More Thoughts on Gore's Loss

    Let's look at a few more questions about Gore's bland campaign and his well deserved loss.  There is little if any doubt in my mind, though, that the loss wasn't just Gore's alone.  Those who deserve an actual progressive Democrat but who were foolish enough to support Gore, instead, were also losers in 2000.

    First, the nation's organized labor forces (and those who pine to become protected by that organizing effort) were sold out by their leaders when that leadership decided to support a candidate that loudly supported the anti-union and anti-worker treaties that his boss had either negotiated or signed into law.  Clinton and Gore are directly responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of American jobs which were paying a living wage and offering decent benefits but, for some strange reason, union leaders chose to ignore the massive damages that these two had inflicted on their ranks.  The union leaders falsely thought that Gore would change his stripes and suddenly become the defender of the working men and women in America.

    What these misled individuals refused to note was that there was a candidate that vocally supported the American worker and their right to organize.  In fact, this candidate is the only one over the last many decades who stated that one of his first acts would be to repeal the anti-worker Taft-Hartley Act and return the right of organizing without company interference back to Americans.  This candidate also would work to enact stronger safety and health protections for all American workers with strong penalties for companies that did not comply.  He would also have renegotiated all of America's "free trade" agreements in order to strengthen labor protections and environmental considerations.

    The elderly supported Gore in the misplaced belief that he would protect their Social Security funds even though Gore had often noted his support for the partial privatization of the system, a move that will put a sound program into great peril according to most independent analysts.  Gore's "Lock Box" for Medicare was just another bumper sticker promise that would have evaporated the moment his masters in Corporate America whistled for his undivided attention.

    The elderly missed an opportunity to support the only candidate who acknowledged that Social Security was solvent for at least the next thirty years and who would never consider placing their future and their comfort in danger just to please Wall Street investors.

    Women neglected the fact that, while Gore was pro-choice, he had urged his boss to abandon the poorest women in America and their children in the signing of the bill that destroyed the social safety net of Welfare.  They believed that Gore's vaporous promise of baby steps towards health care for every American was somehow more beneficial than the universal and far cheaper health care plan offered by the third party and its candidate.

    Seniors and women alike were fooled by the promise of a new coverage for prescription drugs.  Again, just a few would benefit from such a ploy but every single American would benefit from the universal heath care system promised by the third party candidate.

    The sad fact is, quite simply, that Gore ran a campaign of promises that he and his boss had had four years to bring into existence but failed.  He ran a campaign that tried desperately to ignore his boss and the last eight years of governing this nation.  He tried, and failed, to fool the people into thinking that he wasn't really a progressive Democrat and, frankly, not even a moderate Democrat.  Instead, he ran as a moderate Republican against a real Republican and lost every single progressive and hopeful American's vote in the process.

    The promises made by that third party candidate, Ralph Nader, would have fulfilled the hopes and dreams of those Americans who haven't fallen under the spell of greed and selfishness and exclusion that has become all that the Republicrats and the Democans have to offer.  Nader offered a future that was focused not on the puerile greed of Wall Street but on the lives of real Americans.  Nader offered a nation that worked towards the betterment of all, from the newly planted seed of life in a woman's womb to the relief from pain of the eldest Americans as they passed on to whatever world comes next.

    Gore completely and absolutely lost this election and the eventual elevation to the Oval Office of the moron from Texas is undeniably his cross to bear.  Ralph Nader offered hope and a vision that Americans responded to and will again in four years.  If Gore did just one thing right in this election, though, it is that he allowed the moron to become President for the next four years.  That alone will raise the hue and cry for a new President, one who is an actual human being with an IQ above room temperature and one who truly represents the nation and its citizens and not the wealthy elite who purchased this election for him and his Daddy.

    It is sad that the Democrats are choosing to lay blame everywhere but at home where it belongs.  As long as the party remains in denial as to the vast shortcomings of their platform and their candidates, then they can expect a repeat of the vile Reagan and Daddy Bush years when every Democratic candidate was destroyed by the conservative press long before the election simply because their candidates were such obvious losers.  The failures of the Democratic Party will prove to be the foundation of the Green Party and Ralph Nader's campaign in 2004.  Unless the Democrats move dramatically back to the left and regain the trust of the tens of millions of progressive, caring Americans that they've left behind and ridiculed these last eight years, then the 2004 election will witness another historic event; the election of a third party candidate to the highest office in America.



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