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    File this under "Out of the Mouths of Babes" (and not very bright babes, at that).

    Jerry Nachman, currently the executive producer for ABC's Politically Incorrect and one-time editor of the New York Post, wrote an editorial for the New York Times in which he bemoaned the fact that "most reporters are Democrats, even liberals" who "no longer try to keep their politics personal."

    He continued that he, "wondered why most journalists are liberals.  It actually makes no sense because probably three-quarters of the stories we cover could be labeled under an omnibus umbrella; the government doesn't work ... Pick a paper, any paper.  Watch a newscast, any newscasts.  Guaranteed: the top stories are some version of the government doesn't work.

    Let's see if I have this straight.  According to Mr. Nachman, the fact is that the liberal journalists are constantly writing extremely conservative reports.  This proves that the journalists are liberals.

    I suppose that if these same journalists wrote glowing stories about a war, that would make them some kind of peace-freaks?  To paraphrase the HAL computer from 2001, "Daisy, Daisy, ...! ( 1 )

    Want another example of doublespeak?

    In a New York Times editorial, this rather amazing statement was made, "Ultimately, respect for a free press comes with democratic development and economic growth, in part because only a robust private sector can provide enough advertising to give the media independence."

    Gentle readers, I'm not even going to comment on that one. ( 2 )

    With the stock market pretty much going to Hell in a hand basket, Wall Street pundits are finding boogiemen under every rock but the right one.  Trying to foist the blame on "poor corporate earnings" or "weak consumer confidence" or any of hundreds of other scapegoats, they ignore the most obvious: President Chaney's massive tax cut for the wealthy and a huge, expensive privatization of Social Security.  With the economy booming most assuredly due to the tight fiscal policies of the last eight years, investors and Alan Greenspan are now very reluctant to follow the siren's false call.

    If you'll remember, when Reagan was able to force huge tax cuts aimed at the wealthiest Americans (and ignoring the rest of us), the fed was forced to increase interest rates which left us with the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression.  Only when Bob Dole convinced Reagan to reinstate some taxes did the fed relent and lowered interest rates which allowed the economy to somewhat recover (although the sheep who love Reaganomics will never accept that their God screwed the nation up so blatantly). 

    When Clinton raised taxes in 1993, it set it motion lower interest rates, a decreasing deficit and the longest continual economic and stock market growth in history.

    In other words, folks, the tax cut that President Chaney wants so badly is the worst news that market could hear and it will most certainly end the economic good times and force the fed to begin increasing interest rates resulting in another round of unemployment records that can be traced directly back to the Republicans, themselves.  The reality is that taxes are at the optimum level and that continuing to pay down the national debt as well as federal programs that inject cash into the economy are what is needed, not more money being transferred from the poor to the rich.  Cutting taxes is simply a stupid thing to do but, well, check out who's in the Oval Office (Chaney behind the desk and Tumbleweed playing with his Hot Wheels on the carpet). ( 3

    I'll let you decide the relevance of this tale.

    A seven year old boy ask his mother to cut his curly hair and shave his arms.  When she asked why, he showed her a worksheet on which the children in his class at St. Ignatius Loyola grammar school had used words to express how they felt about themselves.  Under the child's description of himself as "handsome", Sister Mary Seton and written "like a monkey". ( 4 )

    Gore would have won Florida handily had he and his boss behaved like human beings and erased the disenfranchisement of felons convicted of non-violent drug charges.  In as much as 30% of all African-American men in Florida, and 13% nationwide, have lost their right to vote because they chose the wrong drug to enjoy, and since Gore won nearly 90% of all black votes in the state, those folks who should still be allowed to vote would have pushed him handily over the top.  Do you think that this fact will make him reconsider his unthinking anti-drug stance (known hereabouts as favoring the War on Americans Who Use the Wrong Drugs)?  Is the Pope Jewish? ( 5 )

    Would you rather be sick here in the U.S. or in Cuba?  Fact of the mater is, you would stand a much better chance of seeing a doctor and being cured of whatever ails you if you were in Cuba.  In fact, the health care in Cuba is so good, and costs about 1% of equal care in the U.S. or Great Britain, that the NHS (National Health Services) in England visited Cuba in order to learn more about their system and then invited many of Cuba's health professionals to visit Great Britain to help that nation better serve its citizens.

    In fact, the physicians who visited Cuba found that the high-quality, low-cost system boasted life-expectancy and infant-mortality rates quite close to those of Britain but at 1% of the cost.  Also, the family doctors there were "better trained than our [general practitioners]" and that no Cuban citizen lived further than twenty minutes away from from a doctor.

    And we find ourselves tuck with the very worst, the greediest and the most financially segregated health care system on earth.  How very sad for us but so fortunate for the Cuban people. ( 6 )

    I loved this explanation to describe the trickle down theory of economics so much that I just have to pass it on.  It comes from the Ask Dr. Dollar column by Arthur MacEwan in that great magazine, dollars and sense.

    "One way to understand "trickle-down" economics is to use a more graphic metaphor; horse-and-sparrow economics - that is, if you feed the horse well, some will pass on through and be there on the ground for the sparrows.  There is no doubt that sparrows can be nourished in this manner; and the more the horses get fed, the more there will be on the ground for the sparrows to pick through.  It is, however, probably not a very pleasant way for sparrows to get their sustenance, and, if one's primary goal is to feed the sparrows, it is a pretty silly - and inefficient - way to do the job."

    Pass that along the next time that someone mouths the bumper sticker crap that trickle-down economics is any color but brown or yellow.  ( 7 )


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