America's Education, Part 3, The Nader Promise

Very well, boys and girls. We’ve looked at the records of the two other candidates and found them both wanting. One was a part of an administration that did little to educate children (save by sending them to prison for ingesting a weed) and the other just completely lacking any positive accomplishments in five years as governor of the state of Texas.

We’ll now turn to take a peek at what Ralph Nader brings to the table. Once again, the record we have to inspect isn’t one of governing, but one of working behind the scenes and before Congress. We can’t look at what he has done in government, so let’s look at what he wants to do.

During a question and answer meeting at the Philadelphia Youth Conference, Nader offered his belief that money spent today on students and their education is money invested in the entire nation’s future. He offered his opinion that every youth in America needs somewhere to go after school where assistance can be found both in their educational lives but also in their personal lives.

With 24% of the adult population in America functionally illiterate and with the government spending ten times as much on corporate welfare for the defense industry, schools lack the funds for quality teachers, adequate supplies and technological training. Nader stated that he would want equal funding for every student in every school district, regardless of the wealth or poverty in the surrounding communities. He would cease using property taxes as the foundation for school funding, turning instead for a part of the funding from profits made by stock speculation or other forms of gambling.

Nader would spend whatever is necessary to repair the nation’s schools and to build new schools wherever necessary.

He would raise teacher’s salaries and demand that only qualified teachers be allowed to participate in the forming of our children’s future.

He would develop a cirriculum that not only taught math and reading and science and history but one that also taught the fundamentals of civic and political participation. He would expect history to be taught, not as a study in rote memorization of names and dates, but within the reality of the world around them and how historical events led up to the world they see around them today. His plan for America’s children would develop citizens who are aware of their duties and responsibilities and who know how to be effectively involved.

Ralph Nader has shown the world that he cares about the safety and health and future of every American and he has done so without one penny from Corporate America (save the money he took from General Motors in court). Ralph Nader is the only candidate who can run as a caring human being solely due to the fact that he has proven his worth to the world and has no need of countless “spinmeisters” who distort reality in order to make it agree with whatever lie is being foisted onto the American public that day. Ralph Nader doesn’t have to label himself the “Education Candidate” because those who know his life already know that our nation’s educational system would improve greatly under his guidance. He doesn’t have to blather “Read my lips” because a far better standard by which to judge him is to read his books and his testimony before Congress in which he fought over and over for the public good. A far better testament of his decency and honor is found in the many public and consumer advocacy groups and magazines he founded or was instrumental in creating.

The basic reality is, gentle readers, is this. Bush’s record on education is a disaster waiting to happen to the rest of the nation. Gore has no personal record and the record of the administration in which he served is pointless and without any degree of success. Once again, we are left with but one candidate that stands up for the people of America and has never knelt before the power or wealth of Corporate America. Once again, we are left with the realization that America’s best choice in November is Ralph Nader. ( 1 & 2 )

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