Antibiotics Will Be The Death Of All Of Us

    The next time you sit down to a breakfast of bacon and eggs or sup on a juicy T-Bone steak, would you like a little something to consider while chewing?  No?  Well, tough!

    We all know that agribusiness feeds livestock and chickens and hogs antibiotics to make them some small percentage fatter for market.  You didn't know that?  Well, Bucko, you're in for a surprise that you may just would rather pass on.  Again, tough luck!

    Think about this; every year physicians prescribe about 3 million tons of antibiotics to cure Americans of various ailments.  We've all heard about how antibiotics are, in fact, being over-prescribed for everything from the common cold to ordinary aches and pains.  We've heard about how this results in germs becoming resistant to many of the most effective antibiotics that doctors have in their cabinet.  

    What you haven't heard, though is this; every year the agribusiness industry feeds cattle 3.7 million tons of drugs, 10.3 million tons to hogs and 10.5 million tons to poultry.  This isn't intended to keep the food supply healthy, gentle readers, it is only meant to grow slightly larger animals in order to acquire slightly higher profit margins.

    Folks, consider this very carefully; for every ton of medications that you and I and other Americans take to remain healthy, your meal has ingested over eight times as much.  And we wonder why diseases are becoming harder and harder to control?

    The Center for Disease Control, the government agency charged with trying to maintain the nation's health, states that 14% of the bacteria that causes pneumonia are now resistant to the three major classes of antibiotics historically used to treat the disease.  Fully 25% of the bacteria is immune to penicillin, which was once the first line of defense against pneumonia.

    The antibiotic currently used most often to treat food poisoning in the form of salmonella is becoming useless as a treatment as the disease builds greater and greater resistance to it because (drum roll, please, maestro) the same antibiotic is used to fatten livestock.

    Folks, this is a plague just waiting to happen.  All of us, from the moment we first sip a little milk as toddlers, are creating in our bodies a place where germs can go to in order to become stronger and deadlier than ever before.  We are allowing the insanely greedy little monsters in Corporate America to destroy our immunity to everyday diseases, all in the name of nothing more than larger and larger profits for those who deserve it the least.

    So, the next time you pull up your chair and tuck in your napkin and prepare yourself for a feast fit for a king remember this; your short term gratification of your hunger is creating long term disasters for your health that have nothing to do with cholesterol or fat versus non-fat or any of the other staples of daytime talk shows.  Nope, each bite brings you closer and closer to the day that there will be nothing left in the old doctor's little black bag that will heal you and yours.

    One final thought.  America can boast that nearly two thirds of us are overweight with most Americans simply in the range of obese.  Since the agribusinesses uses antibiotics to fatten their products, is it possible that these same ingredients are finding their way into your system with exactly the same results? ( 1 )


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