The Confederate Flag Is The Symbol Of Racists!

I was asked my opinion of the “dilemma” of South Carolina refusing to take down the Confederate flag flying over its state’s capital building. Many civil rights groups as well as a small number of politicians have been rightfully describing this flag as a symbol of slavery, racism and hatred and are calling for the flag to be removed. There seems to be some small Klan in South Carolina who haven’t grown up enough to have studied our nation’s history or, at least, the part where the Confederacy was utterly embarrassed and defeated and the slaves set free and the emblem of that sad episode.

I have seen the mind set of these buffoons detailed on their bumper stickers. One I honestly saw on a car with South Carolina plates a year or so ago showed three black men, hands tied behind their back, hanging from a tree. Beside this filthy picture were the words, “I have a dream, too!”

Here, then, is my suggestion for a compromise for these inbred little southern morons. Since they think their claim that the flag is some sort of symbol of anything but racism and hatred, perhaps other symbols of hatred and repression should be flown from the same pole with “Southern Pride”. The state government could begin flying the swastika up there, as there are many people around the world and in America who believe that old Adolph was “misunderstood” and a “great leader” (Pat Buchanan, for instance). Perhaps South Carolina could incorporate some Native American symbols into their flag as an expression of their pride in their involvement in the decimation of this continent’s original inhabitants? 

Perhaps Northern state houses could fly flags symbolizing their pride in the rape and pillage and total destruction that was Sherman’s March To The Sea? How about if the Northern state houses fly a flag that shows a buck-toothed half wit in rebel gray with a huge Union boot smashing his pointed head into the mud?

To claim that the Confederate flag represents anything but the evil and insanity that was slavery will only be believed by those who long for the time when they could be “superior” to another race and use the manly tools of chains and whips and guns to prove it. (Look first at those who now inhabit the South Carolina state house.)

Finally, let’s consider two important facts surrounding this Southern Gothic tale. First, this symbol of malevolence was flown for the first time this century in 1962 at the height of the civil rights battles, a time when racists like those in South Carolina’s government found themselves on the losing end at every turn. The claim was that they were just celebrating the centennial of the Civil War (which began in 1861 and ended in 1865, by the by, and why don’t they fly the flag of North Vietnam since that’s another war they were involved in that we lost?). Second, South Carolina just removed any mention of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from their holiday schedule and replaced it with the generic “Civil Rights Day”. Exactly how overt in their racism can they possibly be?

Gentle readers, the clowns who are so hell bent on flying this miserable piece of stained cloth are racists of the worst sort, no matter how tightly they also try to wrap themselves in the American flag The South lost the Civil War and, quite frankly, the United States is alone in allowing twits who were completely defeated in their attempt to destroy their nation through armed conflict to continue to expose their insanity openly through flags or any other symbols.

This has nothing to do with any form of freedom of expression anymore than the act of slavery was supported by the Bible.

A final thought to consider, as well. Not one of the bozos who are spending millions trying to buy this year’s presidential bazaar will acknowledge the truth behind the flag, instead excusing their brain damaged Southern cousins by asserting, as Tumbleweed recently did, that it’s “up to the people of South Carolina to run their own affairs”. The ultimate expression of state’s rights, folks.. Just because racism and hatred have been slowly dying in the rest of the nation, our Presidential candidates respect South Carolina’s right to act like complete asses. Sadly, one of these idiots will soon be running this country, probably running it even further into the slime and filth that their buddies already in office have so gleefully led us. How sad! How God damned sad!

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Copyright 3/20/2000