Republican Hypocrisy and Moral Failures

The next time you hear another Republican whine and cry about the moral character (or lack thereof) of Clinton over the last eight years, ask if he would be liable to vote for the following person and whether or not he/she believes that other Republican politicians would condemn this person, as well. Finally, ask that person how they believe that high ranking Democrats would react to these facts.

This fellow has been known to have cheated on his wife of sixteen years with at least two other women, with reports of many more that have not been substantiated. His last two affairs were with an employee of his office and, while in the process of acting as if he was trying to save his marriage, he dropped the first Jezebel (I just had to use that term - see Sen. Jesse Helm’s comments about Monica during the impeachment) and nearly immediately took up with the other; an executive of a corporation with business before his office. Because of all of these extra-marital affairs, his marriage is now falling apart, according to his wife, but he refused to speak to these issues when asked to by the press but then reversed himself and stated that he and his wife were separating. He made this last statement to the media, though, before he spoke to his wife about it.

Now imagine that this same fellow is running for a very high political office and that he has spent a great deal of his political career damning the moral lapses of others. In fact, he is currently running for office against one of those same people he has spent so much time and energy attacking and ridiculing and insulting because of what he views in his narrow little mind as sins and moral shortcomings.

Ask your friend/neighbor/churchmate/whatever if they would either support this person or vote for this person, given the opportunity.

When they emphatically state that they would never, under any circumstances, vote for a Democrat in the first place nor support any Clinton family member or friend, ask them this.

Would they, if they lived in the state of New York, vote for Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in his race for the same senate seat sought by Hilary Clinton?

When they smile broadly and say that, indeed, they would vote for such a fine, upstanding and moral Republican such as the Mayor, softly inform them that the person described above is none other that the Mayor, himself. That’s right, gentle readers, the Rabid Right’s point man in their hopes of removing every Clinton possible from the public scene is a cheater, a liar, a philanderer, a hypocrite and, most damning of all, a Republican.

Now, to answer the question as to the reaction of high level Republicans when confronted with the evils that one of their own has engaged in that pretty much mirrors exactly what their sworn enemy, Satan himself - President Clinton, has engaged in, here’s the opinion of one of their current slow witted and rather dull minded party members, Tumbleweed, himself. Our good buddy Tumbleweed, that tower of moral right and might, excuses the misdeeds of his fellow traveler and soil sister thusly, “No, I think* Rudy’s a good fellow and a good man. I hope he stays in the race.”

(* The use of the word “think” by Tumbleweed should not be construed as a reality, only his unsubstantiated personal opinion.)

Even the Catholic Church is chiming in, exposing another source of hypocrisy and outright insanity. The head of the New York Archdiocese, Bishop Edward Egan, offered this rather revealing opinion, he hopes Catholics “would have the greatest sympathy for this good human being who is struggling through two very serious situations.”

Granted, Giulani’s battle with prostate cancer is one in which even I wish him nothing but success and a long life. It is not with this “struggle” that I question him, of course.

No, instead, as it should be obvious to nearly anyone with a mind left relatively free of moralistic and religious bumper sticker thoughts (you Republicans can skip this part), I question the complete hypocrisy and stupidity of the Rabid Right when it can so easily speak out of so many sides of its drooling, blistered mouths at the same time. If what Clinton engaged in was so terrible, then what Giuliani was and still is engaged in is much worse in that he was behaving in this low and debased manner at the same moments that he was trying so hard to damn the President for doing the same, exact thing.

Even that rather shameful excuse for an unbiased magistrate, TV’s Judge Judy, while appearing on the Jay Leno Show, was able to twist reality around in responding to his question about her vocal hatred and insulting statements about Clinton’s supposed moral shortcomings as opposed to her silence on the same actions by her good buddy, Giuliani. She completely skirted every issue about Giulani’s two acknowledged affairs and the fact that there may have been more and the fact that he declared that he and his wife were separating to the media even before he told his wife. She went on and on about what a wonderful man Giulani is and how honorable and trustworthy he is. When Leno repeatedly asked what part of cheating on your wife is honorable or trustworthy all she could do is repeatedly claim that no one should attack him because he has a very treatable form of prostate cancer and, anyway, Clinton is scum and on and on. Frankly, she turned my stomach and the audience didn’t seem all that amused, either.

Gentle readers, I dare you to find even one of Clinton’s many vocal and moralistic detractors who will agree that, if Clinton’s moral lapses made him unfit for public office, then the same standard must be held as true for Giuliani. In fact, I’ll dare you to find even one who will agree that what Giulani has done is anywhere close to the evil, satanic and liberal sexual offenses of Clinton, even though Giulani belongs, if you’ll excuse the phraseology, to the party that’s supposed to know better.

Folks, politics is full of hypocrites and idiots on both sides of the aisles in Congress. Neither party holds any patent on these moral faults nor can one point the finger at one or the other as being the absolute and base cause of this nation’s many ills. What is obvious, though, is that you are not seeing any blazing headlines in your local conservative newspaper nor half hour long harangues on your national or local conservative TV or radio stations declaring this moral gnome to be unfit for office due to his inability to live up to the moral demands he makes of others. In fact, I doubt that you’ve heard much about this ridiculous spectacle, whatsoever.

Oh, by the by. Want to know what the Democratic response was? It came from one of the two people who have been harmed the most by the evil little creatures of the Right; Hillary Clinton. Did she take the opportunity to smack the party with “Those who live in glass houses ... ?” Of course not. Hillary’s statement was a textbook example of decency and integrity. She stated, “I just don’t think anyone should comment on what they’re going through. I’m going to, out of respect for him and his family, have nothing to say about it.” Just how ethical is that, folks? No matter what you may or may not think of her husband, Hillary is one fine and impressive human being.

To paraphrase Mr. Rogers, “Can you spell the word ‘hypocrites’, boys and girls? Did you spell it “R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n- P-a-r-t-y”? See, I knew you could!” (1)

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Copyright 5/30/2000