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    Want another reason to feel like Texas just might be a bit on the odd side?  The Museum of Printing History of Houston, Texas, chose that little right wing hemorrhoid, Ken Starr, as the honoree of the organization's November banquet.

    Declaring, "Judge Starr's service - as first a distinguished federal judge, then as the independent counsel during that which has been called the Monica Lewinsky affair and the subsequent impeachment of the President - graphically illustrates the importance of the relationship between a responsible free press, literate people, a knowledgeable society, and freedom.  Some would say the relationship suffered numerous breakdowns during this period.  However, one person's integrity remained at the forefront of this dark period in American history, that of Ken Starr."

    A little later, the organization voted to move the banquet outside for the cross burning and the donning of the sheets.  (Okay, maybe I made that last part up.  So sue me!) ( 1 )

    Remember how we've been harping on the FDA's insane love affair with the pharmaceutical industry has created a system that just simply offers the consumer little if any protection?  Well, in the May 18 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, one Dr. Thomas S. Bodenheimer informs us that drug companies are now designing their own clinical trials and the paying for-profit corporations to carry them out.  Naturally, this little habit is producing positive results on drug company's products a full 89% of the time.  But, wait!  How does that compare to tests on the same drugs by independent firms?  Well, they only produce positive results from the clinical trials just 61% of the time.

    So, what does this tell us, boys and girls?  It tells us that the Rabid Right has won and the interests of corporate profits are far more important that the safety of the drugs your doctor prescribes for you.  It means that at least 28% of the time, the drugs you are taking would never have made it to your pharmacists shelves had they been tested by disinterested parties rather than companies who know that allowing any reality into the tests would most likely mean that some other firm would do the testing for the drug company next time.   ( 2 )

    Want another reason to wonder what the folks over at the NRA have sniffing lately?  At it final meeting of this year, the NRA voted not to endorse George W. for President.  Did they suddenly have a fit of conscience and realize that Tumbleweed is simply one the worst morons that the Republican Party has ever stooped to offer as President?  No, of course not!  They voted not to endorse him in order to HELP HIM!  In other words, they realized the wrong thing!  It wasn't that he's so short of intelligence that he can actually make a statement like "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully".   ( 3 ) No, it was because they realized that their credibility is so low among Americans that supporting him would actually damage his chances of winning.    ( 4 )

    Well, that about does it for this particular collection of trivia.  We'll look at more at a later time.  Enjoy!


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