Paranoid And Full Of Hate, That Pretty Much Defines The Republican Party

File this under “Too Stupid To Understand The Facts”.

When the House Republicans realized that their “message” wasn’t being understood or, in most cases, even listened to by the average American, they went looking for scapegoats. Whom should they discover as the culprit in this evil plot? Why, that good old foe of all that is good and moral in America; the “Liberal” press.

That’s right, gentle readers. It isn’t the fact that the Republican message is full of hate and spite and divisiveness and outright idiocy. No, it has to be the messenger, not the message. So what does Rep. J. C. Watts, the House GOP communicator, plan to do about this? Well, to start he’ll use it as fodder in the Rabid Right’s never ending lust for more and more campaign funds, this time to be spent training conservative reporters.

Now, remind me again. Just who the hell in media land is capable of actually explaining the progressive movement’s philosophy? It isn’t any of the talking heads on the evening news because every one of them collect hundreds of thousands of dollars every year speaking to conservative groups, defending the evil effects of capitalism and Corporate America and the Global Economy but, and this is important, never to any organization that even resembles a group with a moderate political stance let alone a real progressive belief.

Is it the owners of the media who are espousing this horrible liberal bias in the news? Can one label General Electric or Disney or Westinghouse or AOL or Time Warner or any of these nasty little representatives of all that is wrong in Corporate America as being “liberals”?

Folks, it all ends up the same for Watts and his ilk. Their message is one of hate and greed and the American people, while not really very bright at their core, are still sensible enough to be repulsed by this “message”. That, and not any imaginary “Liberal Media”, is the problem for the GOP. ( 1 )

Okay, if that isn’t enough of a reason for the GOP to understand why they are becoming so exposed as being the racists and bigots that they are at heart, here is another example to consider.

Their current poster boy, that rather dull and unintelligent dweeb known far and wide simply as Tumbleweed, has been giving campaign speeches at some truly vile organizations. First and foremost on that list is the Bob Jones University in South Carolina.

Bob Jones University has the distinction of never having followed the rest of humanity out of the racist and homophobic and bigoted world of the 1950’s. No sir, not this little group of Republican stalwarts. Tumbleweed went down there (Bob Jones University is “down there” from any other spot on the entire globe) to receive an honorary degree, although I can’t seem to find what the degree was for (maybe Tumbleweed has a major in the execution of innocents with a minor in staving poverty stricken women and children?). Just to show what distinguished company Tumbleweed keeps, others who have received the special attention of an honorary degree from old Bobby Jones are George Wallace, Strom Thurmond and Lester Maddox, all honest, upright KKK members of the American Right.

Want to hear just a few of the folks and activities that these wonderful folks at BJU dislike and preach against? They preach that Catholics and Mormons are “cults”, that the Pope is the “great fornicator” and the “Anti-Christ” and that slavery was a good thing for the blacks since they had a “better life as slaves than as unemployed men in the 20th Century” and, just to make certain no stone is not crawled out from under, that whites must never date or marry any non-whites.

I guess, as is usual for Republican candidates, old Tumbleweed was just cultivating votes from Republicans who still hold dear the Rabid Right’s old fashioned values: bigotry and religious fanaticism and the preaching of hate and horrors. I wish them all the best of luck, of course, since the tendency of most sorts of filth is to putrefy until it corrupts itself into something beneficial to the Earth and to mankind; fertilizer.

So, what have we learned today, boys and girls? Just that the Republican Party is so clueless and mind numbingly imbecilic that they can’t understand that it is the Conservative Media that is ignoring their “message” since it would prove impossible to articulate any report on that “message” without at least a few mentions of Jim Crow laws and Nazi atrocities. It also shows that Tumbleweed must be seen by the American voters not as some oxymoronish “Compassionate Conservative” but as someone who approves of and chases the endorsements of America’s most seriously mentally addled and racist “university”. ( 2 )

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Copyright 3/20/2000