Bush Must Envy Uzbekistan's Injustice System

Once again, the front page of the LA Times offers an excellent comparison from the real world to explain the evil that is George W. Bush Jr.

The first article explains how Tumbleweed, as the Governor of Texas, has "fine-tune[d]" the system to make it possible to send inmates to their deaths "more efficiently" than any other state in America. ( 1 )

How has this vile and sick murderer accomplished this? Well, among other destructive moves, he vetoed a bill that would have allowed Texas counties to set up a public defender system for indigent defendants. This veto continued the state’s malicious system where defense lawyers for indigent individuals charged with a capital crime are picked from a pool of eligible attorneys by an administrative judge in charge of the court in which the individual will be tried. This creates an atmosphere in which the so-called defense attorneys owe far more allegiance to the courts than to the defendants. Such a design assures that Tumbleweed will preside over the murders of many innocent people including one case where the defendant, Calvin J. Burdine, was tried and sentenced after being "represented" by a lawyer that slept through the vast majority of the trial and sentencing and had to woke up by the bailiff each time it was his turn to cross examine witnesses.

Another case in which an innocent man was nearly murdered by Tumbleweed was one Victor Hugo Saldana, whose murder conviction was thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court when it was conclusively proven that his death sentence was imposed, not due to the severity of his crime but solely because he is a Latino.

In fact, the innocence of many of the 132 men and women he has murdered was in doubt for reasons ranging from incompetent attorneys to judicial impropriety to outright unfair treatment throughout their arrests and trials. Fully 52% of those death sentences that went through the full appeals process by the end of 1995 were reversed but, with the new state law that combined the appeals process and the habeas corpus review the competency of counsel cannot be determined before the entire appeals process has been completed. In other words, Tumbleweed has created a system in which the quality of legal representation for the defendant is determined long before the defendant has even exhausted his options leading to more and more innocent Americans dying in Tumbleweed’s Texas.

Under Tumbleweed, Texas has disgraced itself to the point that it is one of only 26 states that murder the mentally retarded and is one of only 23 states that murders underage convicts down to the age of 17. Tumbleweed has plans to murder another twenty human beings just in the year 2000 meaning an average of about three more murders a month.

Now, let’s compare Tumbleweed’s love of state sponsored murder with the level of the judicial system in Uzbekistan, once a "member" of the USSR. In the guise of fighting "terrorism", the government has waged war against all followers of Islam.

Critics of the state’s government claim that the government controls the country’s television, radio and press and monitors all Internet traffic in the state. The police tap phones, falsify evidence, and conduct illegal searches at will. The state’s prosecutors control the judicial system and, should the judge not follow the "recommendations" of the prosecutor, they can appeal to a higher court. Should a judge have two decisions overturned he is removed from office. Thus, judges simply do not take into account any falsified evidence, no matter how transparent the deception may be, nor do they allow any arguments from the defense.

Prisoners reportedly are encouraged to ask "forgiveness" for their crimes and are assured that they will be freed if they do but those statements are used, instead, as confessions and allowed in court.

One case, in particular, exposes just how similar Tumbleweed’s idea of "justice" and Uzbekistan’s truly are.

A leading human rights activist, Mahbuba Kasymova, was accused of "harboring a criminal", a fellow activist who was arrested while visiting her home. When she was "invited" to meet with the judge in her case she discovered that her trial started immediately. She was denied permission to present evidence or witnesses or even to have her attorney in court during the proceedings. After just three hours, she was sentenced to a five year prison term. ( 2 )

Now, just how different is Tumbleweed’s blood lust in murdering Americans and his actions which greatly limits any hopes for the innocent to prove their innocence through fixing the outcomes of their trials and the entire state appeals process and a bunch of Third World religious fanatics who fix the system in order to convict anyone that the government deems as a "terrorist" or someone who supports "terrorism". Both systems have at their corrupt theme the idea that anyone accused of a crime by those in power must be guilty so why spend any time or energy or money to have a fair trial? Once these obviously guilty individuals are convicted in the kangaroo courts that pass for justice in both states, to allow any honest review of those convictions is considered wasteful and unnecessary.

George W. Bush Jr. is on the same level, both ethically and morally, as the corrupt and abominable government of Uzbekistan and would undoubtedly envy their ability to by-pass any conformity to real justice and ethical processes, that is if he had any idea whatsoever that the nation of Uzbekistan even exists and isn’t the name of one of his past murder victims. This evil and vapid little gnome should never be allowed to befoul the highest office that this nation offers. Tumbleweed has nothing that even remotely resembles a soul or a conscience and the American people must send him back to Texas with his pointed tail between his legs. Anything less will soil and dishonor the legacy of those who first founded this nation and of those brave and honorable men and women who gave their lives in this nation’s defense, a feat that Tumbleweed made certain he would never face by the cowardly act of using his father’s name to keep him as far away from Vietnam as possible.

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