More Confirmations By the Democratic Weenies

    We've now seen how the weenie Democrats knelt before the moron by allowing the the confirmations of John Ashcroft and Gale Norton, tow people who should never have been allowed anywhere near any federal office.  What is even more depressing is the following:

    Democrats who voted for the confirmation of Tommy G. Thompson to be Secretary of Health & Human Resources - 100%.

    Democrats who voted for the confirmation of Christine Todd Whitman to be the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency - 98% (Dorgan of North Dakota didn't bother to vote).

    Democrats who voted for the confirmation of Norman Y. Minete to be the Secretary of Transportation - 100%.

    Democrats who voted for the confirmation of Robert B. Zoellick to be the U.S. Trade Representative - 96% (Daniel Inouye [HI] and John Breaux [LA] did not bother to vote).

    Democrats who voted for the confirmation of Melquiades Rafale Martinez for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - 100%.

    Democrats who voted for the confirmation of Anthony Joseph Principi to be the Secretary of Veteran Affairs - 100%.

    Democrats who voted for the confirmation of Mitchell E. Daniels as the Director of the OMB (Office of Management & Budget) - 100%.

    Gentle readers, do you see a pattern emerging from all of this?  Could it be that these Democrats who claim to be the party of the people have just sold out again?  Want to bet that there has been a hell of a lot of the old quid pro quo?  Does anyone out there believe for even a nanosecond that the Republicans would behave as meek and subservient had Gore stolen the highest office in the nation in front of the entire world?  More to the point, does even one person believe that the Republicans would display even a scintilla's worth of decency more than they've shown over the last six years?

    Folks, the Democrats have sold their souls for probably something as simple as prime committee seats or, more likely, better parking spaces or just plain candy bars.  

    George W. Bush is not the President of the United States, he is only the spoiled little moron who was appointed to that office by the U.S. Supreme Court against the wishes of the majority of American voters.  If the nasty little mob on the Supreme Court had just stayed out of the way (where they legally belonged) the legal recount could had been completed and, sad as even that may be, Al Gore would be in the Oval Office.  To see the Democrats become so submissive and docile is a truly sickening and depressing sight.

    You'll find your state's Senators along with their e-mail addresses and web sites, if one could be found, by following this link.  To find your representative, I've linked to the House of Representative's site and you can look up your Congressman using your zip code.

    I strongly advise you all, should you be as nauseated as I concerning the timid reaction by the Democrats to the theft of the Oval Office, to make your Senators aware of that anger often and firmly.  Maybe it won't change much but it will make you feel better and will be a great reminder that there are some people who simply do not belong in Congress. ( 1 )



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