Who Should Be The President

    Just as an addendum to the theft of the White House by the moron and the conservative's on the Supreme Court, the British newspaper, the Guardian, offered some information that the conservative press in the United States would simply rather you not know about.  Nevertheless, the article was referred to me by one of our readers and I offer the information so that you can know, for a fact, that Tumbleweed should never have found himself any nearer to the White House except as a member of a tour group.

    The first poll cited was one conducted on behalf of the Washington Post.  This survey showed that, of the 56,000 Florida voters who had their ballots disqualified because they punched more than one hole, Gore received nearly three votes for every vote that Tumbleweed would have received.

    These 56,000 "over votes", as they were called, occurred in eight of the twelve counties where voters used punch card voting machines.  These eight; Broward, Highlands, Hillsborough, Marion, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Pasco and Pinells, showed that 45,608 of the ballot papers contained votes for Gore (87%) while only 17,098 votes were cast for Tumbleweed (33%) with 1,387 voters punching every hole but the one for Tumbleweed.

    In those same cases of "over voting", the votes for the U.S. Senate on those cards were over 70% Democratic and only 24% Republican.

    The second poll, for the Palm Beach Post, showed that Gore had a majority in the 682 votes lost among the "dimpled" ballots in Palm Beach county.  In other words, on the 4,513 disputed ballots where the chad was not fully pressed out, approximately 2500 showed the intent to be a vote for Gore while only 1,818 would have shown that same intent for Tumbleweed.

    Now that the theft of the presidency has culminated in the moron actually being allowed in the Oval Office, there isn't much that thinking Americans can do to stop the insanity of this Third World level of election.  In fact, it appears that the Democrats in Congress who should be screaming for an independent investigation of the crimes that occurred in Florida are, instead, meekly lying down at the feet of this colossal failure and acting as if they see nothing amiss in this sad episode in America's long slide into irrelevancy.  The world laughs at us and wonders why we behave as if our system is immune to criminal behavior and then is feted to the spectacle that was the 2000 election.  How very sad for all of us.

    Oh, yeah.  By the by.  Did any of you actually hear about these polls and their results other than here?  I didn't think so.  Once again, the myth of the liberal media is exposed as the Big Lie that it has always been.  I hope we all enjoy the next four years of rule by coup d'etat. ( 1 )



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