the coast of Los Angeles on January 31 that cost 88 human beings their lives. The Federal Aviation Administration, who is in charge of the investigation as to the cause of the crash, has narrowed the problem down to a massive failing of the plane’s horizontal stabilizer’s jackscrew which, when recovered, showed evidence of extreme wear and possible failure.

Want to guess where this part was manufactured? Yup, that’s right! In Red China. According to a U.S.News & World Report, a spokesman for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers stated that FAA oversight of foreign parts manufacturers is inadequate, prompting the FAA’s Jane Garvey, to respond on CNN that the international organization that oversees aviation manufacturing “has some very high standards.” but that “I think that’s going to be an issue that the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) will look at and we may make some changes." ( 3 )

So, I wonder if Boeing made enough extra profits through the process of moving American jobs off to Red China to cover the costs of this crash and if they have any remorse over the fact that this sick and pathetic drive for more profits resulted in 88 deaths? I wonder if all of their other greedy, unthinking and apathetic brothers and sisters in Corporate America’s executive suites will re-evaluate their policies of stealing jobs from Americans, workers whose skills, talents and professionalism is the envy of every nation on Earth, and accept the fact that profits at the expense of so many lives is simply evil and depraved?

Yeah, right!

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