It Ain't Nader Beating Gore

Okay, I know all about how the progressive voters abandoned Humphrey in the Sixties and how that brought in years and years of Nixon and Reagan and Bush and Clinton and now Tumbleweed. I understand how the Communists refused to support Mitterand in France, which resulted in years and years of nasty, right wing rule that didnít end until well into the 80ís. I am now, also, quite aware of the argument that supporting Ralph Nader and the Green Party both during this election and on into the next in four years will result in the continued rule of the right wing moron who Gore just canít seem to beat.

I can see and comprehend all of these arguments but, quite frankly, I do not, on any level, agree with the supposedly ironclad conclusion that one necessarily leads to the next. Just because I vote my conscience while looking towards the future rather than my immediate fears in this election will not be the reason that Gore will be found to be so inept that he allowed a very half-witted little mean spirited Daddyís boy to run away with what should have been, in Bill Bradleyís vernacular, a slam dunk election for the Democrats, Nader or no Nader.

Here is the reality, gentle readers. If Gore loses this election it is 100% because he believed that he had to be a better Republican and a better conservative and a more appreciative slave of his owners in Corporate America than his weenie of an opponent. It will be because he walked away from the millions of Americans who were longing for an actual choice between the two parties but found only slight shades of gray but the exact same results no matter which won. It will be because he was the best conservative Republican that the Democratic Party had to offer.

Now, again, understand that I have received literally hundreds of messages and copies of articles from the conservative press forcefully explaining how these truly minor differences somehow really should matter. You can all stop sending then, now, because I do not want to have to go looking to others to give me an excuse to ignore what my mind and my own eyes and research into these two clowns unmistakably teach me. That, my friends, is that these differences still donít satisfy my deeply held belief that only a major change in our course will make this nation great and caring again. As a metaphor, one need look no farther than the Captain of the Exxon Valdez who learned to his great and lasting sorrow that, when approaching well known and obvious hazards, slight alterations in your course simply will not make the necessary difference between avoiding the danger and saving your own butt or instigating a disaster of, if youíll excuse the hyperbole, Biblical proportions.

To believe, as Gore seems to, that we can ignore the millions of people dying every year from preventable diseases and injuries that could have easily been cured through the simple act of having universal access to medical care isnít what I consider progress. To believe that playing around with Social Security is acceptable is insane. To believe that small, baby steps toward real campaign reform will matter isnít even a fantasy for a thinking person. To believe that Gore wonít trade away pristine lands and seabed in exchange for a pat on the head from his oil industry masters is just not reality.

Al Gore would be sitting home today, waiting for the official ballot count that showed him a landslide winner over Tumbleweed had he not followed in Clintonís steps and became just another Republican, an act that someone with little actual intelligence like Tumbleweed can do in his sleep. If Humphrey had not become an overnight hawk in hopes of defeating Nixon, he would have undoubtedly won. (However, anyone who believes that an honest and caring human being could ignore the thousands and thousands of dead Americans coming back to their families in body bags could elect one evil instead of the other would have voted for Nixon, in any event.)

Gentle readers, it has never been the case that any candidate that tried to stand up to the hate and greed and exclusion of the right caused anyone else to lose any election. That is simply a loser looking for a convenient scapegoat to cover up their own idiocy and incompetence.

The major difference between Ralph Nader and any of the Republicratís candidates is that he stand for what he believes in and does not ask anyone to fall for lies or half truths. What he believes is what he says. Where he wants to take this nation is offered in a way that all can understand and choose if this is the direction they, too, want for America.

He will not bow out of this race to allow an unqualified and hypocritical Democrat to woo his voters, mostly because Nader knows that his supporters would rather skip the entire presidential offering entirely rather than vote for the just slightly lesser of two very great evils. Ralph Nader will not bow out of this race because he knows that his supporters will not settle for less and, thus, will not settle for Gore in any event. Ralph Nader will not bow out of this race because, gentle readers, this is only the beginning of a long term movement to create a strong, honest and uncorrupted third party, a task that may take years but one that will, in the end, show America that there is a far better way to behave towards our fellows both here in America and on the rest of this small, unpretentious planet.

Ralph Nader has but to reach out and gather in those millions of Americans who sit out the elections because of the non-choices such a Tumbleweed vs. Gore. He has but to reinvigorate the frustrated population with the promise of a brighter, fairer, and more deeply democratic future for America. With four years to prepare, I believe that nothing that the Republicrats can offer will stand in the way of those of us who do care, sending those who vote Republicrat home to ponder on their long term failures while they witness a return to an authentic democracy in all its glory and truth.

Finally, to answer the Democratís plea and cry for Nader to drop out of the race, I respond that if Democrats truly want a decent, caring and just nation then their task is crystal clear. Convince Al Gore to drop out of the election and give his full support to the only truly progressive and honest candidate in this nation; Ralph Nader.

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