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    A small blurb in Washington Whispers ( 1 ) mentioned the fact that Tumbleweed has discontinued the nightly polls that Clinton used to guide his policy decisions.  The reason given by an aide to Tumbleweed?  "He doesn't care about the daily ups and downs.  He says what he means and means what he says."

    May I offer a slightly different spin?  Tumbleweed stopped the polls because President Chaney could care less what the American people think regarding much of anything.  President Chaney has no desire to create a distraction for himself from his main goal of pleasing his many masters in the oil and chemical industries and elsewhere in Corporate America while pulling Tumbleweed's insubstantial strings.

    More proof that the world is coming to an end comes from the Penguin Dictionary of Quotations.  The newest edition of this once respected volume contains the following quotation from a song sung by that fount of intelligent thought and deep contemplation, the Spice Girls and "I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want."  Sadly, this low point in the history of the universe will now be found next to the words of real human beings like Winston Churchill and John & Robert Kennedy.  Sigh!  ( 2 )

    Were you aware that we now have not one but two Vietnam draft evaders in the White House?  We all know that Tumbleweed used his daddy's friends to defend Texas from the Viet Cong but did you know that Dick Chaney also had "other priorities?  The very best line about this example of the hypocrisy that is the Republican Party came from Sen. Tom Harkin who remarked on those "priorities", "We,, la dee dah.  So did a lot of other young men who went over there and didn't come back." ( 3 )

    As we all know, the nuclear energy industry is trying to twist the power crisis in California into an opening to build new nuclear power plants.  Naturally, they want this even knowing that they still have absolutely no method in place to store, for tens of thousands of years, the tons of radioactive material already produced.

    Another reason that thinking people want to keep anymore of these glowing monstrosities from contaminating the planet is a recent report by the Union of Concerned Scientists.  This report states that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been allowing potentially dangerous plants to continue operation based on "counterfeit safety studies".  With 109 of these time bombs ticking slowly across America, the UCS questions the presumptions made by the NRC.

    In fact, the UCS states that  the NRC "presumes that nuclear plants always conform with safety requirements, yet each year more than a thousand violations are reported."  Reporting that the NRC does not establish minimum standards for calculating accident probability, "unrealistic assumptions proliferate in risk studies."

    Still think that building more plants that aren't truly regulated is a good idea?  Me neither. ( 4 )

    So you thought homophobia  was restricted to just hatred of other humans by the buck toothed set and other Republicans?  George Stephens Finley of Ocala, Florida (why doesn't it surprise me it this happened in Florida?) beat his dog with a vacuum cleaner hose and then threw it against a tree so hard it had to be put to death by authorities.  What horrendous crime had this poor pooch committed?  This neutered male poodle-Yorkshire mix was trying to mate with a dog who just happened to be another male.  According to the local sheriff's office, "He felt that the dog was a queer-type dog and it made him angry."  In other words, the guy behaved in exactly the same way that any narrow minded conservative would except that he got caught at it.  Really sad, huh?!?  ( 5 )

    Another grand example of the myth of the "liberal media" comes in the form of the LabourStart web site.  On its pages you will find news of a multi-million worker strike in India on May 11, 2000.  It also offers information on strikes in Norway and South Africa which have never seen the light of day in our conservative media.  In fact, if you'll recall the protests in Seattle in 1999, which was the prominent picture that the conservative media left in your mind?  Was it the fact that the International Longshore and Warehouse Union completely closed down every port on the West Coast or was it just the pictures of the few rioters?  ( 6 )

    Folks, I can almost qualify to work at Disneyland.  According to the New York Times, "Mustaches are no longer banned for Walt Disney employees, but beards are still taboo."  Oh, so close and yet so far.  Sigh! ( 7 )

    How's this for killing a flea with a flame thrower?  The Wall Street Journal is claiming copyright infringement by a children's newspaper called the Small Street Journal.  The SSJ contains puzzles , coloring pages, and educational activities and is free to all.  My guess is that the WSJ is irritated at the fact that the SSJ carries information that is actually useful, albeit to children.  ( 7 )

    Just when you thought that the conservative mind was a vacuous as possible, along comes something to show that even the bottom isn't as far as they can sink.  According to the Washington Post, Maryland Judge Durke G. Thompson proclaimed that the eleven year old victim of sexual molestation by a twenty-three year old man was partly to blame for the attack, herself.  "He said the case was 'not unique' because it dealt with the 'age-old problem ... of how to deal with pubescent and even pre-pubescent women and older men ... I don't think [the victim] is free of fault,' the judge said. 'I think the old adage that it takes two to tango is true here.'"

    Now, gentle readers, did this animal in judicial robes leave any doubt what his favorite fantasies are about?  Can we assume that he may well be determined to be a danger to these innocent "pubescent and even pre-pubescent" children in his own life?  Brrrrrrrr!  Gives me the willies! ( 7 )

    Here's a reason to cease patronizing Office Depot.  In Labor Notes out of Detroit, the May 2000 edition said, "Several local unions have reported that the Office Depot chain has a corporate policy  of refusing to make deliveries directly to union offices.  Instead, Office Depot uses UPS or another carrier and charges extra for the service ... The company apparently doesn't want its own drivers coming in contact with union members." ( 8 )

    I'm not certain I can add anything to that.


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