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    Amen to that!  Sen. John F. Kerry, D - Mass., "It's great to be here [a reception], if only to have a break from watching the daily press conference when Bush announces Dick Chaney's cabinet selections." ( 1 )

    I was amazed at the anger that single people and childless (by choice) couples hold against those who do have children or are trying to have them.

    There is strong words used regarding kids - crib lizards, ankle biters, crouch fruit and semen demons are just a few of the labels attached and an awful lot of the conversation is simply pure anger.  These childless couples and singles attack the time that families demand and resent having to carry the work load during time off taken for sick children or for school activities.  

    They even have names for children created through fertility treatments - frankenspawn litters..

    I offer just one site where you can see just the tip of the iceberg of this phenomena  ( 2 )

    So, do you still think that the First Amendment guarantees an equal voice for you and yours in the election of your representatives?  How about this sad little fact?  Ratio of contributions to Bush and Gore campaigns from residents of Beverly Hills, 90210, compared to those from 90059, in Watts: 494:1.  ( 3 )

    Ah, it must be miserable to rich.  The guilt alone must cause sleepless nights and frayed nerves.  

    Never fear, folks.  This malady even has a name, now.  According to the Idaho Mountain Express, you are suffering from affluenza.  Is there a cure for this horrible affliction, you may well be asking?  Of course, there is.  For just $20,000, one Myra Salzer will give you a solution to your particular strain of this debilitating disease.  Think $20,000 is a lot of money?  The article has the answer to that, "Her services aren't cheap, but what's $20,000 a year when you've got millions at stake?"

    Maybe they should get Donald Trump or Bill Gates or maybe even old Ross Perot to host a telethon so that the wealthy could rely on the kindness of strangers to pay for their treatment?  Oh, wait!  The wealthy do rely on the kindness of strangers.  They rely on the fact that, so far, the poor and the hungry and the disenfranchised haven't risen up and killed them all.  At least, so far, so good. ( 4 )

    Another problem the wealthy face (poor dears!) is how to get their children to actually rise above the level of wealthy and aimless wastrels.  In fact, once again, there is someone who has come to their rescue with an answer to this dilemma.

    At a seminar conducted at Christie's in Manhattan, four "specialists" is rich kid behavior (now that has to be a real niche career) explained to those in attendance that, "parents should insist that children do real work around the house, even if it means ordering servants to back off and let a child wash a dish, vacuum a rug, or clean a closet."

    Boy, I don't know about that, myself.  Why can't the kids learn by ordering the servants to "back off" all by themselves?  I mean, how are they to learn to be obnoxious little dweebs unless they get some practice in that area, too? ( 5

    I suppose that those rich kids would never have to put up with learning to deal with this type of treatment, although it might help them in life to do so.

    The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against Whitmore Lake school officials and Northfield Township police when, after a student complained that $354 was stolen from her gym locker, acting principal Charmaine Balsillie ordered several teachers to conduct a strip-search of all the gym students.

    About twenty boys were sent into the shower area, forced to remove their pants and drop their underwear.  When Northfield police arrived, they suggested to the principal that the girls should also be strip-searched so that there could be charges of discrimination.  Five girls were placed in a circle in the locker room and forced to pull down their shorts and lift their skirts so that teachers could inspect them.

    After all of that, the money was still never found. ( 6 )

    Ah, well.  More's the pity!


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