America's "Reality" Is Pretty Much Just Lies

I have said, time and again, that the vast majority of what Americans think of as true, isnít. The average Americanís opinions are based on the shifting sand and muddy terrain of the lies and half truths that so easily passes for reality in this once, nearly great nation. Consider the following facts. While they donít seem related to one another on their face, I think youíll eventually see just how the fog lifts to some extent with a bit of thought.

Here is exactly who owns the "Liberal" broadcast media:

CBS - merged with and owned by Viacom.

NBC - Owned by General Electric, one of the six largest corporations in America.

ABC - Owned by the Disney Co., the second largest media outfit.

Fox - Owned by Rupert Murdochís News Corp., the fourth largest media conglomerate in the nation.

CNN - Owned by the worldís largest media cartel, the Time Warner Corp., who also owns the LA Times and many other print outlets as well as an enormous IP (see below).

CNBC - Again, owned by sixth ranked General Electric.

MSNBC - A joint venture of our friends at General Electric and our best chums over at Microsoft.

Fox News Channel - Rupert Murdochís cable program.

In other words, every one of Americaís television broadcast corporations are owned by one of the six largest corporations in America. Okay, so maybe you can find a book that offers some small hints at a liberal reality.

Again, you would find that the mammoth publishing corporation, Random House, as well as many magazines, newspapers, music, television, on-line trading, films, and radio in 53 countries are all owned by Bertelsmann, the third largest conglomerate in the world.

Think cyberspace is a warm, comforting haven from corporate influence? AOL (America On Line), never the poster boys for respecting the privacy rights of its subscribers, has now merged with Time Warner, in the process creating an even more invasive, worldís largest cartel. Now the dominant Internet provider will offer links to its partnerís products and services and, as far as news goes, I donít think youíll have to worry your pretty little head about being bothered with news of any of the dirty little secrets that Corporate America desires to keep hidden away from the public.

Other than the few progressive magazines like Mother Jones and newspapers such as The Progressive Populist and the like, there just arenít that many options for intelligent, independent thinkers out there.

Okay, letís look at the level of justice that permeates the War on Americans Who Use the Wrong Drugs.

The head of the Pentagonís anti-drug efforts in Colombia, one Army Col. James Hiett, should be above suspicion. Nevertheless, not all that long ago, this fellowís wife was arrested for smuggling packages of heroin into the United States using her husbandís diplomatic mail pouches. The good Colonel further confessed that he had helped launder and spend her profits from the drug running.

Now, one would expect that this high ranking Army officer would be used as an example for all who would consider using their power and prestige to import illegal drugs and that he would be sentenced to a truly harsh prison term and receive the most onerous of discharges, the Dishonorable. You would be very mistaken. Instead, he was sentenced to only 18 months in jail and will be allowed to retire from the Army with a very generous monthly retirement check upon his release.

Now, letís compare this abysmal failure of the system to the punishment meted out to one Terrance Stevens, who is already confined to a wheelchair due to the painful, debilitating disease of muscular dystrophy. This fellow, whose breathing is horribly labored and agonizing and whose bodily functions are already completely out of control will undoubtedly die long before his 15 year sentence in a New York Prison is over. Oh, yeah, what was his offense? He was charged only with the simple possession of five ounces of cocaine. If he survives his sentence, can he expect to receive any retirement income from the government? Yeah, right!

What about mass murderers? We believe that the American justice system does all in its massive power to protect citizens from those who would wantonly kill tens if not hundreds of innocent people, right? Think again. We know that the Son of Sam and the Night Stalker and Jeffery Dahmer and the like were sentenced to the longest prison terms allowable and, in a few cases, the maximum penalty that man can demand, execution. In fact, we all remember the Nuremberg Trials for the Nazis who cravenly murdered millions of Jews and Gays and Catholics and Gypsies and the sentences that they received (okay, maybe some folks donít remember this event ... school ainít what it used to be)?

So, you would expect that someone who is directly responsible for the deaths of nearly two hundred people would be front page news and his trial and sentencing watched by at least as many people who witnessed every single day of the O.J. Simpson debacle.

Instead, Paul Norris is still walking around, not only a completely free man but a man living in extreme luxury and treated as if he is a respectable citizen. How did Mr. Norris murder these two hundred American citizens? As CEO of W.R. Grace & Co., he knowingly allowed his mining operation near Libby, Montana to poison the entire area with deadly asbestos and never once bothered to inform these citizens of the extent of the danger they forced to unwittingly live in until their deaths.

So, it seems that the man was right; kill one and youíre a murderer, kill a dozen and you are a leader, kill more and you are a God.

