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In a recent issue of one of the news services that I subscribe to, there were two headlines, one following the other, that explains everything that I hate about America and exactly why I am fighting constantly to force her to alter her mean spirited course.

The first article was entitled, “Report: Poor Paying Much For Housing”. The article explains how the houses and apartments that were once occupied by the Americans at the lower end of the economic ladder are being bought up, remodeled and then rented back out at three to five times the original rent. This leaves those who cannot afford those huge increases scrambling for somewhere to live that can be afforded with their meager wages. Naturally, since the Republican Congress has nearly decimated the funds that once were available to assist people with low incomes, these hard working but poverty level Americans are quickly being completely priced out of any housing market within urban areas.

The next article trumpets the additional $4 billion that the House of Representatives are adding onto the Pentagon’s budget, money that the Pentagon never requested. Approximately $1.7 billion of that is, so the Republicans claim, to be sent to Columbia to, get this, help in the Colombian government’s battle against drug traffickers and its “left- and right-wing allies”.

Now, excuse me if I sound a bit dense, but why are we in any way involved with a government who have both the left and the right political movements against it? Doesn’t that just possibly act as a clue that the government that we are so busy throwing taxpayer dollars at isn’t very popular with any portion of its own political spectrum? Can you spell “Vietnam” boys and girls? I knew you could!

So, what these two little articles show us is that the Republican’s agenda includes shoveling vast amounts of taxpayer funds into a nation where no one likes the government we’re supporting under the guise of helping it fight the drug war that is financed by America’s who use the wrong drugs but that offering subsidies to hardworking Americans who haven’t been included in the nation’s “booming economy” is not the good old American way. Just how sad is that? (1)

It seems that it isn’t just Tumbleweed, himself, who thinks that his campaign is in a race to the bottom of the proverbial barrel. Now it’s Tumbleweed’s campaign staff who is showing just how little it knows about the world.

In a news release titled “Experts Say Bush Is Head of the Class on Education”, Tumbleweed’s staff tried to show how even Democrats were applauding Tumbleweed’s education plans. They try to do this by quoting “Al Gore’s Secretary of Education, Dr. Bill Riley". There seems to be only a couple of problems with that effort, though, problems that pretty much sum up their candidate’s intellectual deficiencies.

First, the Secretary of Education was appointed to that position by President Clinton. Second, the man’s name is Richard W. Riley, not Bill and, third, he is not a doctor. Other than that, and the fact that it is only that Riley had proposed some of the same policies in the past that Tumbleweed is now claiming as his own, Riley has not praised Tumbleweed at all. Nevertheless, it made a good headline in a nation whose citizens probably couldn’t have told you the name of the Secretary of Education if their lives depended on it. (2)

We’ve addressed the Corporate Welfare scheme that is disguised as a “Missile Defense” program and called, quite accurately, Star Wars (accurately in that both are expensive fantasies). We’ve spoken about the “testing” and how the tests are basically scripted exercises that, although meant to be impossible to fail, have still been failed over and again. We’ve even spoken about how the entire program has no possibility of proving effective in destroying even a small percentage of any group of warheads launched at us, particularly if those launches come from multiple points of the globe.

Well, gentle readers, the Pentagon is again playing politics with the system and tens of billions of your tax dollars. With the Pentagon’s decision to postpone another scripted test scheduled for April, the decision on whether or not to continue the program can now be put off until after the next Presidential election. This way, the decision is taken out of President Clinton’s hands and left for the next President which the Pentagon is obviously hoping will be Tumbleweed, someone more willing to continue the Corporate Welfare program.

Folks, it has been proven over and again that, not only is the Star Wars program unworkable and destined to fail (and something that started only as a joke on an already feeble minded President) but it is basically just a huge black hole sucking in tax dollars that could be used to rebuild the safety net for the poor. The $13 billion that the Pentagon and their owners in Corporate America’s defense industry will also quickly prove to be another invention that will soon become just a percentage of the program’s true costs. (3)

After spending trillions of dollars trying to keep the USSR from feeling that a nuclear war could be winnable, we seem to now be going out of our way to make it easy for terrorists to get their hands on weapons grade uranium.

The demand that the West assist Russia in the destruction of their nuclear warheads and the security of those facilities handling that material has gone unanswered while Corporate America moves, instead, to just drain the nation of capital and to pollute it into certain death.

In two incidents never reported before but widely known throughout America’s intelligence community and “Liberal Media”, weapons grade uranium. enough to possibly make a bomb, is missing.

In the first incident, conspirators were finally captured in 1998 who were stealing material from a nuclear facility. These individuals, it is claimed, didn’t get enough to make a bomb but verification of that assertion of quantity is difficult to come by.

The other incident occurred when scientists fled fighting, leaving behind an unknown amount of weapons grade uranium, material which could not be located when the scientists returned.

Gentle readers, we seem to see no insanity in spending tens of billions of dollars to create a shield against nuclear missiles that will probably never come but sit idly by as terrorists steal whatever they want from Russia’s crumbling and unprotected nuclear facilities. Our government seems incapable of an intelligent and long term view of the vast dangers that such stupidity exposes the world to. We seem only capable of moving obscene amounts of wealth from your pockets into the pockets of Corporate America, ignoring the small fact that doing so produces a world in which millions of lives are imperiled by terrorists with a box full of stolen nuclear material. (4)

I guess that the “Liberal Media” has been too busy destroying America’s moral fiber to have had the time to report extensively on this wee problem. Maybe when conservatives start buying up America’s media we’ll start hearing the truth. What’s that you say? Corporate America is already owned by conservatives and the media has been controlled by conservatives for the last couple of decades? Oh, then forget what I said about hearing the truth. It ain’t gonna happen.

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