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    Do you buy Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for its well publicized support for social causes?  Well, as of April of 2000, you have been only enriching the coffers of European conglomerate Unilever who, at about the same time, also bought out Slim-Fast.  According to the April 15, 2000 issue of the Economist, founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield will "help design [Unilever's] social policy".

    On a different but very relevant issue, even Ben & Jerry's corporation wasn't immune to the disease of corporate behavior even before the buy-out.  In 1999, the company employed classic union busting tactics such as closed-door meetings with pro-union employees to instill anti-union propaganda to thwart a drive by their maintenance workers to organize.

    Boy, there really are no heroes left in the world, are there? ( 1 )

    One of the main reasons that I so strongly support our valuable teachers in this nation is that they have the most important job our society offers but gain very little in the way of monetary reward for that effort.

    Consider this.  The average annual teacher salary for a first year teacher is only $26,639.  That is less than teachers made nearly thirty years ago in inflation adjusted dollars.  It is also only 72% of what the average college graduate expects to earn in their first year at work.  More to the point, a teacher can expect to continue to fall behind their equally educated peers as the years pass until, with the average teacher having 16.2 years of experience, they will make only $40,574 or about 60% of what an engineer or computer analyst makes.

    Now, you have to ask yourself, which is the more important career?  Aren't your children the most important thing in your lives (if you can answer "no" to that question then you have nothing but my pity - if you have no children then realize that our future is our children)?

    Why are teachers the object of such scorn from the Rabid Right and why won't the progressives and liberals in America speak up in their defense?  Frankly, the least skilled teacher in America is more valuable and honorable than any ten politicians.  Why the low animals that make up our representatives think they have any right on Earth to disparage our teachers is beyond me.  The only basis for their anger and bile must be that they still blame their teachers for the fact that they, the politicians themselves, turned out to such worthless leeches on the American spirit.  No other reason makes sense. ( 2 )

    Here's something I can completely relate to.  Frank Zappa once said, "I never set out to be weird.  It was always other people who called me weird." ( 3 )

    Tumbleweed is planning to attend a different church than what has been called the official church, the Foundry United Methodist Church.  Instead, he wants to attend the Lincoln Park United Methodist Church.  The reason that his aides are giving for the change?  Because, they say, the Foundry United Methodist Church is "too liberal".

    Okay, here's my question.  If any church claims to follow the teachings of the man they say is the son of their God, and that man was the world's first and most expressive liberal and socialist, how can any church be described as less "liberal" than another?  If Jesus told his followers to tend to the weak and the aged and the poorest and the children and to never judge their circumstances, if Jesus told his followers to love everyone without question even if that person is your enemy, if Jesus told his followers that money was evil and that the love of it would keep all out of heaven, then how in the world can there be Republican Christians?

    Speaking of pretend-Christians, very few Americans were able to see a particular ad generated by the Christian Action Network, a fringe group in Virginia.  The text of the ad was, "It is rumored that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian.  It is rumored that Hillary Clinton supports homosexual marriage.  It is rumored that Hillary Clinton will leave her husband upon taking office.  It was rumored that Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.  Sometimes rumors are true.  Shouldn't you know the truth?  For more information on traditional family values, please contact the Christian Action Network.:" ( 4 )

    If I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times.  Thank God I'm an atheist.


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