Speaking of unnecessary deaths, letís now look at how tests of a plane that the Pentagon has tried to cancel has cost the lives of a total of twenty-six American Marines.

The V-22 Osprey, a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) craft has been called "an engineering impossibility" by experts in the field. This is because the plane is expected to take off and land like a helicopter and to then alter its propellers in mid-air in order to fly like a regular plane.

Even over the objections of senior Pentagon officers who have repeatedly requested that this test program be abandoned and the plane canceled, intense lobbying by Boeing and Bell Helicopter Textron have kept the Corporate Welfare dollars flowing steadily. Even many members of Congress have worked feverishly to keep this expensive and catastrophic program fully funded well into the future. Why, you might ask? Because both Boeing and Bell ensured themselves of these tens of billions of dollars of your tax dollars (actually, $37 billion and counting) by having parts and supplies contracted out to 40 states (that makes 80 Senators and hundreds of Congressmen suddenly on their side). Out of the five planes produced so far, two have crashed. As a Congressional supporter of the program claimed, though, "Two crashes do not tell us anything ... They are to be expected in testing a new military system like the Osprey." (Of course, the bozo who said this keeps his fat butt as far away from these tests as humanly possible, you can be certain.)

Now, explain to me how the representatives of our Congress allowing a plane to be funded and tested but that isnít wanted by any arm of the military and ends up killing twenty-six American servicemen during testing solely because of the massive bribes that were funneled into the campaigns of the programís "supporters" isnít a form of outright murder? Why arenít these vile and evil creatures all doing some very hard time alongside all of the other murderers that have been sentenced to a life behind bars because of their craven lack of decency? Could it be because they are rich and powerful and the prison inmates werenít? Has America deteriorated to the point where Democracy and justice are only for those who can afford it? What do you think?

On a slightly less deadly topic, letís look for just a moment at the Elian Gonzalez case and the reactions of the Rabid Right to both the seizure of the child from his Miami relatives and to the actions of the Cuban community in Miami in the following days.

According to Infobeat, an Internet news service, a "Senate committee subpoenaed Attorney General Janet Reno Thursday for documents relating to the federal raid on Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives to determine whether Congressional hearings are necessary. "We want everything so if hearings aren't justified, we won't hold them," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, chairman of the Judiciary Committee. The Republican-dominated committee approved the subpoena by voice vote. The subpoenas would be issued immediately, Hatch said. The Justice Department turned over some documents Thursday, Hatch said, 'which may alleviate some of my concerns about the legality of the raid.' Immigration and Naturalization Service agents stormed the home of Elian's Miami relatives on April 22 and delivered the boy to his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, in Washington."

Now, excuse me for my cynicism but is there even the slightest possibility that the nasty old Nazi Orrin Hatch will not find some asinine reason to try, one more time, to embarrass himself, his party and the entire nation by abusing the system in "investigating" another event in any manner related to President Clinton? Now, just how loud has this boil on the butt of the American people been in decrying the events in Miami following the seizure? Will he answer just these few questions?

First, has he or any of his radical right buddies spoken out against the fact that the Cubans in Little Havana desecrated and then burned the American flag at a number of their demonstrations?

Second, will the investigations that Hatch is calling over the legal seizure of a child who a court of law stated must be returned to his father also cover these flag desecrations by these GOP supporters in the Cuban community?

Finally, will those idiots Trent Lott and Dan Burton and their silly little gnome-like comrades ever admit that their only intention in trying to pass that inane anti-flag burning amendment was to try to appear as if they were doing something other that just whoring for their owners in Corporate America?

I think the answer lies in these two very related facts:

Amount of contributions from Cuban Americans, the anti-Castro Cuban American National Foundation and the Free Cuba PAC to Sen. Connie Mack (R-Fla), the lead sponsor of the bill to grant citizenship to Elian - $150,000.

How Mack voted on the mean spirited Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 which imposed harsh and extreme punishments on illegal immigrants and included speedier and possibly unconstitutional means of deportation - Yes.

(As an aside, have you noticed that the party that acts the most irresponsibly towards other human beings and is most desperately in need of moral reform keeps using those two words, "moral" and "reform", in every way possible but about themselves?)

Gentle readers, take a few minutes and consider the import of what youíve read here. What youíll find is a manifold indictment of a system run amuck and one which has become hazardous to the lives and health of the real human beings in America, as opposed to Republican and Democratic politicians and other low forms of sewer vermin. Youíll find other avenues of thought, as well, for the sole reason that this nation and its people face a major turning point in the very, very near future. Itís far past the time we took control of this nation back from those who would destroy our freedoms. ( 1 - 5 )

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