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Tom Delay, majority whip of the House of Representatives and all around weird little gremlin, "I probably know more [about the Constitution] than any lawyer because they don’t teach the Constitution in law school anymore." Well, Tommy, they may not teach it any more than they have always taught it but, rest assured, not only is it taught but to far more intelligent people than you. ( 1 )

How about this one from Grover Norquist, (lobbyist, anti-tax activist, Right Wing attack dog, etc.) on his frustrations of still having liberals around interfering with his owner's agenda, “We can’t expect the other team to go away and quit and under the present rules of engagement, you’re not allowed to shoot them.” Give it a few more years, Grover. Maybe the NRA can buy enough government to change those “rules of engagement” for you poor, misunderstood right wing extremists. ( 2 )

Remember last fall when the minimum wage increase passed by Congress was immediately vetoed by Clinton? Remember the weak and, ultimately ignored, attacks on Clinton over that veto as being “anti-worker”? Has anyone ever really explained the reason why Clinton would so quickly veto any bill that, at its heart, would actually benefit the average American worker? Of course not! I will, though.

First, the bill itself took only two pages to carry its title and the legislation that would enact the wage increase. What then, were the other 298 pages for? That was where the Republicans had given out, over the next ten years, over $100 billion in tax breaks, over three quarters of which went directly the top 1% of American taxpayers. Now do you understand why even a Republican in sheep’s clothing like Billy boy would veto this monstrosity? ( 3 )

Even a Right Wing apologist like George Will seems happy to base entire columns on utterly false pretense. Consider the one where Will relied on what he thought of as a fact that the luxury tax imposed on expensive cars, yachts, planes, jewelry and furs by G. W. Bush in 1990 proved that any tax aimed at the nation’s wealthiest people doesn't create any revenue for the government and stifles "business". He makes the statement that this tax, which was expected to raise a total of $119 million over the years 1991 and 1992, fell far short of that goal and only resulted in damage to those industries due to the dramatic decrease in sales of those items.

The reality is, of course, much different. Instead of not meeting the desired goals, the tax brought in nearly four times more than expected, a healthy $474 million over that period. Naturally, the tax was repealed on everything but automobiles in 1993 and even that small tax is being phased out, but this wee incident demonstrates two very important principles about the Right that needs to be remembered.

First, if a tax on the wealthy is imposed, it does not stop or even slow their habitual spending on luxury items, items far out of reach of the rest of us.

Second, if you hear a fact from a Right Wing apologist like George Will or fat old Rush Limbaugh, chances are it has either been twisted completely out of shape in order to support their agenda or it is an outright fabrication. Either way, be very, very, very careful out there, folks. ( 4 )

Ever wonder what single incident America will eventually point to that will suffice as the moment at which it all began to go to hell? How about when Disney planners designed and built Celebration, Florida?

While planning and building this home city for its employees at Disney World, a few little items appeared, or failed to appear, that pretty much sums up America as we continue our decline in this next century.

First, in a town meant to be populated by thousands of people, there is no cemetery.

Not left out, but included for no apparent reason, was a town hall for a city with no internal government structure nor any plans for one. An official charity organization was founded before the first member joined or the first officer was elected and was created without any purpose or problems to solve. There was a water tower that not only didn’t hold any water but was never even meant to do so. There was a 70 foot observation tower with no means to climb it and, finally, a shopping center so large that it would have taken a population tens of times greater than Celebration’s to sustain.

Now, for those of who are aware that there are constantly new patterns forming and dissolving within the flow of America’s slow advance into oblivion, doesn’t this just stand out as the absolute metaphor of the entire Reagan and Republican Revolutions and the decline into meaningless of the Democratic Party?

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