The Real Cost of Tumbleweed's Tax Cut

The next time that anyone trots out Tumbleweed’s claim to offer a tax cut that will "only" cost America $1.3 trillion over ten years, you might find the following information relatively helpful in debunking what is, in reality, just another of Tumbleweed’s many lies and half truths. Whaqt might be even more surprising about this particular lie, though, is that Gore’s campaign has repeatedly made the claim, and has been correct in doing so, that the true cost of this give-away to the wealthy will cost far more, something in the range of $2.2 trillion, far more than the projected budget surplus invisioned by even the most optomistic economist.

So, you might find yourself now asking no one in particular, just how does Tumbleweed’s $1.3 trillion gift to the wealthy become a $2.2 trillion budget buster?

Well, first you have to ask exactly the right Congressional committee exactly the right questions. You might go to someone who is already a strong supporter of your campaign, someone like Bill Archer of Houston, who is also the vice-chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation. You then ask him to compute the cost of these tax cuts for the years 2002 to 2010. (Our more observant readers have already ticked these years off on their fingers and discovered, mercy me, that it is really only a nine year time span, not the ten years claimed by Tumbleweed.)

Next, you make very certain that, since these funds will no longer be available to reduce the national debt, that the increased costs due to the added interest isn’t included in the final figures.

Then you place a little spin on the lie by claiming, in the final figures, the added revenues from the millions of taxpayers pushed into the tax brackets that require the payments of the Alternative Minimum Tax, even though a large part of your campaign is founded on the promise that you will allow more people to escape that same tax.

Finally, you spin the hell out of the whole thing by giving it a title that hides all of the half truths and outright lies, something along the lines of the Joint Committee’s "Ten Year" tax cuts (the quotation marks were the idea of Tumbleweed’s chief economic advisor, Larry Lindsay).

You then go the press with this pack of crap and crow, as our boy Larry did, "The Joint Committee on Taxation proves that Vice President Gore was badly mistaken." This statement was reported, of course, word for word by the Conservative Media which obviously saw no need to substantiate the facts for themselves.

Here, then is the reality of Tumbleweed’s massive gift from your pockets into the vaults of America’s wealthiest citizens and corporations.

First, because Tumbleweed phases in the cuts, the size of the cuts grow progressively larger year after year until, in the tenth year alone, over $250 billion of your tax dollars are transfered in to the bank accounts of the wealthy.

Next, since stealing these dollars from you for the wealthy takes them away from debt reduction, over $350 billion is added to the national debt over those ten years.

Finally, adding that increase in the debt for the entire ten years of this plan as well as the additional loss of tax revenue in the tenth year of his nine year plan plus the changes he will be forced to make to the Alternative Minimum Tax in order to fullfill his badly thought out promise to vastly limit the number of taxpayers falling under its requirements, the grand total is a minimum of $2.2 trillion and could possibly grow far larger.

What isn’t included in these bogus calculations, of course, is the very real possibility that the stock market will finally be seen as the over-valued, bloated version of a rigged Las Vegas roulette wheel that it is and the whole things tanks, big time, driving the economy into a recession or worse. Without the fairy tale revenues coming into the government’s coffers, the nation will suddenly be forced to come face to face with the reality that the Republican Revolution has successfully avoided since 1980; the fact that we will eventually either have to cut all government services to next to nothing or we’ll be forced to raise taxes. If a slimy little creature like Tumbleweed is in office when this happens, you can rest assured that everything but Corporate Welfare and the welfare system for the military - industrial complex will be expanded again and again while every program that benefits real, decent human beings are destroyed forever.

Every program and promise that Tumbleweed offers is either a lie, a half truth, or an illusion of decency. Nothing he offers is meant to benefit real human beings, just his wealthy owners in Corporate America.

Tumbleweed has the unique distinction of being as stupid as his brothers and father and as evil as his God, Ronald Reagan. I’m afraid that he may also soon be our President.

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