Gale Norton and Weenie Democrats

    We've seen the level of "compassion" that the moron is offering in his nomination of John Ashcroft to the post of Attorney General.  Now we'll turn our attention to another nasty little "compassionate conservative" in the person of one Gale Norton, the moron's already confirmed head of the Interior Department.

    In her last position as the Attorney General of Colorado, she led the fight for Amendment 2, the mean spirited law that removed all civil and criminal protections for gays and lesbians.  Thankfully, even though Norton mounted a spirited defense of the law, it was found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

    Her past is as anti-environmental as her one time boss James Watt's was.  In fact, she presents a bigger threat to the health of our nation than Watt in as much as Norton seems to have an actual personality.

    She first learned at the feet of the anti-environmental master, James Watt, as an attorney for the anti-Interior Department Mountain States Legal Foundation.  The foundation boasts as members such anti-environment luminaries as Anne Gorsuch, the head of Reagan's EPA who was forced to resign in disgrace, Roger & Nancie Marzulla of the Defenders of Property Rights (an extreme property rights  legal foundation), Wayne Hage, a founder of the "Sagebrush Rebellion" and who is also engaged to that rather odd Idaho Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth as well as Clint Bolick and William Mellor who founded the far-right Institute for Justice.

    She moved to Washington to serve in the Interior Department under Watt and then became AG in Colorado.  Her last stint was at NL Industries (formerly known as the National Lead Company - wonder why they changed their name?) and, at every level, has been attacking the Department of the Interior while preaching "state's rights" and "devolution" (which is just code for allowing public land to be polluted by Corporate America).

    She has argued that the Endangered Species Act and the Surface Mining Act are unconstitutional and has attacked the Bureau of Indian Affairs over Native American religious practices and fishing rights.  She has attacked the National Park Service and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, claiming that their ability to oversee those two acts.

    All of this wouldn't matter except that, as Secretary of the Interior, she will be in charge of all of these agencies.

    Furthermore, she opposes all federal laws requiring the removal of asbestos from schools and lobbied for a chemical company that was charged with poisoning children with lead paint.  Unbelievably, she has even argued that polluting is a right and not a crime.  

    She opposed implementation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, federal civil rights acts, the Violence Against Women Act, and even claimed that southern state's rights were trampled by the Civil War.

    She is still a fellow at the Political Economy Research Center which is funded by Amoco, ARCO, the Chemical Manufacturers Association,, Conoco, Eli Lily & Co., Pfizer, and Coors.  The center wants to auction off all federal land, including National Parks, National Monuments, Wildlife Refuges, BLM lands and all Civil War historical sites to the highest bidders.

    The center is currently attempting to overturn the $5 billion punitive damages brought against Exxon for the massive environmental damage caused by the Exxon Valdez off the Alaskan coast.  

    Within moments of her nomination to the Interior Department, she was endorsing the opening of the environmentally fragile Artic Wilderness Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

    Another red flag that expose her true agenda are the Mountain States Legal Foundation's conference in Reno, Nevada in 1988 which was organized by ultra-right anti-environmental leaders Ron Arnold and Alan Gottlieb of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and paid for by corporations such as Boise Cascade, DuPont, and Louisiana Pacific.  Also, she has been a member of such anti-environment groups as the Legal Advisory for Defenders of Property Rights and co-chaired the National Policy Forum which is led by another ultra-right Neanderthal, Republican Party Chair Haley Barbour.  Finally, she was a member of the ad hoc Farm Credit Bank organized in 1994 to launch the Farm Credit Rights Foundation.

    To say the very least, this is an horrendous person to be entrusted with our nation's environmental health and given power over those agencies entrusted with the protection of our national lands.  This isn't even the equivalent of the fox being put in charge of the henhouse.  It's far more like offering a sharp knife to Jack the Ripper.  

    Of course, there were far too many Democrats who just rolled over and licked the moron's boots and voted for this nasty little person.  Again, just go here to see exactly which Democrats are guilty of selling out their nation and the rest of America. ( 1, 2 )


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