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    Here's another grand example of the myth of the "Liberal Media".  Would any progressive, let alone a bleeding-heart liberal, place this report anywhere but on the front page (it was hidden far from the front page and given very little space).  More to the point, would any liberal give this story such a banal headline as "WTO Rules Against U.S."?

    The particular law in question was the Anti-Dumping law which was meant to prohibit other nations from dumping their surplus products below cost in the United States.  The law even has actual penalties, from simple fines all the way to prison terms for offenders.

    The WTO (World Trade Organization - remember Seattle?) ruled that we can keep the law but that the penalties acted as a barrier to "free trade" and must be abolished.  In other words, five anonymous people on the WTO's board forced the United States to nullify a long standing law because it kept other nations from driving our manufacturing facilities out of business by selling goods far below cost.  Of course, as soon as the "supplying" nation destroyed our nation's ability to produce that product (in this case steel), then the price would rise astronomically in a very short period of time.

    Now, did you hear about this anywhere but here or in some other non-mainstream media?  Of course not.  That would make the masters look bad so they just don't bother to give it much play, at all.  What the empty headed masses don't know won't hurt them, right?!? ( 1 )

    I'm certain you all remember Michael Milken.  I've often used him as a great example of everything that is wrong with the capitalist system gone bad and the injustice system that punishes one in reverse proportion to the harm that one causes.

    We also know that one cannot speak this little cretin's name without adding the adjective "junk-bond king" and "former prison inmate" before it.  Well, old Mikey Milken has used just a bit of that nearly one billion dollars that he stole but never had to give back to hire himself a PR staff.  Apparently, he doesn't want to be called the "junk bond king" or "felon" anymore.  I guess he figures that it carries some sort of negative connotation.  So, he had his little army of sycophants issue a memo to all media that was entitled "Who Michael Milken is ... and is not".

    This little propaganda instructed the media to note that he now heads his very own think tank (funded by the illegally gained funds acquired by selling worthless junk bonds) and a family foundation (see previous parenthetical remarks).  Additionally, this inane little memo wants to remind the media that the best description of their boss is "financier and philanthropist"!

    As Jim Hightower noted, instead of "junk bond king", it would actually be more precise to just call him a "crook and former jailbird".

    Oh, and for those who haven't found themselves privy to Mikey's current endeavor, he teaches, and I am not kidding, Business Ethics at UCLA.  Sort of makes you wonder about the value of a college education when weenies like him are teaching our children.  ( 2 )

    Just how low has the world's governments gone in order to stifle any protests against the horrors of a global economy?  Well, it really depends on what you consider "low".

    Seattle was to first to treat any protesters as less than human, and the media reported on that small number who burned trash cans but ignored the tens of thousands of peaceful ones. Washington, D.C., then upped the ante by illegally infiltrating the groups and forcing the evacuation of any building that they might use as a center for organizing by lying about fire safety problems or just through intimidation and force.

    Well, the Swiss government has gone all of them one better.  To protect the greedy, mean spirited and anti-worker capitalists who were attending another pro-globalization conference in Davos, Switzerland, these whores for the wealthy mixed cow manure with the water from their water cannons and sprayed the crowds of peaceful demonstrators wherever they could be found.  Naturally, the police, like their fellow Nazis in Seattle and Washington and every where that actual human beings had the audacity to protest the destruction of the planet and its citizens, were heavily armed and were in no way hesitant to use whatever level of violence necessary to disrupt any peaceful protesting they could find.

    Folks, don't you find all of this government protection of the very, very wealthy, using any and all violent and illegal means available, just a bit frightening?  I know, I know.  It's been going on from day one in mankind's history but after the many evils that were exposed about our government and Corporate America in the Sixties and Seventies, wouldn't you think that there could be just a wee bit more anger directed at these black uniformed storm troopers?  Wouldn't you think that the majority of mankind would look at the damage that the few are inflicting and that it would at least irritate them into some action?

    Don't you think that all of those questions are just a tad rhetorical in these times? ( 3 )

    The next time you find yourself with a taste for a little chicken for supper, consider these facts about Tyson Foods, the largest supplier of chicken in the world.

    Average wages at Tyson, and in all of the chicken processing industry, is $6.74 an hour.  Turn over for employees is about 75% each year.  No overtime is allowed for the daily tasks of cleaning, putting on, or taking off the protective gear required of the employee even though the overtime necessary amounts to hundreds of hours every year.  Tyson Foods has been named one of the "10 Worst Corporations of the Year" by Corporate Crime Reporter based on the death of seven workers as well as fines from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and other labor violations.

    In Missouri, thanks to the efforts of the low-life Democratic state Senator James Mathewson in 1998, Tyson was allowed to raid the welfare rolls for unprotected workers.  If the welfare recipient couldn't work due to any cause whatsoever, including pregnancy or lack of transportation, the recipient simply and automatically was deprived of welfare benefits for sixty days.  Considering that nearly all of these women were mothers. it gives a whole new meaning to the term "child abuse", doesn't it?

    In June of last year, 6,000 workers signed on to a lawsuit in Alabama that charges Tyson Foods with violations totaling at least $100 million a year in unpaid overtime.

    Tyson's reaction to this lawsuit was swift and evil.  They filed subpoenas against every grassroots organization that had ever investigated or represented their workers, demanding every document that they possess that in any manner relates to Tyson Foods or any other poultry-processing-related records.  This shotgun approach has no other point to it than to overwhelm the meager resources of these groups.  Even groups not affiliated with the lawsuits are being forced to comply just to discover what evidence they may hold or witnesses they may have spoken to.

    Even the farmers who produce the chickens for Tyson are mistreated.  Should any one of them complain about the contracts they are forced to sign (that have blanks that are filled in by Tyson after they are signed) or who try to organize for better treatment find themselves being shipped diseased birds and wet and unusable feed.

    So, the next time you're shopping for chicken, remember the employees of Tyson and the other major poultry producers and consider just what sort of malefactor your money is supporting.  Maybe, if you can't stop eating chicken or other poultry products, and that is a fact of life for many American consumers, listen to one anonymous employee's statement that appeared on (a sight to compliment or complain about just about any company out there);  (spelling and syntax left as written)


    Want to find out Tyson's views or do you want to complain or compliment directly? Just visit Tyson's home page and do so.

    Want to add your two cents worth about Tyson or any other company ?

    Want to contact some of the organizations that work towards correcting the many injustices that the poultry industry inflicts on its own employees?  Here are just a few:

    National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice

    United Food and Commercial Workers

    Ending Corporate Governance  ( 4 )

    Go get 'em!

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