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    Tumbleweed is forcing all new aides to take drug tests and fill out numerous forms find their temporary security pass cancelled.  Even Tumbleweed took the test.  Sadly, there is no test for absolute stupidity. ( 1 )

    Tumbleweed's team is trying to push for support for more funding for the joke that is the Star Wars program.  Their latest attempt to prop up this massive waste of America's taxes is being pushed with the argument that "way less than 95 percent effective" would deter threats when our offensive system is considered.

    So, let me see if I understand this idiocy.  If, against enormous odds, a nation foolishly fires nuclear missiles at us, we'll be able to stop most but not all of them, and we'll be able to hit them with a bunch of nuclear missiles from our arsenal.  In other words, millions upon millions of human beings will die within the first exchange and then hundreds of millions if not billions of human beings will die from radiation sickness over the next few years.

    I'm sorry for being so dense but it would seem to me that first of all, the only two nations with the capability of reaching the U.S. are Russia and China.  If we were to not use these billions upon billions that we will waste on a system that simply will never work but, rather, used them to buy the missiles that Russia would love to sell for American currency as well as the warheads that may well be used against us but through the easier process of just placing one in the cargo hold of a ship that berths off Los Angeles or New York.

    Secondly, in as much as Corporate America is selling China the nuclear power plants that, as a by-product, create near weapons grade plutonium, as well as giving away our missile and satellite technologies, perhaps we could cancel those sales and relieve ourselves of the fear that they will be able to field missiles against us.  Perhaps we could, as the vast majority of the people of the world would prefer, actually sit down with both nations and come to an agreement that mutual annihilation isn't in the best interests of anyone on the planet and that the warheads and bombs and missiles that we have would be better off being destroyed in a less spectacular fashion than in anger.

    Okay, I'm not so naive as to believe that President Chaney and his lapdog Tumbleweed will ever have the principle to do anything that benefits anyone but their owners.  That's a given.  Nevertheless, I can dream that intelligence and honor might find a way to sneak into Washington. ( 2 )

    Another wonderful example of the mind of President Chaney's lapdog, Tumbleweed, when he spoke to Philippine President Arroyo, "It's about past 7 in the evening here, so we're actually in different time lines." ( 3 )


    One more instance that the damage deregulation can bring comes to us from New Zealand.  In fact, this corporation received the nation's 1999 Roger Award for the Worst Multinational Corporation in New Zealand.  

    TransAlta, for seven years, proved what California is learning is the price a nation pays when a commodity as necessary as electricity is privatized and deregulated.  It raised rates for consumers and small businesses but lowered the rate that big business paid, then fired so many workers that the infrastructure deteriorated to the point that it was "causing those left to fear for their safety" and then helped to build two coal-fired power plants that ended up being responsible for half of the total national carbon dioxide emissions increase between 1990 and 1998.

    Folks, it will only get even worse here in the U.S.  ( 4

Finally, just to show you that you are never going to be safe as long as Republicans have any power whatsoever, here is a stunning admission by the most respected medical journal in America.  The New England Journal of Medicine recently admitted that out of 40 drug therapy reviews between 1997 and 1999, reviews were written by researchers with direct but undisclosed ties to the pharmaceutical corporations that manufactured the drug.

    While the journal allows original studies by researchers with ties to the industry, these ties are openly acknowledged.  

    Why is this a problem?  Because the Republicans have so gutted the FDA that there are simply fewer and fewer independent researchers who can make  living without selling out to the same industry they once so scrupulously monitored.  Again, you can thank all of you friends who stoop to voting Republican or who mindlessly drool and repeat the inane bumper sticker mantra of "smaller government ... smaller government".  ( 5 )


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