Two Solutions, One Lie and the Curse of the Liberal Media

Now that we’ve seen how our good buddies in Kuwait are treating us after we saved their fat, flabby butts from that old bogeyman Hussein (and were among the first to raise the price of oil to record levels this past winter), it seems that now we’re going to make the same mistake twice. The administration, AKA Clinton and company, is trying to convince Congress that Columbia needs tens of billions of your tax dollars not just to keep the nasty little civil war going on in the name of the failed drug war but also because, you guessed it, Columbia is the seventh largest supplier of oil to America. So now we’re going to send money and guns and bombs and the like on down there, killing more and more people in a far away nation, all in the name of two completely unnecessary national policies; the War on Americans Who Use the Wrong Drugs and the insane political subservience to the oil industry.

Once again America is falling into the trap of fighting the wrong war for the wrong reasons and causing the wrong people to die. With two morally easy, but politically difficult moves, America could save tens of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. Through the mere acts of simply reinstating the tax credits for research into alternative energy sources and then give the world a rest and declare victory in the war on drugs and let all of the non-violent POWs out of the gulags and stop behaving as if there is a chance in Hell of legislating morality, we can cease our psychotic destruction of our youth and our future. (1)

Want another reason to hate the tobacco industry? How about the fact that Philip Morris, that wonderful little company that goes on and on about how it sends water to disaster areas to show what a cool bunch of guys they are but never mentions that the beer company may have helped a few thousand people for a few days they were also killing nearly half a million people with their cigarettes. Okay, that isn’t anything all that important, it’s just another lie from Corporate America.

How about the fact that they infiltrated the International Agency for Research on Cancer project, which published their findings in 1998 that secondhand smoke was a low-level carcinogen. Calling the underhanded action Project Whitecoat, the intent was to delay the progress of the study, then to obstruct the report’s release and, if possible, “affect the wording of its conclusions”. The aim was, of course, to discredit the study in order to minimize its impact on any court proceedings against the industry that were going on at the time.

All of this was reported in British journal Lancet, based on a 1993 Philip Morris memo from over 32 millions pages of industry documents the journal reviewed. (2)

Labor Secretary Alexis Herman, accused in 1998 by a businessman of using her position to generate business for a firm she co-owned, has been cleared of all charges by the independent counsel that Congress demanded become involved. Naturally, as has been the case in every single investigation that the Rabid Right have conducted against the Clintons and their political allies, the “Liberal Media” refused to put that exoneration on the front page, the same place that the “Liberal Media” had placed the original attacks and slurs and half-truths and outright lies. So, why didn’t the “Liberal Media” use its power to trumpet this affair as another of the many, many instances where the Rabid Right was completely wrong in their sick, putrescent desire to find even one person in the Clinton family or political circle or whoever was available of misconduct (other than, of course, lying about the day to day domicile of the President’s wienee). Instead, it was buried as a sidebar in just one news magazine and didn’t appear at all in any of the nation’s major papers.

But, wait! If the media is truly “Liberal”, why would it pass up such a magnificent opportunity to expose the putrid filth that has become the Republican Party? Why wouldn’t it rub the collective face of this Republican Congress in another public display of their absolute idiocy? Could it possibly be that the media, an industry owned and operated by the wealthiest Americans who also, as we all know, own the Republican Party lock, stock and barrel, leans just slightly to the right? Could it be that the media leans so far to the right that we can, thus, label them with the term “The Conservative Media”? Is this a fairly obvious question? (3)

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Copyright 5/30/2000