Let's Kill the Kids

Here’s a little something every that every red blooded American can be proud of; the United States is one of only two nations on Earth who have not ratified the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. By signing this, the United States would agree to, among other radical notions, prohibit the murder of children through the use of the death penalty. Even China, a nation that equals or surpasses America in its glee in imprisoning and murdering as many of its own citizens as possible, has signed this accord.

What other nation, you might be asking yourself, has never signed this basic protection for the world’s children? It must be, you think, another of the world’s great powers, one that demands that the sovereignty of their judicial system be isolated from the whims of other nations. One, in fact, that must also be governed by a conservative, thoughtful and intelligent political system such as the one America is infected with.

Well, you would be wrong, gentle readers, if you believed that any “civilized” nation on Earth is the other nation refusing to sign. No, instead, that nation would be Somalia, a nation without any functioning government and, thus, without any national representatives with the legitimate power to sign anything at all. That, dear friends, is the company that we keep when the subject is protecting our children from the vile and sick codes of punishments once practiced by the Afghans, the Iraqis, the Indonesians and, now, the Republican Party.

How’s this for another wonderful record for these great and powerful United States? Only five other countries in the entire world are known to have executed children in the 1990’s: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, and Yemen. Nevertheless, this great and proud nation of ours is responsible for murdering more children under color of law than all of these other nations combined plus we have the honor of being the only nation on Earth to have killed a child legally since 1997. Oh, but my chest doth swell with patriotic pride and adoration. This, my friends, is why America is great and why our national honor must never be soiled by something far, far more evil; the desecration of our flag. This is why we are all so justifiably proud of our little nation.

Understand, please, that America has a fine and long standing history of killing kids. Why, it stretches back to Massachusetts in the year of our Lord, 1642. That’s when we killed a 17 year old boy for having sex with animals. (I can only assume that they killed the animal, as well, in as much as that is the demand laid down in their little religious guidebook, although the animal might have felt as if it had thus had it’s innocent little life violated twice.)

Returning to more modern times, the youngest person executed lately was a 14 year old boy electrocuted by the South Carolina “justice” system in 1944. Let’s remember, too, that South Carolina is also the state that is so justly proud of its long and gloried history as the nation’s premier racists that they so proudly fly the flag of racism over their state house to prove it.

These days, though, you’re relatively safe if you’re under 16 years of age since that is the lower limit set by our esteemed but possibly over-indulgent U.S. Supreme Court. But, listen up kids, don’t get too comfortable. Folks like California’s crazy old ex-Gov. Pete Wilson wants to have the right to murder you kids as young as 14 and a even crazier Texas state legislator (wouldn’t you just know that he’d be from Texas) has introduced a bill to kill you little rugrats all the way down to eleven years old.

Legislation currently before Congress would also take the power to determine if a juvenile is to be tried as an adult away from the courts and will hand it over to prosecutors, instead. Now, we all know just how even-handed and fair those politicians that must face elections are, don’t we? Why, it would never cross the mind (I use the term loosely, I assure you) of an elected official to destroy or just take the lives of twenty or thirty children just to be able to crow to their Nazi sympathizers about how “tough on crime” they are, now would they? I mean, we have a wonderful and professional history regarding our law enforcement personnel, too, don’t we? They would never lie or perjure themselves in court or plant evidence or murder innocent people for the crime of reaching for their wallets or torture a suspect by sticking a broomstick up his . . . well, they just wouldn’t, would they? Would they? Well? Hello? Anyone out there? (1, 2, 3 )

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Copyright 4/20/2000