Nyah! Nyah! I Told You So!!

Didn’t I tell you so? I mean, I put it out there in plain, easily understood language and now the proof is everywhere you look. Didn’t I warn you that any form of deregulation that is inflicted on America ALWAYS leads to higher costs for you and I and lower costs for Corporate America? Well, the piper is coming to your local mailbox and he wants to be paid.

Naturally, there isn’t a chance in the world that Corporate America will pay even one dime more than they contractually must since they long ago made sweetheart deals with your local utility that will, as always, leave the individual consumer to make up the difference.

Of course, none of this could have occurred without a few lies and simple knives in the back of the consumer. Nearly every major utility has “divested” itself of their capacity to generate power, or, in other words, they decreased the total energy available by closing down their power plants. Now, with no control over how much power costs and how much the utilities gouge the consumer, the rates are skywriting.

How much are they escalating? Try by a factor of three in San Diego. That’s right, gentle readers, monthly bills in San Diego have TRIPLED over the summer. What, you’re probably asking yourself, happened to the big, fat ten percent cut in everybody’s rates that were the centerpiece of the fiasco that is called “deregulation”? Well, as is always the case when Corporate America is about to screw you out of your hard earned money, it was a ruse to make you believe that, maybe just this once, the system wasn’t completely stacked against the average American from the beginning. Just like I warned, the easiest scam in the world is to make the sucker think that they will be getting something very cheaply and then, when the pigeon is busy with the many distractions that the scoundrels in Corporate America present them with, the sucker suddenly discovers that the crooks have not only stolen everything in sight but have created a world where you will have to hand over whatever they may want from you from that day forward.

Gentle readers, the days of cheap, reliable energy now over. The moment that Corporate America shed their desperately necessary regulatory restraints is the exact same moment that you, the consumer, lost every single shred of control over the greed and selfishness that is the absolute hallmark of today’s Corporate America. As long as you must “trust” Corporate America and its local utility arm to behave in a decent and caring manner, you will receive nothing but a screwing that would make Heidi Fleiss proud. ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )

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