Kidnapping and Lies.

Here’s a question that we should ask both the Republicans and the White House.

We’ve all heard more than enough about six year old Elian, the boy from Cuba whose mother died in mid-ocean trying to take them to America from Cuba. We’ve also heard about the vile little political games that the anti-Castro forces in Congress, the White House and Miami have been playing with this child’s little life. We know that they have been showing him just how superficial life can be in America by buying him lots of stuff and taking him to tourist traps like Disney World in order to warp his young mind and addict him to everything that is shallow and basically valueless, in other words, instill in him the new “American Dream”.

Now, here is the question that these silly little political puppeteers should answer; “If Elian and his mother were Mexicans who had crossed over our border between Mexico and the U. S. and had his mother died during that crossing, just how quickly would the INS have sent his young butt directly back to a border post on the Mexican side, whether he had a father waiting for him or not?”

As it seems to always be the case when you look closely at any action that our government is involved in, there is no lower limit to their vile and disgusting conspiracies whenever they think that there are political points to be made. This child must be returned to his father without any further political melodrama. If the anti-Castro forces in any venue don’t like it, then perhaps they should be presented with a free refresher course in America’s history and laws in order that, for one, the definition of “kidnapping” be made more understandable in this situation.

Finally, there can be no argument over which place is best for Elian, with his scheming, hateful, spotlight hungry American family or with his father in a nation with free education, free medical care and where crime is a shadow of what he will experience in Florida. Any other result will only further expose the Rabid Right for the hypocrites that they have always been. “Family values”, my ass!

On another important note, the next time that Tumbleweed or his satanic minions (I love writing that) offer up Tumbleweed’s record regarding the tax cuts in Texas he’s supposedly so proud of, and speak of his promise never to raise taxes (shades of another wimp making unkept promises), consider offering up a bit of reality for their education.

First, as to the tax increase that he claims he would never enact, either as Governor of Texas or as our next President, mention the wee fact that in 1997 he tried to raise the state’s sales tax, a tax hike which would have traumatized the poor and middle-class far worse than his wealthy owners. To make his point of just how deeply he hates the poor and middle income Americans, he wanted to use this sales tax increase in order to offset his proposed elimination of the franchise tax on corporations.

As to his fabricated “tax cut” what he actually did was push through legislation that supposedly cut school property taxes, ignoring the fact that the state doesn’t assess those taxes, the local districts do. This way, he felt he would be able to claim all school property taxes as cut to zero when, in reality, the opposite was true in that the taxes had to be increased due to the growing population in the state.

So, what exactly has Tumbleweed achieved in the way of tax cuts or increases as governor of Texas? He first tried to shift the state’s tax burden off of his masters in Corporate American and onto the backs of the middle-class and poor. Then he found a way to do nothing at all while pretending to cut taxes, which, even though the lie is now common knowledge, he will continue to crow about since he and his handlers know that anyone stupid enough to vote for the little weasel isn’t going to be swayed by any “facts”, no matter how incriminating they may turn out to be. Anyway, who has time to learn the truth about Tumbleweed when one is still wallowing in the imagined high crimes and misdemeanors allegedly committed by their arch enemy and Satan’s right hand man, Billy-boy Clinton? ( 1 )

Finally, courtesy of James McCarthy Yeager, the Washington DC writer of Primal Screed:
Q. Why do the LA police leave Dodgers games at the 7th inning stretch?
A. They’re in a hurry to beat the crowd.

I just love that!

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