The Overt Theft of the White House and A Silly Headline

    Okay, one more time for those who still believe in the fairy tale of the "Liberal Media"!

    Richard Mellon Scaife, the nasty little gnome who financed the witch hunt by the American Spectator into Clinton's life, also owns the newspaper, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  On the Sunday before the election last November, he ordered that the paper pull all pictures of Al Gore. (1 )

    Add this to the fact that Fox News and the Supreme Court can now be considered equal partners in the theft of the Oval Office by the Rabid Right and you'll see that there simply isn't the slightest hint of liberal or progressive thought let alone bias in the media.

    How does Fox News figure in this crime and national embarrassment?  John Ellis, Fox News' desk chief in Florida and who prematurely called the state for his cousin, Tumbleweed, spoke to the moron four different times on the day of the election and to his other cousin, Jeb Bush, once.   Then, with no basis in fact whatsoever, Ellis used his position to announce that Bush had won the state when the reality was that Gore held a slim lead in the voting.  Has Ellis been reprimanded for this interference in the voting process?  Isn't that really a stupid question? ( 2 )

    One rather ironic but true headline did slip past the conservative media censors, though.  In the Washington Times, the headline, "DeLay sees no use for compromise" appeared just after the Oval Office had been stolen and DeLay knew that the moron had, indeed, been given one more office he didn't deserve or qualify for.  Considering the rather mean spirit and nasty actions of DeLay over these last seven years, the headline was truly more redundant than meaningful.

    Another headline that is far more redundant than informative came in the Jan. 17 issue of InfoBeat, an Internet newspaper.  Believing, for some reason, that Tumbleweed had any intention other than destroying everything that was once good and decent about this nation in the act of repaying his owners in Corporate America, the headline proclaims, "Bush picks called business friendly".  Now, just how many of us out here think that this is a bit too silly to qualify as "news"?

    The article goes on to repeat the obvious by reporting that Tumbleweed's "choices to head the Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Interior and Energy espouse a more
business-friendly approach in dealing with everything from air pollution and endangered species protection to public access to federal land."   ( 3 )

    Now, gentle readers, what exactly is newsworthy about the fact that Tumbleweed, being owned and operated by Corporate America and the oil industry in particular, wants to staff his illegal administration with as many anti-environment and anti-health and anti-consumer and anti-worker and anti-organized labor and anti-children trolls as he possibly can?  What is surprising about the moron trying to move America full speed ahead into the Nineteenth Century and all of the greed and environmental destruction and worker deaths and injuries that it entails?  The only headline that the moron could possibly generate that would be surprising would be something like "Bush promises to protect the environment from the oil industry" or "Bush promises to protect American jobs and union representation" or the like.

    Actually, the best headline possible would be "Bush admits to theft of Oval Office and calls for new elections".


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