A Fine California Whine and Other Nonsense

    Paul Weyrich, head of the ultra-conservative Free Congress Foundation, said after meeting with a Bush aide, "I think Bush is going to turn out to be a pleasant surprise."  You can file that beside "Honey!  I have AIDS" as another "pleasant surprise." ( 1 )

    Wondering what the true motive was for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's vote to hand the Oval Office over to a moron?  According to the Wall Street Journal, her husband John, at a party on election night, "mentioned her desire to step down according to three witnesses.  But Mr. O'Connor said his wife would be reluctant to retire if a Democrat were in the White House."  Does anyone else find this tale just a bit disturbing, considering her later actions? ( 2 )

    According to a press release from Marc Thiessen, Press Spokesman for Senator Jesse Helms, "In answer to your manifold inquiries: Senator Helms is not sick.  He is not in the hospital.  He is not on life support.  He does not have terminal prostate cancer.  He does not have pancreatic cancer.  He is absolutely fine and will (God willing) be around to torment you for a long time to come."  Ever have one of those quotes that you just can't find a way to improve, only sorrow that it might be true? ( 3 )

    Here's one to consider.  The L.A. Fitness Club in La Habra offers valet parking. ( 4 )

    Okay, here's a little pop quiz.  Who wrote the opinion piece that had, as its banner, "Power: Who Is the Real Freeloader?"

    A.    An aide to the moron?

    B.    An aide to the departing Clinton?

    C.    Trent Lott?

    D.    An attorney for Southern California Edison.

    The answer is, of course, D.  The little commentary that this bottom dweller offers up states that, and I paraphrase just a tad -  SCE and PG&E and Enron and the like were able to push deregulation through the California legislature.  Part of that act necessitated the sale of generation plants to other corporations.  These silly little people then assumed that they would be able to purchase that power on the open market for far less than they had been able to produce it themselves.  Suddenly, and without warning, the corporations that now owned that generation product were demanding that the highest possible price be paid for that product and withheld some just to drive the price up even further.  Innocent little children like SCE and PG&E were astounded to discover that not everyone was playing fair and that the prices that power was being sold at was a heck of a lot less than the price that deregulation allowed them to charge consumers (since they had already signed long term contracts with their buddies in Corporate America who were the largest users of that power).  Now, the article contends, the consumer doesn't want to pony up the money to bail these idiots out of the mess they paid millions of dollars to get into nor do the tax payers in the state want to bail them out using public funds.

    This clown even goes so far as to suggest that there was some huge conspiracy in the ISO (Independent System Operator) and the CPE (California Power Exchange) to raise the price of electricity for some unfounded capitalistic purposes.  Never mind that SCE and PG&E and every other power utility in California have seats on these boards, which would mean that employees of SCE were in cahoots with some scheming cabal of consumer groups who were striving to bankrupt the publicly owned utilities in the state.

    The article makes a number of other truly asinine claims that we won't waste valuable bandwidth repeating.  The point I would like to make is twofold.  First, who is this idiot and why does he so obviously believe that the people of California should, for any reason whatsoever, care about his little corporate sob story?  Second, just exactly where in the act does it state that any of the major designers of the law has any recourse to public funds or to raise the rates of the consumers by 74% which is SCE's latest demand?

    Gentle readers, I have said it often and I'll say it again, any time you hear the words "deregulation" or "reform" it means only that you and I will be screwed completely by Corporate America through their property in Congress whether the scheme works or fails.  This little article, along with the others touting nuclear power plants as the answer and written by executives from Westinghouse and GE and other corporations desperate to build more insanely inadequate bombs in everyone's neighborhood except theirs, only shows that Corporate America honestly believes that the American people are as dumb and unaware as they behave.  Oops, that might not be such a bad belief for them, after all.  ( 5 )



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