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A little indication of the absolute contempt that Corporate America holds the American public in shines through in the following quote. Frank McCarthy, National Automobile Dealers Association president, on Consumer Reports disclosure of dealer’s costs, “It’s offensive for consumers to know every single cost we have.” Yup, we want to keep those idiots in the car buying public in the dark when they come shopping for a car or your ability to screw us might be curtailed.( 1 )

We’ve reported on Nike and their vile practices at their factories all around the world many times. Well, now we get to include one of their main competitors in those reports on offensive and disgraceful behavior.

Paul Fireman, chairman and CEO of Reebok International, recently fired an employee in Austria because the employee, for a video shoot, had six years ago given a pair of Reeboks to Joerg Haider, Austrian head of the Freedom Party ( the latest reincarnation of the Nazi Party). Fireman proclaimed that he fired the man because, “This individual’s actions were a clear violation of Reebok’s code of conduct and totally against what we stand for.”

In a related story, a lawyer for Reebok, when asked if the 4,000 employees, mostly teenage girls, fired from an Indonesian factory might receive any form of severance replied, “Over my dead body!”

Jeez!! Where is a politically aware fellow supposed to go to buy a pair of shoes these days? They’re all creeps! (2)

Just to show that not everyone in politics is incapable of speaking the truth, along comes this from ex-Clinton advisor Paul Beluga. “The baby boomers are the most self-centered, self-seeking, self-interested, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing generation in [U.S.] history.” As a member of that particular generation, I can only add a firm Amen!(3 )

Ever wonder if those prayers you zip off to God are ever heard? Want to be absolutely, positively certain that he or she hears? Just aim your wee mouse to . This site files your prayer and then sends it off via radio transmitter to God’s last known location, a star cluster known as M13, believed to be the oldest in the universe. Of course, no one answers the obvious question of just how soon God will hear your prayer since M13 is thousands of light years from Earth (at least) and, at the speed of light, those prayers won’t arrive until you and your little problems have been gone for a long, long, long time. Ah, well. Who knows, maybe God hears prayers at a speed that’s faster than the speed of light. Who’s to say? ( 4 )

Remember all those tales about how Communism was fated to die not because of its flawed political stance but because it was the most polluted nation on Earth? Do you also remember how the media proclaimed that the capitalists that were moving in now that the walls had fallen would make it all better for the people who lived under Communism? Want to lay a small bet that little has changed for the better in the lives of the people over there?

Granted, from Chernobyl to the dumping of trash and pollutants and nuclear waste into the Caspian Sea, the old USSR was way up there when it came to nations who freely destroyed the Earth on which we live. Nevertheless, the capitalists who came to their rescue haven’t improved anything but their profit margins.

Take for example the Aural gold mine in Romania, Operated by Esmerelda Gold, an Australian company. Just a few weeks ago, this company was responsible for one of the most disastrous spills in the world’s history when the mine’s tailing pond breached, spilling millions of gallons of cyanide-loaded water into the Tisza River. Within just a day or so, that spill had reached the Danube River, Europe’s largest waterway and the source for the drinking water of hundreds of millions of Europeans. The long term damage hasn’t even been addressed nor has your “Liberal Media” spent much time reporting on this catastrophe. Even in Romania, there is still no discussion regarding a tightening of the regulatory system under which this sort of tragedy could occur.

Even the newspaper Itar-Tass, not exactly a pointman for the ecology or for the Russian people, has reported that in more than 120 cities, the levels of air pollution is over five times greater than that deemed simply “toxic”. In nearly every single one of those cities, the newspapers reports that the pollution is directly tied to the complete lack of pollution control equipment on chemical and oil plants owned by western companies and investors. This complete deficiency of controls is abetted by the many bribes that these companies happily pay in order to keep any such controls from even being discussed within the Russian government let alone ever legislated.

In other words, gentle readers, this is a perfect example of where the contemptible “Global Economy” is taking us. No matter how many laws we pass demanding clean air and water, Corporate America just closes all of its plants here and moves off to where there is no regulatory agencies (or at least none that can’t be bought off with a few shiny beads) and then they pollute to their heart’s content.

Don’t think that the pollution that they are producing is just a problem for the Russian people, either. On this planet, everything is connected to everything else and any filth that goes into their air and water will eventually be found in our air and water. By the time it starts to kill us, though, it will be far too late to harbor any hopes of cleaning it up, either. The pollution it takes just decades to produce may take centuries or even millennia for the Earth’s natural processes to cleanse.

Sadly, it won’t be the criminals who foul the air who will end up paying the costs in money and lives to live with it, either. Our “smaller government” will have no power to penalize the true felons nor will there be any legal recourse since the Rabid Right is quickly taking that power away in the name of “deregulation”. Instead, we will be forced to either learn to live with a higher rate of cancer and birth defects and the many other aliments caused by this filth or to drastically raise taxes to pay for some level of clean up.

Do you think, by the by, that those taxes will be on the people who made their wealth off this corruption? If so, please stop voting right this minute, please, I beg of you! ( 5 )

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