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    Question!  If, at any time in Clinton's eight years as President, if there had been a submarine full of millionaire political contributors that killed nine Japanese on a fishing boat, how loud would the Republicans be wailing and moaning about the incompetent administration?  On the same subject, if, at any time during the Clinton administration, a massive air strike was ordered by the President using the latest version of the Tomahawk missile which then hit less than 20% of their targets, wouldn't the Republicans have been turning purple with self-righteous rage at the incompetent administration?  

    Well, both have occurred in just the first month of Chaney's administration and not one peep out of Congressional Democrats.  

    I'm truly eagerly awaiting the future, folks.  I just can't wait to see just how servile and ineffective the entire Democratic Party will become during the Chaney Administration and the Bush regime.  It will be sad, that's a fact, but it will also be interesting (kind of like a slow motion multiple car accident is interesting). ( 1 )

    A sign of the times.  In Salem Township, just outside Pittsburgh, there is new business known as Climax Gentlemen's Club.  This establishment, and I'm not making this up, is a drive-thru strip club.  All you have to do is to drive up to one window in the back and pay around $5 a minute, then pull over to another window where you watch a stripper for the amount of time paid for.  

    Add this to the drive-thru liquor stores that have become the rage across the nation and you wonder why every business doesn't offer service in your car.  Think about that for a minute.  Time's up. ( 2 )

    While millions of people the world over die from preventable and curable diseases because the pharmaceutical industry's greed keeps life saving drugs from reaching the poorest people, the wealthy have no such problem.  The World Bank, which also sees sending these drugs as "cost-ineffective" in the third world and refuses to or discourages nations from borrowing to cover the exorbitant prices, the industry offers accessible drugs through special programs for the wealthy.  In fact, World Bank economist P. Binswanger describes these special programs as "Expensive boutiques, available to a lucky few."

    Makes me sick to see such evil. ( 3 )

Although its ( title ) is offensive to anyone with a love of the Constitution, a story about new Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe sounds as if at least one Democrat isn't rolling over at President Chaney's feet.  He apologizes to President Bush (although we all the truth) for harping on the theme but vows to use the fact that the Republicans stole the 2000 presidential election to energize Democratic candidates and supporters for the next four years.  In fact, he ended a recent presentation on his four year plan by showing a slide that says, "Like father, like son - one term."

    Finally, a Democrat with the guts to call the stolen election exactly that.  Will wonders never cease? ( 4 )

    President Chaney isn't above stealing the voice of John F. Kennedy in hopes of gaining support for his tax cut for the wealthy.  In fact,  according to the Issues Management Center, a Republican group created solely to back Chaney's policies, the 1962 speech that is quoted from employs Kennedy using the same arguments for a tax cut.  The saddest part of this theft from a great American to boost support for a moron president, is that the tape of the speech comes from Rush Limbaugh's archive. ( 5 )

    According to a recent Gallup poll, the majority of Americans want to allow the use of school facilities for religious groups, allow daily classroom prayers and prayers at graduation speeches.

    Now, while I detest any cracks being inflicted on the absolute separation of church and state, I will offer this compromise.  If any prayers are allowed at any school function, then the prayers of all major and minor religions in America must also be offered.  Prayers founded on the Jewish beliefs, the Native American spirit beliefs, Buddhists, Wicca's, Satanists, Deists, even any "prayers" to evolution by atheists must not only be allowed but read at every single function at which any reference to Christianity is allowed.  I mean, fair is fair, folks.  I wouldn't want my children exposed to the myth, magic and miracles of just one theology based solely on one's ability to ignore evidence and accept something totally on blind faith.  I would expect any school to offer the widest possible range of instructions in all belief systems that can be found in America or, possibly, the world.  Otherwise, you are creating an un-Constitutional system in a publicly funded school system.  That could not be accepted by anyone calling themselves an American. ( 6 )

    Finally, just when you thought that the nation couldn't look more ridiculous in the eyes of the world, along comes three little pieces of information about the Nazi's reaction to the idea of Americans actually exercising their right to protest during the Republican Convention last August in Philadelphia.

    First, Judge McCaffery states before a class of college students that he intends to make sure the streets are cleared of protesters during the convention.

    Second, Philly Mayor John Street states in George magazine that protesters were going to get a "very ugly response."

    Finally, of the hundreds of people that were arrested even before leaving their heqadquarters for the street, over 80% have all charge dropped for lack of evidence after the convention was over. 

    Does something smell about all of this?  Shouldn't the media, I'm sorry, the Liberal Media, be shouting as loud as possible that violating the constitutional rights of the protesters simply cannot be allowed to pass and scream for the resignations of any and all officials or policemen who were in any way involved?  Well, yes, it such a thing as a liberal media existed.  The conservative media sees nothing amiss since, if it did, it would irritate the conservatives who own the media to have it brought up. ( 7 )


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