Let's Stop Nader Bashing and Focus on the Real Enemy

    Okay, it's time to talk about the last selection and to get a few things straight.

    First, I voted for Ralph Nader because he was the only candidate that offered honest to God solutions to our most intense problems.  That vote did not elect the moron nor did it harm Gore.  If Gore had behaved as if he had an original thought in his head or even possessed the slightest notion what the average American wanted from their President he might have squeaked out a win that even the Republicans couldn't steal.  Instead, he tried to run as a moderate Republican who was completely owned and operated by Corporate America while trying to fool the voters that he gave a tinker's damn about them and their families and Bush was better at that role.

    To contend that the Green Party and Ralph Nader were some sort of spoilers for Gore's campaign ignores some very important facts.  Al Gore and Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party did everything possible to water down the demands of the Kyoto Accords.  The Greens demand that the needs of the environment be considered to be at least as important as corporate profits.  Al Gore and the Democratic Party supports the death penalty.  Ralph Nader and the Green Party absolutely do not.  Al Gore and the Democratic Party wanted to increase defense spending (read Corporate Welfare) dramatically.  Ralph Nader and the green Party want to cut the post-Cold War military budget by half and use the savings to fund many programs to help educate our children and to provide universal health care for all Americans and to help the poorest of Americans to realize the so-called American Dream.  Al Gore and the Democratic Party embrace the undemocratic WTO and NAFTA and GATT and any other treaty that their owners in Corporate America demanded that they pass into law.  Ralph Nader and the Green Party demand that all treaties be renegotiated to include strong protections for labor, the environment, and children.  Al Gore and the Democratic Party wallow in special interest money that is outright bribery in any and all senses of the word.  Ralph Nader and the Green Party want publicly funded elections with strong penalties for any politician found to have accepted even a penny from outside sources.

    These aren't the demands of a "spoiler".  They are the demands of what once was the people's party - the Democrats.  Ralph Nader and the Green Party only forced the most important issues into the dim little light that the Conservative media allowed to shine on anything but the twins and their mostly minor differences.  To those who still condemn those of us who refused to vote against the greater evil and, instead, voted for the only candidate in the last hundred years or so who truly represented every American first, GET OVER IT!!!!!!  No matter who runs against the moron in 2004, I will cast my vote only for the candidate that reflects my views and beliefs.  If the Democratic Party can find someone within their ranks who fills that demand, then they will receive my vote.  If they offer another Republican like Gore, then I'll cast my vote for just about anyone else (except for a Republican, which I could never do and still call myself an American).

    Bush was not elected by the American people (no matter how many times he and his little flock of Nazis and their paramours in the media repeat that phrase - or, in the words of Art Fleischer, a White House spokesman, "When you win by as big a margin as we won, I think it's fair to say that everybody is a key to the president's re-election."  [ 1 ] ).  Bush was selected by the margin of exactly one vote and even that vote was acknowledged by the Supreme Court as being a dirty little trick in that they specifically forbade any future cases to rely on this dirty little anti-state's rights, coup d'etat decision.

    Even if one could keep from projectile vomiting while acknowledging that the moron now occupies the office of the President, anyone with half a brain must also acknowledge that Chaney is the real President and the moron just a ventriloquist's dummy.  If one looks back just a few months, one would note that Chaney was put in charge of finding a Vice-President to go along with the moron's run for the Oval Office and who did Chaney pick as the very best candidate out of the 260 odd million Americans at his disposal?  Why, old Dick Chaney, himself.  Think he did that just so that he could play second fiddle to a smirking, moronic frat boy?

    The Miami Herald is estimating that Bush will fall 20,000 votes short of having won Florida when the press recount is finished.  ( 2 )  There really isn't anything I can add to that fact.

    By the by, has anyone noticed that we have two people who currently occupy the White House who's names are Dick and Bush?  See any pattern there for the next four years?

    Another by the by.  There have been many questions by those who still retain the use of their minds as to what, exactly, we should title the little moron in as much as the title "President" isn't really appropriate in that he and his little band of thieves stole that office in front of the entire world.  Suggestions have ranged from "Herr Bush" to "President-select" to "Commandant Bush" to the simple "The Thief"

    My current preference, other than the simple and far more descriptive "the moron", would be "Occupant".  Imagine if every one of the reality focused Americans wrote letters to the White House demanding he step down and call another, far more honest election (just a suggestion about the contents of the letter, mind you) and addressed it simply to "Occupant - The White House".  Maybe it wouldn't make any difference but it might feel pretty good.  Just a thought.

    Where in the hell are the Democrats in all of this anti-American administration?  Why, they're falling all over themselves trying to be the first in line to lick the moron's boots and proclaim themselves "bipartisan".  One of America's premier Nazis, with apologizes to Herr Buchanan, John Ashcroft was allowed to become the nation's Attorney General with eight Democrats somehow finding it possible to vote with the Republicans for him.  Here is a man who basically had to promise never to allow everything he believes in to taint the decisions that his office will force down the throats of the American people.  His anti-choice, anti-affirmative action, anti-separation of church and state, anti-gay, anti-social justice, anti-family planning, anti-environment and anti-worker's rights history will somehow be put aside for the next four years.  How do we know that?  Because he promised!

    Get real, folks.  The Democrats who voted for this whore for the Rabid Right can never again be allowed even the hint of respectability within the ranks of progressives and other actual human beings.

    Add to that horrendous defeat the confirmation of Gale Norton as the head of the Department of the Interior makes James Watt seem moderate.  This pro-pollution, pro-global warming, pro-corporate crime official is possibly the worst thing that could have happened to the environment.  And, yes, I'll expound further on these Nazis later, in another article.  In fact, I'll offer the names and e-mails addresses of those who kneel before the thief so that you can express your outrage, too.  Won't that be fun?

    Gentle readers, I'm now tired of trying to explain why I prefer to vote for an actual progressive rather than just another moderate Republican hiding behind the vaporous veil of a Democratic Party.  If there are any actual liberals or progressives left in the Democratic Party then they need to get over Gore's losing the elction and begin the process of making certain that the moron is not allowed to enact even one of his (read Chaney's) mean spirited and depressing policies.  With the Senate split evenly until the next election, the Democrats can stifle the horrors that the moron and his band of thieves hope to inflict on the rest of us.

    Of course, in order to do so the Democrats must learn one very important lesson from the last eight years; the Republicans are never to be trusted nor are they ever to be allowed to set the agenda.  Also, the Democrats must demand that the entire Florida disaster be investigated by an independent prosecutor and that anyone found guilty of voting fraud or interfering with anyone's right to vote must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Finally, the Democrats must loudly and repeatedly express the reality that George W. Bush and the Republican Party, with the help of the conservatives on the Supreme Court, stole this election and the office of the presidency and should never behave in any manner that offers support to that crime.

    What are the chances of the Democratic Party having the courage and convictions to enable them to actually defend the Constitution of this nation?  Let's just say that the proverbial snowball in Hell is an appropriate metaphor at this point. ( 1 & 2 )


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