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    Another nail is driven into the coffin of the fantasy of the "liberal media".  

    During the campaign, a CBS camera crew taped campaign announcements for Tumbleweed as well as footage of Bush at two Republican conventions.  These tapes were then handed over to the Bush gratis.  After considering the appearance of this little service by CBS, the Bush team asked to be billed for the services by CBS.  All of this then leads one to the obvious question; do you prefer your news to be offered by a team that provides free campaign material to a candidate or one that charges for that material or would you rather receive your news from a source that stays independent of the campaigns?  Also, shouldn't any such material provided by a major conservative news bureau be publicly acknowledged by all parties?  ( 1 )

    Were you aware that you, the consumers, are who are really to blame for the staggering costs of prescription drugs in this nation?  According to the CBS Evening News and a report it aired by Diana Olick, the fact that you watch the commercials aired by the pharmaceutical industry advertising everything from hay fever relief to little purple penis pills.  Then, once you're hooked by the ad and the happy, smiling people portrayed in them, you go to your doctor and demand the drugs by name.  Thus, the brand-name drugs are prescribed and the skyrocketing costs are laid at your feet.

    But, wait!  Doesn't the fact that the drug industry spends nearly $2 BILLION on advertising effect the costs a bit more directly?  In fact, isn't the fact that you are coaxed into asking for the brand-name drugs by the professional propaganda, er, advertising from the industry more to blame?  Nope!  Especially since the vast majority of that $2 billion is spent advertising in the same media as that which aired the report, television. ( 1 )

    Want just one reason that proves that the conservative media always panders to the opinions of the right and conservative side the vast majority of the time?  In 1997, conservative or right-leaning think-tanks were cited in 7,733 instances or 54% of the times.  During that same period, progressive or left-leaning think tanks were cited on only 2,267 instances or 19% of the time.  By 1999, the right had 51% or 8,964 opportunities to be heard while the progressive or left-leaning opinions were cited just 2,344 times or only 13% of the time. ( 2 )

    Speaking specifically about the protests in Seattle and during the conventions of the two headed parties, but with implications regarding the War on Americans Who Use the Wrong Drugs ad many other aspects of American's lives, the Seattle chapter of the National Lawyers Guild stated the risk is that "people will accept ever-stronger uses of force against our own population and ever-greater limits upon our basic freedoms to speak and assemble freely."  Not too much I can add to that.  ( 3 )

    A one in a million Tumbleweed quote that must never be forgotten due to its impact on our future, "I think we agree, the past is over."  Sends shivers of despair for our children, doesn't it?!? ( 4 )

    Okay, there are really two in a million from Tumbleweed.  Try this on for size, "Families is where our nation takes hope, where wings take dream."  More shivers? ( 5 )

    Even though the two-headed party wants to increase both the military and educational budgets in order to appear caring, here is one place where money should simply be removed from the military budget and handed over to the education budget.  According to a U.S. News & World Report article, the Admiral of the Pacific Command now owns a $60 million Boeing 737 for those jaunts around the sea, the Navy itself bought a $50 million Gulfstream and a couple of $7.6 million Cessnas to ferry its self-important officers hither and yon (but obviously neither hither nor yon enough). ( 6 )

    Think child labor is a problem only in China and other developing third world nations?  The organization Human Rights Watch estimates that there at least one million (that's right - 1,000,000) violations of the child labor regulations from the Fair Labor Standards Act every single year right here in the United States.  The children are being exposed to conditions such as 12 to 14 hour days, pesticide poisoning, heat-related injuries and illness, machine and knife-related injuries and life-long disabilities.

    How could such a massive problem go unreported?  Oh, that one's easy.  Because it's only happening to children working on America's farms and the vast majority of them are just Latino.  Even so, you might ask, doesn't the government care enough to go out into the fields and factories to protect these defenseless little workers?  Yeah, sure they do.  With over a million violations every year, the U.S. Department of Labor issued all of 104 citations in all of 1998.  Just how depressing and embarrassing is that in this supposedly "Great Nation"? ( 7 )

    Finally, one more example of why you must be very careful when listening to the opinions from "grassroots organizations".  Citizens for Better Medicare, an innocuous sounding group that opposes any and all common-sense measures to bring the exorbitant costs of prescription medicine down, is actually just a front created and funded to the tune of $65 million for just the last half of 1999 by the drug company's lobbying arm, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).  In fact, to show just how connected the two are, the CBM's director, Tim Ryan, was the marketing director for PhRMA before switching over to CBM. ( 8 )


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