Is Gore the Next Waffle King?

As impossible as it may appear, Gore may be an even more skillful practitioner of the art of political waffling than his long time boss ever was.

During a campaign stop in New Orleans, he spoke with labor leaders, reassuring them that he would negotiate tough new accords with Red China that would guarantee that they respect their citizen’s human and labor rights. The very next day, he sent a letter to the National Association of Manufacturers stating that he completely supports the trade deal with China and would work strongly at further opening that market for the NAM. (For those who have been asleep these last twenty years, the NAM has little interest in anything even remotely resembling human rights or labor union rights or any rights that don’t translate into immediate profits.)

While loudly proclaiming himself an environmentalist, he holds stock, as executor of his father’s estate, in Occidental Petroleum. Occidental is a company with, at best, an abysmal environmental record in Latin America. It is also working on attaining a profoundly appalling record on human rights in that the corporation is attempting to illegally drill on Columbia’s U’wa Indian tribe’s ancestral land, prompting the tribe to threaten mass suicide if the drilling is allowed to go ahead. Nevertheless, Occidental continues to push for Colombian military intervention to move the U’wa out of the way of Occidental’s corporate profits, even if it means the deaths of thousands of human beings who truly own historical rights to the land.

Not very surprisingly, Occidental Petroleum is a major donor to the Democratic Party.

On the topic of affirmative action, Gore took the opportunity while campaigning at the Apollo Theater in Harlem to declare his firm support for it in theory, but he does not support “quotas”, or even numeric standards to measure affirmative action’s success or failure in any particular circumstances.

His hypocrisy on the subject of poverty is amazing in that he has repeatedly promised to help those left behind by our so-called “booming economy” while, at the same time, praising the horrors that welfare reform brought to the children in the denial of health insurance for the poor and the elimination of any hope for further education or training for their single mothers who suddenly were forced to become workfare participants.

On that same topic, it has been often reported that Gore was a driving force, strongly encouraging Clinton to sign the mean spirited and badly misnamed “Welfare Reform” bill five years ago. He also challenged Bradley, during one of their debates, to admit that his vote against that horror of a bill was a mistake. His love affair with this punitive act was apparently solely in order to enhance his own bid for the presidency five years later. Basically, every single American who has been harmed, from the single mothers forced to leave their small children alone so that the mother can go to work for minimum wages and no benefits at their workfare jobs to the child who goes to bed hungry and scared day after day because their parents can afford either food or rent or medical care but no longer all three can thank Gore for his part in their continued poverty.

Now, with Tumbleweed being, intellectually, a poor man’s Danny Quayle but with the ethics of a drug dealer and the compassion of a mass murderer, must we once again hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two dramatic evils? Knowing that one is just plain incompetent and absurd and the other a two faced political clown just like his boss, must we again involve ourselves in something that no longer even remotely resembles the democratic process?

Well, the short answer would be, “Yes, we must.” The only other option would be to toss your vote off to someone who is, sadly, far more qualified for the office than either of these bozos; the Green Party’s Ralph Nadar. I suppose what one must factor into their decision would be which of the two leads in the polls just before you vote. Obviously, we must vote against Tumbleweed should there be even the slightest possibility of his embarrassing America by becoming President. Nevertheless, if, as I predict, Gore regains the lead and wins by the landslide I hereby forecast, then providing the Green Party the vote will make tremendous sense.

Voting for neither of these political millstones would provide you with another bonus in that be you would then have the right to place the bumper sticker on your car that says “Don’t blame me! I voted for Ralph Nadar!”.

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Copyright 5/30/2000