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    One more piece of proof that the world as we know it is coming to an end.

    Last fall, Hasbro Toys brought out a new version of its best selling GI Joe doll (they prefer "action figure" but it's still a doll).  Not much noteworthy about a new doll, I'll agree.  What makes it rather sad is that it's supposed to be John F. Kennedy as they think he looked during his World War II command of the famed and doomed PT-109.  JFK joins other dolls that represents Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, and Dwight Eisenhower.

    Considering the abysmal state of the knowledge that our kids have about history, I can imagine junior opening his Christmas present, seeing the name on the box and asking of he was a wrestler on TV. ( 1 )

    I just love the things that Jim Hightower comes up with.  The opening sentence to a story about the new Chaney Administration he stated, "A change of government can be like a change of diapers - it's a fresh start, but you know the same thing's going to happen again."  Hee hee! ( 2 )

    According to a bulletin from Public Campaign, here are some interesting but sad information.

    Portion of the Chaney-Bush inauguration that was paid for by private contributions - 100%

    Cost of a table at the candlelight dinners held on inauguration day that Chaney -Bush visited - $25,000.

    Maximum contribution that Chaney - Bush accepted from private contributors for their inaugural festivities- $100,000.

    Number of donors who gave a total of $100,000 or more to parties and candidates during the 2000 election cycle who were on the Chaney - Bush Transition Team - 14.

    Amount that Chaney's Energy Department Secretary Spencer Abraham received from energy industry donors for his failed 2000 Senate campaign - $366,298.

    Rank of Abraham among all current senators in contributions from energy donors in the 2000 election cycle - #1.

    Number of industries that the new Attorney General, John Ashcroft, ranks in the Senate top ten for contributions in the 2000 election cycle - 42 (many of which have anti-trust or other matters pending before the Justice Department.

    Rank of health industry professionals among donors to Health and Human Resources Secretary Tommy Thompson - 1. ( 3 )

    On a more serious note, just before you turn out the lights and pull up the covers tonight, consider the fact that we have murdered over one million innocent Iraqi civilians over the last ten years of "UN" imposed sanctions.  Then, just as you're nodding off, remember the 5,700 Iraqi children that die every single month directly due to the sanctions.  Nighty night, now.  ( 4 )


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