Now, THAT Includes Just About Everyone!

    Now here is a quote that you might really enjoy.  It's by Linda Bowles and was part of a mass mailing against Democrats that began as an article by the conservative scribe for The Washington Times.  Check it out, folks.  You will finally know for certain who your fellow travelers are in the left and progressive movements. ( 1 )

    "The base of this party consists of a number of special interest groups, including the sky-is-falling environmentalists, abortion industry workers, bilingualists, illegal immigrants, ideological homeless ex-communists, communists, convicted felons, unconvicted felons, pornographers posing as artists, propagandists posing as journalists, network anchors posing, food stamp junkies, anti-American multiculturalists, hard-core feminists, abused and abusable women, the venereally diseased, anti-tobacco fascists, anti-religious bigots, latent anti-religious clerics, pro-gay clerics, gay clergy, government employees, union bosses, government contractors, the sexually disoriented, educrats, trial lawyers, the willing poor, drug addicts, old sin New Age atheists, race hustlers, members of the black caucus, professional victims, punk musicians, condom manufacturers, proud and practicing members of the North American Man Boy Love Association and dead people near Chicago."

    Wow, I guess all that leaves are the Nazis, those who are terminally greedy, those who are the inherently mean spirited, those who are sexist, those who are racist, those who use the American people to test toxic chemicals and genetically enhanced "food" upon, those who would force innocent and traumatized women to have children that are the result of rape or incest, those who condone the murder of innocents through state-sanctioned executions, those who destroy our planet for the love of profit, those who hate while demanding that everyone follow their narrow and detestable distortion of a great prophet's words and meanings, those who believe that AIDS and HIV are the punishment of the damned by the Lord Our God but ignore the millions of innocent children born into the world with these diseases and so many more, those who would always put profit above human life or dignity, those who desire to abuse the youngest human beings to produce their unnecessary and wasteful products but pay them pennies a day while the children starve and die from the chemicals that surround them every day, those that force half of the human race to be submissive to their insane demands but claim that some "God" told them it was okay, those who loved slavery and still refuse to accept that there is little differences between races save external ones, those who would follow a senile old fool with a shrewish wife who turned tens of thousands of mentally ill veterans onto the street in the name of money and greed, those who would send weapons of mass destruction to known and recognized terrorist nations, those who would then pardon these same traitors, those who use their positions in government to import cocaine and other drugs into America and then distribute it on the streets of our poorest neighborhoods, those who happily imprison other Americans who dare to use the same drugs that those in power used in their youth but were fortunate enough not to be caught at (or rich enough to have daddy bail them out), those who would rather fund prisons than provide a decent education for any children but their own, those who fear anything new or any improvement over the old, those who support giving away billions and billions of our tax dollars to an arms industry dedicated to causing mass death and destruction but who detest the idea of providing money for pre-school or after school care or Head Start programs or free meals to hungry children, those who believe that beating their children is doing the work of their God, those who would drag another human being behind a truck until there are parts of that person spread out for miles, those who believe that guns and violence are always the answer to any question, those who laugh and do a little prancing dance in the Texas Governor's mansion while another human being is put to death, those who beat another human nearly to death and then tie them naked to a fence in the middle of winter leaving them to die a horrible and long death, those who would hide in the bushes like cowards and kill doctors by shooting them from the dark, those who steal the profits from a company and then throw thousands of employees onto the streets without a penny to their name, those who think catsup is a vegetable to be served to our least fortunate children, those who so happily trade human lives for cheap oil, those who spew hatred and lies in the media and then claim the defense of "I'm just an entertainer", those who would ignore the short slide the planet is on towards a global warming catastrophe because any action might interrupt the flow of easy profits, those who wish for a return to segregated drinking fountains and bathrooms and diners and buses and schools, those who force single women and their children to make the choice each month between medical care or rent or food, those who would steal the promise of Social Security from the elderly in order to divert more money into the stock market, those who make baseless and mean spirited accusations about a Democratic president and then refuse to ever apologize for those lies and the harm they do, those who have a history of infidelity and child or family neglect but who stand self-righteously before cameras damning others for the same sins, those who see communists under every bed, those who label all who care about their fellow man "bleeding heart liberals" forgetting that the bleeding heart is a symbol of the man they claim to be the son of God, those who believe that the term "Freedom of Religion" means the freedom to worship whatever mean spirited and divisive God they themselves pretend to follow, those who hide behind sheets and burn the symbol of their "religion" on the lawns of people who's only crime was to born with darker skin, those who would defend the reign of Adolph Hitler as a "misunderstood genius, those who define "special interests" as anyone who supports any other party but claim that their party represent only their "constituents", those who believe that attempting to give a helping hand to those who truly need it is "socialism" and a "transfer of wealth" but handing out hundreds of billions of dollars to Corporate America is "capitalism", those stand for "state's rights" when all they really mean is easing the way towards fifty separate Nazi Germanys, and those who would vote Republican.

    The list, I fear, is endless and daily becoming longer and sadder.

    There!  Between the two, that should pretty much cover the entire human race, wouldn't you say?



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